Equipment Mobile Camera Lenses Lux HD450 Review – High Performance Camera Lenses?

Lux HD450 Review – High Performance Camera Lenses?


Lux HD450 – Enhance Your Mobile Phone?

The Lux HD450 high performance camera lens is a 3 piece mobile phone accessory attachment kit that promises to turn any smartphone into a crystal-clear, near-DSLR-like quality camera (at a fraction of the price) for the ultimate photo-enhancing experience.

Does the light-weight, portable, durable LuxHD450 kit actually work to produce powerful, professional pictures from your phone? Here’s our review.

What is the Lux HD450?

Lux HD450

Welcome to 2016 – as new high-definition technology and image-improving innovation continues to blossom and bloom, more tactical tools with better practical functionality behind them are starting to boom. Our favorite gadgets and devices (in this case high performance mobile phone camera lenses) are starting to flood the marketplace because they make life just a little grander.

How does the power of DSLR-like resolution photos in the palm of your own hand sound? How about enhancing your personal selfies, social networking events, pictures with long time friends or just all out beautiful photos along with Ultra HD video capability – all without any required modifications, permanent changes or harm to your phone? Clip On, Clip Off.

The 3 in 1 Lux HD450 Smartphone Camera Lens System delivers you professional photography power and crazy-cool camera-capturing capabilities that produce the best images and quality photos for your most memorable and magical moments.

The designed-to-travel, high-definition Lux HD450 phone camera lenses from LuxHD Cameras claim to be the ultimate smartphone picture enhancement device for all bloggers and social media advocates (the creators say its perfect for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Tumblr and even Youtube videos). It’s available with three different lenses; including a macro lens (for close-up shots), a wide angle lens (capturing everything in sight), and a fisheye lens (ultra-wide fishbowl effect) that are all clip on friendly for every phone on the market.

Yes you heard that right, the LuxHD450 lenses have a clip that can fit over any smartphone no matter what style or type you have. The lenses are about the size of a quarter and the clip-on camera amplifiers work with all major smartphones and tablets from all popular brands.

The plastic clip slides over your screen, attaching itself over the back of your lens, allowing you to immediately start taking unique DSLR-like (digital single-lens reflex) quality photos with your phone. It doesn’t require any software compatibility: again, to avoid confusion or misconceptions, it’s just a physical accessory that fits over your camera lens and works immediately upon clipping it to your mobile phone. You don’t need to attach it to any port on your phone or tablet.

Lux HD450 Features

When you buy the Lux HD450 Camera Lenses, this is what you will get:

  • Fits every popular smartphone, device, tablet, and gadget
  • Three lens types are available; including macro, wide angle, and fisheye lenses
  • Light-Weight, Machined Aerospace Polymer
  • Portable, Durable, Designed-to-Travel Internal Construction
  • Scratch Impervious Aspheric Lenses (Dust & Water Spray Proof)
  • Microfiber Cloth Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Designed in the U.S.A
  • 12x zoom feature
  • DSLR-quality pictures “only $2,000 cameras were able to do in the past”

Together, these features make the Lux HD450 more valuable than any lens from Nikon, Canon, Zeiss, or Leica according to a comparison graph on the official Lux HD450 website. Lux HD450 claims to beat these other popular lenses in terms of coating, high contrast, low aberration, low distortion, and low vignetting. It also claims to be available at the best price if you decide to buy in bulk for family and friends as gifts (everyone likes to look their best!).

Beyond the above features, the makers of Lux HD450 don’t go into great detail about how their lenses work or the materials used in the design. However, here’s what we know about each lens:

-Macro Lens: Comes with 20x optical zoom for close-up shots capable of capturing small objects. The manufacturer recommends using it to capture small scenes – like insects or bread crumb-sized objects.

-Wide Angle Lens: The Lux HD450 has a wide angle lens that spreads out the field of view of your camera, making it ideal for capturing expansive vistas or horizons.

-Fisheye Lens: This lens comes with a 180 degree field of view, making it a good choice for landscapes or group shots. Many people use the lens for selfies by attaching it to the front of their camera.

Who Makes the Lux HD450?

The Lux HD450 is manufactured by a company named LuxHD Cameras. That company lists the following California address as its corporate headquarters:

2658 Del Mar Heights Rd. #368
Del Mar, CA 92014

The specific lenses were crafted by a guy named Simon Greig, listed as the “lead technologist” of the project. Greig is based in Stuttgart, Germany. In a statement on the official Lux HD450 website, Greig said:

“We set our design goals to make these lenses the finest in the world, bar none. We used the highest quality optics, rugged barrel materials, and ultra precision multi-coatings to deliver ultra-sharp focus and sparkling image quality.”

You can contact the makers of the Lux HD450 by calling 1-844-220-101 or by emailing At the time of this review, the LuxHD Cameras company does not appear to manufacture any other camera lenses or products.

Lux HD450 Pricing

Lux HD450 is available exclusively online through the official website. The manufacturer reports that the normal retail price of $60 is actually a 75% discount already added on to it. However, we could find no evidence that the lenses have ever been sold for $240 but that could be in large part due to how new and exclusive they are (a first of its kind from what we can find).

Here’s how pricing breaks down (all prices include three lenses):

  • 1 Package: $60
  • 2 Packages: $130
  • 3 Packages: $117
  • 4 Packages: $189
  • 5 Packages: $195
  • 10 Packages: $350

So you’re getting three separate lenses with each purchase (the fisheye, macro, and wide-angle lens). You also get a lens clip that attaches the lens to your phone as well as a pouch that makes sure your lenses are kept safe and scratch-free.

And yes, that pricing information is accurate: it’s more expensive to buy two Lux HD450 packages than it is to buy 3 packages. You can pay using the secure online form via any major credit card.

Note: Depending from where you purchase the Lux HD450, you may notice a similar competitor by the name of HDFX360, which is a near-identical product that offers much of the same features. It appears that the Lux HD450 is the newly improved and updated branding of the original HDFX360 lenses.

Should You Use the Lux HD450 to Improve your Camera Phone?

The Lux HD450 is a new camera lens that is priced significantly higher than most of its competitors. Yes, it can give your phone some cool camera capabilities. But no, it won’t turn it into a DSLR camera overnight (those costs thousands per unit from our research).

The decision really boils down to your wants and needs – they say many high profile companies and personalities (People Magazine, Celebrities, Bloggers, Sporting Events, Commercials, Fashion Week and Professional Photographers) have already started to utilize and leverage the unique benefits of powerful high resolution camera phone lenses.

Ultimately, these aren’t professional lenses and they won’t turn your phone or tablet into a $2,000 DSLR. But if you keep expectations reasonable, then the Lux HD450 can significantly improve the performance of your mobile camera.



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