Equipment HyperZoomHD Review – How Hyper Zoom Hi-Def Phone Camera Lens Work?

HyperZoomHD Review – How Hyper Zoom Hi-Def Phone Camera Lens Work?


The HYPERZOOM HD camera is an accessory for any smartphone to help consumers to get a better picture wherever they go. The device is available in multiple packages, and it can be used on any smartphone.


Nowadays, everyone has a camera on their phone, making it easy to immediately upload pictures on social media, showing off a variety of adventures as they happen. Even though there are plenty of features that consumers can get with their smartphone camera, there is just a certain level that the camera cannot exceed. However, by attaching the HYPERZOOM HD lens, any camera can get a professional appearance.

The HYPERZOOM HD lens was designed by photographers that work professionally in the industry who wanted to make themselves more versatile while away from their equipment. Even with a smartphone, the lens makes it possible to help convey the same beautiful image that an expensive camera would normally handle.

The lens can zoom up to 18 feet, which makes it easier for consumers to get the focus that they want. Despite this power, the lens is only 7.3cm long, and 3cm in diameter, which allows consumers to place the accessory in their pocket or purse when it is not in use. According to the website, the functions of this device are perfect for capturing images at:

  • Concerts
  • Landscapes
  • Nighttime images
  • Birds and other wildlife
  • School

Professional cameras are incredibly expensive, which is just one of the many downsides to using this type of device. While there are many different models, the everyday consumer may find it difficult to justify the purchase of a $200+ camera within their budget, even if they frequently posts images online. Rather than downloading another free photoshop application, it is easier to just take the picture right the first time, which is where HYPERZOOM HD comes in.


Consumers will be surprised at how simple the HYPERZOOM HD camera is to use. There’s no technology involved, and there is no app to download at all. The way the camera creates the image is by being placed over the camera.

Much in the same way that someone can take a picture with a filter over the lens, or even with a finger in view, the lens is simply a way to get a better shot. After the adjustable clip secures the lens in place, nothing else needs to happen to get the right picture, unless the user wants to make adjustments to the focus or the distance.

The lens is made with real glass, which helps the user to get the clearest and most professional-looking appearance. All the changes to the angle and the view will happen outwardly, and no adjustments are otherwise needed.


The best part about the HYPERZOOM HD camera is how easy it is to use. With the adjustment, consumers can position it on their camera without any applications needed to be added. The user can open up their regular camera on their phone, and the image will be taken with the view of the lens.

Since the product does not need a specific app, consumers have the advantage of using any brand of smartphone to change the way their pictures appear. Then, take the picture. There is nothing else that consumers will need to do.

Consumers will not be restricted by the time of day, since the lens helps the user to adapt between daytime, nighttime, and the moments in between.


The total cost of the HYPERZOOM HD camera will entirely depend on how many of the accessories that the user purchases. By increasing the quantity, consumers will be able to get special discounts that would not otherwise be offered. Choose from:

  • One lens: $59.99
  • Two lenses: $111.99
  • Three lenses: $131.98
  • Four lenses: $143.98
  • Five lenses: $159.98

Regardless of the purchase made by the consumer, each of the purchases are available with a free tripod.

If the user is unhappy with the results of using the HYPERZOOM HD camera, they have up to 30 days to initiate a return for a refund.


Since the website is restricted on the amount of information that it offers to consumers, most people will want to learn more about the camera before they make an investment. The company provides both a phone number and email address to reach the team.

Phone: 973-288-9748


HYPERZOOM HD is all about helping consumers get the best approach for taking pictures as possible. There are plenty of different applications and phone models that consumers can choose from to adjust the picture that they take, but smartphones are not meant to be the “end all” of imagery.

A sunset or a group picture is meant to be captured in the best settings, and a simple phone cannot do that. However, the HYPERZOOM HD makes it possible to make it look like you waited for hours for the exact angle needed to convey it.



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