Electronics Tactical Flashlights LightStrike 360 Review – Legit or Lame LED Tactical Flashlight?

LightStrike 360 Review – Legit or Lame LED Tactical Flashlight?


LightStrike 360 – Bright Benefits or Bust?

LightStrike 360 is a 2016 military grade tactical flashlight that's now offered at 75% off for a limited time.  What's the big deal these days with tactical flashlights, and what make the LightStrike 360 stand out from the rest?

We have complied a complete tactical flashlight review guide that we encourage every military-inspired tactical enthusiast to check out before making any buying decisions while the hype and buzz is at an all time high.

The Company

As far as standing out in a crowd of new tactical gear and equipment brands, the official LightStrike 360 company has made sure to get the apparent nod of approval from military and security forces as promoted in their video.  They've rated the product #1, and well they should: it's the world's brightest tactical flashlight, according to the LightStrike 360 company website. But we have reviewed the ShadowHawk X800 as well and many seem to think it is by far the most popular and best military-grade tactical LED flashlight available on the market.

The Product

Here is list of features, followed by their benefits to consumers:

  • High polished composite lens.  Composite lenses are far lighter than glass or plastic lenses, resulting in a flashlight that's lighter overall…great for people who foresee carrying the torch everywhere they go.
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction.  Again, we've got the most lightweight (yet durable) construction possible in a flashlight.  Airplanes need to be as lightweight as possible, without sacrificing durability and structure integrity.  That means people who use the LightStrike 360 can count on this flashlight to withstand the trials and tribulations of everyday life.  Again, it's made for going wherever you go, built to stand up to whatever you subject it to.
  • Ultra compact.  All these factors make the LightStrike 360 very compact, which means it's very easily concealable.  That lends itself to everyday use, since you can easily stow the flashlight in your purse, glove compartment, backpack or briefcase.

Words can only go so far, when you're talking size.  The LightStrike 360 is ultra compact but when you compare it to your phone…then it really drives home the point that this is one small flashlight!  The length is only 6.18 inches and the wider end, where the flashlight bulb is located, is only 1.37 inches in diameter.

You also get the wonderful feature of zoom in the LightStrike 360.  Zoom on a flashlight means you can intensify the beam of light that emits from the device, which can be useful if you'd like to blind someone with the intensity of the powerful bulb that comes with the LightStrike 360.

Zoom levels are:

  • zoom x 2000
  • zoom x 1000
  • zoom x 500
  • zoom x 250
  • zoom x 1 (that's the intense blinding setting)

Not only does the LightStrike 360 allow you to use your flashlight bulb as a weapon in self defense, but it works several ways in that regard.  The bulb also has various settings, some of which can work to disable an attacker just as the high beam zoom x 1 setting can.

These Pre-set emergency response modes are:

  • High: for blinding intruders
  • Medium: for investigating
  • Low: for search
  • SOS: for rescue (it flashes)
  • Strobe: hypnotic alert

You may be wondering how a flashlight could stop an intruder, and you'd be right to question these uses based on the typical flashlight.  But the Pre-set emergency response modes is not an ordinary flashlight.  It's a tactical flashlight.  Here's what that means:

The quality and performance of the bulb is worlds beyond your typical flashlight.  The Cree XM-L T6 LED emitter is super high quality.  The lamp life is incredible, too.  At 100,000 hours or more, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.  The Li Ion battery can be replaced with three regular AAA batteries for flexibility and convenience, so the product can always be in use, no matter what source of power you currently have access to. As a responsible shopper make sure you check out the specifications of the G700 flashlight as well.

The Verdict

At the normal price of $224, the Light Strike 360 would be a risky bet.  The 75% discount brings down the price to a more affordable $56 but that's still a lot to pay for a flashlight.  You can get a bulk discount by buying just two, which brings the price down to $48.50 per unit.

The bulk pricing chart offers an increasing discount for every increment up to 5, then for every five more you order the price per unit goes down even more.  If you order 20 Light Strike 360 flashlights, your price per unit drops down to $35.

For these prices, they do offer a nice solid warranty and money back guarantee in place as well as some important contact information about the company's flashy flaghship product.  While none are overly prevalent on the official Light Strike 360 tactical flashlight website or the landing page for the order form that appears once you click to buy, they do show you as you are going through the checkout process so make sure to pay attention.



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