Infinite Power Solutions Aptamigo Chicago – Helpful Chicago Apartment Finding App?

Aptamigo Chicago – Helpful Chicago Apartment Finding App?


House hunting is a frustrating, drawn out and difficult process, especially in Chicago, one of the most competitive real estate environments in the world. There are thousands of options when selecting an apartment or house finder, with the most popular method being online websites that collect listings from thousands of different agents. Online rental listings are convenient, but very few offer a personalized search process that allows you to define the specific criteria you’re looking for in a home. With the sheer range of home available in Chicago to view, even choosing the right property to view can be an arduous and exhausting process.


Apt amigo revolutionizes the process of selecting and viewing an apartment, streamlining the house hunting process. It puts you in control of the apartment search process by inputting your preferences and it will match you with the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle, through a complex and well-structured algorithm that takes into account a wide array of variables such as school proximity, local restaurants, parks, nightlife and more. With the AptAmigo you can select from the best buildings in neighborhoods recommended for you, and find your perfect place in the great city of Chicago.

In this article we’ll take a close look at how the AptAmigo system works works as well as providing a detailed analysis to help you decide whether you should use AptAmigo to locate real estate in Chicago.

What is AptAmigo? is a new Chicago-based platform that seeks to connect renters with current and former residents to avoid a bad housing match. With rental leases an exceptionally long commitment that is usually made on a short viewing of a property, determining whether the neighborhood you’re in is right for you is not an easy task. The creators of thought that there has to be a better, easier way to understand what it’s actually like to live in a place before you move into an apartment. Co-founder of AptAmigo and CEO Dan Willenborg, a former manager of strategic partnerships at DialogTech, created the AptAmigo platform with Co-founder Matthew Schoenfeld in order to provide a method for potential renters to get the inside information on their chosen neighborhood before signing a lease.

The AptAmigo platform gathers data from resident questionnaires in every neighborhood in Chicago, determining variables such as maintenance of communal space, shower pressure in the building and unit, the building’s “vibe” and different neighborhood offerings. The groundbreaking algorithm behind the platform shares information on everything from the walk to the nearest grocery store to whether neighbors are likely to shun you, or show up at your doorstep with a basket of muffins.

The AptAmigo company was founded on the belief that “Renters deserve to know more.” Everyone wants to know about the neighborhood they are moving to, if it gets loud or unsafe at night. They want to know about their apartment building, if the walls are thin, if the elevators are slow, if the apartment has temperature control, and the cost of the amenities. They want to know about their surrounding neighborhoods like what great cafes, coffee shops, restaurants are nearby.

A short 10-minute walk-through of an apartment, guided by a real estate agent eager to fill the property will not generally give you this level of detail or transparency. By using the Apt amigo service, renters can avoid spending thousands of dollars and a year of their lives in the wrong apartment, finding a long term home that they’re happy to stay in for the long run. Unless renters happen to run into a current resident while conducting an apartment search, it’s unlikely that a potential lessee will find out about the various unpleasantries that common in many apartment buildings until after they sign a lease, and by then it’s too late to turn back.

The AptAmigo site shows a variety of price range, inviting photos, and lists a huge spectrum of amenities and availability that can be used to refine the results to specific requirements. The AptAmigo core philosophy works directly with buildings and a third-party service to keep information up-to-date. One of the AptAmigo team members, Jonathan Eppers, says their real focus is “solving the painful aspects” of the apartment search process to make it easier for people to find their dream apartment as opposed to other real estate tech companies who don’t focus on the bigger picture of the apartment search process. Quoted on the intent of AptAmigo, Eppers states “our goal is simple- to help students and urban professionals rent smarter.”

How Finding The Right Property With AptAmigo Works

The advanced sorting feature available through AptAmigo allows users to find the apartment of their dreams faster and easier than ever before. With the ability to find the right apartment based on real reviews from past and current residents, using AptAmigo is like asking a good friend for advice. Users can find out what people with similar tastes to them think about the building that they’re interested in, and what their overall impressions were.

With close to 3,000 reviews covering all the major high-rises in downtown Chicago, AptAmigo is the most comprehensive property listing service in the city. AptAmigo also lets users check out similar buildings in the area to find the part of town that’s right for them. With, the renter has complete control of the process, offering the freedom to decide on the best property for them without any pressure or coercive sales techniques.

Selecting a new property comes with a slew of perils that must be identified and avoided- slow elevators, bad water pressure, spotty Wi-Fi or in the winter, freezing units and poor heating. With the help from the AptAmigo, renters can find a place they can call home for a long time to come. The AptAmigo site helps house hunters decide between the many different and interesting neighborhoods in Chicago confident in the knowledge that they’re making an informed decision.

The Verdict

The founders of AptAmigo all came together because they were all frustrated with the process of finding their perfect apartment. After countless hours of searching for apartments and multiple costly moves, they created AptAmigo in Chicago, the ultimate online platform that re-imagines the apartment search process. If you’re looking for a new apartment in Chicago and want to make sure you’re making the best decision possible, AptAmigo is the best way to find out the insider knowledge on your next rental.




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