Electronics iShower2 – Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker Smart Device?

iShower2 – Bluetooth Water Resistant Speaker Smart Device?


Consumer electronics and devices have seen a marked increase in popularity over the last decade, with both their complexity and utility increasing in response to consumer trends and demand.

One unexpected complication to vast amount of choice available is that it can be difficult sometimes to decide on a single brand to purpose. The observed struggles in selecting a product are sometimes marred by the existence of fake and imitation products.

Fortunately, there are some products out there that are not only legitimate but also offer a wealth of enjoyable benefits.

The IShower 2 is one of the few electronic products on the market that allows users to take their music with them anywhere, anytime. The speakers are powered by Bluetooth, which allows one to listen to their favourite music through a smart device such as the cell phones sold by Android and Apple, as well as with Bluetooth-compatible computers.

What Is the IShower 2?

As seen above, the IShower 2 is a leading water-resistant speaker created by the manufacturer iDevices.

The speaker by IShower 2 allows one to mount the device in multiple locations, which could include inside the shower itself. The device comes with mounting wall brackets that can reasonably be affixed to any flat surface.

Not only is IShower 2’s water-resistant speaker able to be mounted anywhere, it also remember the settings of up to five users at a time. The device’s memory allows it to change the volume, pitch and timber of the sound depending on the individualized settings that can be set via the on-board controls.

If the smart device’s memory is not enough to impress users, then one may be pleased to know that IShower can also be used a speakerphone, for those all-important conversations while one is showering.

IShower’s Bluetooth technology allows up 200 feet worth of distance between the device and speakers, meaning one can keep their phones safe and dry in the other room while still being connected.

Where can you purchase the IShower 2 by iDevices?

One can easily purchase IShower via the company’s website. The current payment methods for the speakers are most major credit card brands that include Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as PayPal.

Once users have confirmed their orders they will reportedly receive their goods within 5 days.

The price of the IShower 2 is $49.95 and includes delivery. The package includes three AA batteries to power the unit, as well as a wall mounting bracket that can be affixed to most surfaces.

It may come as unfortunate news to hear that the IShower does not come with the assurance of a money back guarantee. The lack of a satisfaction guarantee could be seen as significant disadvantage of the product, with many of its key competitors offering this benefit to lower the perceived risks of regret and buyer’s remorse.

In addition to purchasing the product, users can also sign up to participate in the company’s affiliate program in order to earn product commissions. The scheme is open to anyone to join and is free of charge – however, it is generally reserved for large-scale website owners to get the most out of the system.

The company states that the devices are produced to some of the highest manufacturing standards in the world, in a GMP controlled facility. IDevices also complies with international fair trade laws, which makes it an ethical purchase for anyone who is worried about the integrity of the business in question.

What are people saying about I Shower 2?

As one of the leading consumer brands of electronic devices today, there is no lack of reviews that can be read about the IShower 2, or that of its parent company, IDevices which is based in the United States.

Many of the reviews about the product were positive in nature, with its long-range Bluetooth connectivity heralded as the device’s major selling point.

It should be noted however that not all of the feedback about the device was positive in nature. There were some negative comments made about the device in general, with some users going as far as saying that the devices is simply a waste of money.

The feedback left about the device that be browsed on its Amazon store page, as well as the company’s website that lists all the common questions and feedback.

The above criticism of the device is largely endemic to the consumer electronics market as a whole, as should not be taken literally or face value. After all, the perceived success or disappointment of a given product is more or less determined by the user’s own expectations and point of view, which can make it difficult at the best of times to determine if a product is valid or not.

Due to the enormous differences in consumer appeal, most companies will package their products with features such as a money back guarantee policy or at least a free trial; this is so that consumers can experiment with the product without the associated risks of regret or buyer’s remorse.

IShower 2 Review Summary

Although there were some negative reviews about the IShower 2 that should be accounted for, the overwhelming majority of reviews were positive in nature, which could be seen as a testament to the brand’s legitimacy.

Not only was the device one of the few portable speakers on the market, it also boasts some impressive features such as the 5 programmable, user-defined functions that are absent from others in the marketplace.

The IShower 2 may not be the perfect, but it apparently does a good enough of a job for what it is to be recommended by a countless number of people around the world.

In conclusion, if one keeps their expectations realistic about the IShower 2 portable speaker then one may be pleasantly surprised with their results. Just don’t expect to be able to fully submerge the device in water; this is known to seriously damage the electronics that it contains.



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