Infinite Power Solutions Iskn The Slate – Innovative Sketch Smart Drawing Pad?

Iskn The Slate – Innovative Sketch Smart Drawing Pad?


Iskn’s The Slate Review

The Slate is a digital drawing system launched by design company iskn. The system lets you sketch something on a piece of paper and then watch your creation appear on a nearby digital screen – like your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Here’s our review.


What Is Iskn?

iskn is a technology company founded five years ago in Grenoble, France by three employees of CEA-Leti, the institute known worldwide for its micro/nanotechnology work.

The three founders had an idea to create a magnetic ring tracked by a network of magnetic sensors. They ended up launching their idea through a Kickstarter campaign. Their Kickstarter campaign gained 988% funding, and the rest is history.

The project was originally called iSketchnote (which is where the name “iskn” comes from). Eventually, that product came to be known as the Slate.

Today, the Slate is designed, produced, and distributed from Grenoble, France. The company still shares its laboratory with CEA-Leti. iskn owns 20 patent families (to date).

The Slate was launched on October 1, 2015.

What Is The Slate?

The Slate is iskn’s flagship product. It’s a drawing system that lets you draw images on a piece of paper on top of a tablet and then watch those images appear on a connected smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

To use the Slate, you take an ordinary pen or pencil, slip a magnetic ring around it, and then place your drawing pad on top of the Slate. The Slate then tracks the movement of your pen or pencil in a 3D space, allowing the image you’re drawing to be reproduced on the screen of your mobile device or computer.

The Slate is priced at $159 USD while each Pen costs $19.90. You can also purchase a ring that fits around your current pen or pencil and then tracks your movement, allowing you to sketch on an ordinary piece of paper and then watch images appear on screen. Using the Slate, explains the manufacturer, you can “give digital life to your paper creations”.

Here’s How Iskn Explains Their Technology:

Step 1) Get your favorite pen. Pick up any pencil, pen, or drawing device and slip the Ring over it and your pen is instantly ready to be connected to the slate tablet.

Step 2) Place your drawing pad, paper, or notebook over the Slate.

Step 3) Start drawing. With your favorite pen enhanced by the Ring, draw on your notebook placed on the Slate. Your paper drawings will instantly be reproduced and saved on your screen.

This system, explains iskn, “allows creative types, illustrators, artists, and doodlers to instantly digitize their paper drawings on their screen while using their favorite pencils and pens on real paper.”

You can use any pencil, marker, pen, or calligraphy marker with the Slate. The pad tracks your movement by monitoring the movement of the ring using magnets.

How Does It Work?

Generally speaking, the Slate works using the power of magnets.

More specifically, 32 sensors on the slate track the position of your pen. That position data is made more precise with the help of the ring – the thing that’s attached to your pen or pencil.

Each of these 32 sensors is a magnetometer that tracks the position, orientation, and tilt angle of the ring in 3D space (X, Y, Z) with a high level of precision.

The Slate then generates a graphic render and your drawing comes to life in real-time on the screen of your iPad.

The Slate Pricing

The different parts of the Slate system are priced like this:

  • Slate: $159
  • The Ring: $19.90
  • The Pen: $19.90
  • Clips: $9.90

All prices are in USD. You can order the products online via the official website, which accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. You can also switch to other major global currencies before you make your purchase.

To learn more about the iskin Slate and to see it in action yourself, visit the company online today at



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