Equipment Air Conditioners Geizeer Review – Portable Eco-Friendly Ice Cooling Air Conditioner?

Geizeer Review – Portable Eco-Friendly Ice Cooling Air Conditioner?


Is The Geizeer Mini A/C Any Good?

While everyone looks forward to enjoying the summer in the sun, when it comes right down to it, the summer can get extremely hot. In fact, in some places when summer gets in full swing, people are actually advised to stay indoors because the heat is too much. The heat doesn’t deter people, though, and across the world people spend their summers by the pool or at the beach, completely carefree. At least until their electric bill comes in.

Summer is great for a few good parties and cookouts, but most adults with their own homes know that with summer comes increased electric bills. After all, the heat that summer is known for isn’t exactly wanted inside. In order to keep themselves cool and comfortable, most people spend the summer with their air conditioners on, appreciating the comfort, but hating how much they have to pay for it.

What makes electric bills worse is that most of the time the entire house doesn’t even need to be cooled. Most people spend their time in their living room or bedroom, so cooling the rest of their home is an expensive waste. Unfortunately, unless homeowners have an expensive smart system that can keep some rooms cooler and others warmer, people just have to suck it up and pay their bills.

However, there is a new solution that is exciting people. The Geizeer is a cooling system that sits in the room like a decoration while keeping the entire room comfortable, without the need of air conditioning. The Geizeer is an amazing new device that is set to transform how people keep themselves cool, saving them money without sacrificing comfort.

About Geizeer

Most of the best inventions in the world were created out of a dire necessity. The same is true for Geizeer. This amazing mechanism was designed by a group of creative thinkers who were tired of sitting in their stuffy, hot offices during summer months. Because air conditioning was not an option, they got to work designing a battery powered cooling system that could easily give them relief.

Geizeer, which is designed to look like a beautiful decoration, is made of one of the best natural insulators in the world: Wood. Two wooden shells were created out of wood, with frames of metal finishing the interior. Inside the Geizeer is a rechargeable battery and a micro USB, which allows for cheap, easy charging. There is also a place for an ice pack in the bottom shell and a brushless fan in the upper shell.

At the moment, Geizeer is only available for pre-purchase through the devices Kickstarter campaign. While the campaign has already been completely funded, there are still several opportunities available for those who want to get a Geizeer for themselves, once it is sent out to supporters. As mentioned above, Geizeer is made from wood. However, it comes in a natural wood look or a lacquered, shiny look. Both options are still available.

In addition to both the natural and lacquered looks being available for pre-purchase on the Geizeer Kickstarter page, there are two ventilation grid options. The first is a linear option, which is just a normal grid of squares inside a larger square. The second grid option is a parametric grid. While both will work the same way, the parametric option looks a little more decorative, pulling towards the center so the middle looks like a four petal flower.

How Geizeer Works

The way Geizeer works is that the ice pack at the bottom of the device creates a cooled environment within in the box. The fan then sucks in the warm air and releases a cooled air that can lower the temperature in rooms up to 12 square meters. What makes Geizeer so amazing is that it is able to cool specific rooms that are the most frequented, without the use of expensive air conditioning. And, it is able to do this for less than one cent a day.

Geizeer is also extremely easy to use. The ice pack can be cooled in the freezer and easily placed in the lower compartment of the device. When the device isn’t in use, it can be lifted and turned so that the sides aren’t touching, which would turn on the fan. Once the ice pack is in place, the box can be rotated so the two halves are lined up and touching. This will turn Geizeer on, allowing it to cool the room.

The cooling effects of Geizeer can last for hours and if users purchase a backup freezer pack, they can continuously replace the melted ones with a frozen option to keep their rooms cool throughout the day. And, even though Geizeer is small, it is able to spread out cooler air at a full 360 degrees. For insulated rooms, Geizeer can cool a full 12 square meter room at least three degrees, allowing users to relax in comfort without worrying about their electric bill.

In addition to its cooling capabilities, Geizeer also works as an amazing diffuser. One of the problems with the hot, humid weather of the summer is that it tends to make unpleasant smells more obvious. For those who want to cool and refresh their rooms, a fragrance of choice can be placed in the Geizeer, so as the air circulates, it releases the fragrance as well. Because of this feature, Geizeer is both a cooler and a diffuser all wrapped into one.

Purchasing Geizeer

As mentioned previously, Geizeer is currently in its fundraising stage. At the moment, it has a campaign on Kickstarter, where it has already met its first goal. However, it has set several more goals, so supporters still have an opportunity to have access to the first set of Geizeer’s released. Because the production process is quite lengthy, supporters will be getting their devices around September of this year.

Below are the options available for supporting the Geizeer, as well as the prizes for each. Unless otherwise indicated, all the packages below contain a Geizeer, one ice pack, and micro USB to USB cable. Because the options presented by Geizeer on Kickstarter are broken down by price, so are the options below.


  • Natural and Linear Geizeer
  • Natural and Parametric Geizeer


  • White Lacquered and Linear Geizeer
  • Black Lacquered and Linear Geizeer
  • Red Lacquered and Linear Geizeer
  • Blue Lacquered and Linear Geizeer
  • Orange Lacquered and Linear Geizeer
  • Black Lacquered and Parametric Geizeer
  • White Lacquered and Parametric Geizeer
  • Red Lacquered and Parametric Geizeer
  • Orange Lacquered and Parametric Geizeer
  • Blue Lacquered and Parametric Geizeer


  • Two Natural Geizeer’s – Linear or Parametric


  • One Lacquered and One Natural Geizeer – Linear or Parametric


  • Two Lacquered Geizeer’s – Linear or Parametric


  • Eight Natural or Lacquered Geizeer’s – Linear or Parametric

For the backing options that come with more than one Geizeer, an equal number of USB cables and ice packs are included.

In addition to the support options listed above, the Geizeer project page also offers two add-on options. For those who picked a Geizeer support option that only contained one of the devices, having another ice pack might be helpful. Because of this, supporters can add on one or two ice packs to their original purchase, so they can keep their rooms continuously cool and not have to wait to refreeze.



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