Infinite Power Solutions HeloTex G2 Review – Dual Power Capability Flashlight?

HeloTex G2 Review – Dual Power Capability Flashlight?


Helotex G2 Review

The Helotex G2 is an innovative flashlight that was created by a family owned business, Gun Shack LLC. This company is a gun shop that operates in Helotes, Texas (which is probably why the name of their brand of flashlights is Helotex).


About Helotex

Gun Shack LLC started out in 2011 as a small shop and expanded over the years. They now have resellers in different parts of the country and a shopping website where customers can buy goods online.

Helotex G2 Features:

  • Has Dual Power Capability feature which allows users to choose to use either an AA battery or a CR123A battery to power up the flashlight. To change the battery used, users just have to switch between the rear-end covers. Two rear-end covers are included with each Helotext G2 flashlight.
  • Has High and Low modes which will allow the users to control the brightness of the light. The two modes would also allow users to save on power by using the Low mode and also to emit a very strong beam of light with the High Mode.
  • Has a Strobe Mode which users can use when they are in an emergency situation. The Strobe Mode emits a very strong blinking light that is similar to the lights that people can usually find in a nightclub or in a bar. The Strobe Mode is used to attract the attention of the people nearby.
  • Makes use of a CREE XR-E Q4-BIN model for the light bulb. This is a very sturdy light bulb model that comes from LED manufacturing leader, CREE. This model was handpicked by Gun Shack LLC because it is one of the most durable ones. Users will not have to worry about this bulb burning out any time soon.
  • Outer cover is made of an anodized 6063-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. Since it makes use of the same material as an aircraft, we can expect that this flashlight is extremely sturdy and is also shock resistant.
  • Has o-ring seals which are weather resistant. Users can bring this flashlight wherever they go in whatever weather.
  • Produces 130 Lumens with a CR123A battery and 120 Lumens with an AA sized battery. Lumens are used to measure capacity to produce light and 120-130 is quite high for a tactical torchlight.
  • The total Bulb Life is 50,000 hours if used continuously without turning it off. This means that it can last a little over 5 years even if the light is always on.
  • Has a total length size of 4.2 inches if an AA battery is used and 3.6 inches if the CR123A battery is used.
  • Has jagged edge on the front end which can be used for self-defense in the event of an attack.

Helotex G2 Pros:

  • Has three modes that can work with the preference of the user
  • Has a clip on the side which allows users to conveniently carry it around with them
  • Very small size which allows users to place it in pockets
  • Very Lightweight (weighs about a little over 2 ounces)
  • Has a weather resistant feature which allows users to bring it out during rainy seasons and snow seasons
  • Made of an aircraft grade aluminum which can ensure shock resistance and sturdiness
  • Allows users to choose to use either an AA or a CR123A battery based on the availability and price of each type
  • Produces blinding lights due to its power capacity
  • Can be used for self-defense due to jagged edge
  • Very cheap as compared to other tactical flashlights in the market (at $30 retail price)
  • Has a rear-end switch button for usage convenience
  • Has a rear-end set back feature so the flashlight can stand on its end

Helotex G2 Cons:

  • Rear-end switch button is quite noisy
  • Lens is not made of tempered glass
  • When users clip the flashlight on their belts, the head is facing upward (it is usually better if the tail is facing upward, so the flashlight's weight is balanced to gravity)

Helotex G2 Verdict:

The greatest selling point of this handy little gadget would be the fact that it is very affordable. For outdoor enthusiasts that love to go hiking, camping, hunting, or fishing but have a rather small budget for equipment, this torchlight is a great buy. All the features of this product can greatly benefit anyone who loves outdoor activities. The three modes will allow the user to control how the light moves (with the three Power Modes that the torch has). It is also very lightweight and very small which makes it easy to carry around. Users may put it in their pants pocket, vest pocket, or bag's side pocket.

It is also resistant to physical damage and the weather which makes it a great tool for people with a very physical lifestyle. One of the best and most unique features that this torchlight has that others in the market don't is its ability to make use of either an AA battery or a C123A battery. Everyone knows that AA sized batteries are more common and more affordable than C123A types (although the C123A types are more powerful). For those who can't find or can't afford a C123A battery, the AA type may be used instead.

Although the lens is not made of tempered glass (which happens to be the ideal type of glass used for a flashlight), the polymer glass that was used to make the Helotex G2 is good enough. The position of the clip may be adjusted so that the head won't face upward. This may take a bit of effort to do but at least it can be done.

By weighing all the pros and the cons of this product, it can definitely be said that the pros outweigh the cons. This is a highly recommended product for hunters, hikers, fishermen, or other outdoor sports lovers. This product is high quality, affordable, and very handy.



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