Equipment Cameras Fojo Enfojer Review – Darkroom Photo Printing Development Phone Kit?

Fojo Enfojer Review – Darkroom Photo Printing Development Phone Kit?


Is The Fojo Enfojer Right For You?

Art comes in hundreds of different shapes and forms. However, over the years, many people believe that certain art forms have lost their purity. Whether it’s due to the advancements in technology or just the general growth of society, there are several different art forms that have changed and adjusted over the years, to the regret of many people.

One art form that gets a lot of attention is photography. When photography was used almost 200 years ago, taking a picture was a process. It took patience and attention to detail. It also took a lot of heavy equipment and dedication from both the subjects of the photograph and the photographer. Over the years, photography has become easier and easier, changing the entire dynamic of the process.

Photography today is wonderful. People carry high-quality cameras with them in their pockets, taking images and videos at will. And there have never been more ways to shares these pictures and videos than there are today. Through social media, blogs, and other websites, people can share their photography with friends and family, as well as complete strangers on the other side of the world.

However, many people wonder if the convenience of photography now days has taken some of the spark out of the entire process. Some people wonder if there’s a certain beauty to the older ways of doing things, standing in dark rooms while photographs slowly take form before being hung up to dry. The problem is, even if this process of developing photos in a dark room is missed, not a lot of people have the equipment or the time to do it that way anymore. Until today.

Fojo offers those who want a chance to experience the darkroom process an easy, simple way of developing their own photographs. Using a mixture of older techniques and modern technology, Fojo is bringing the past and the present together and bringing back the art form that is photography.

What is Fojo?

Fojo is a kit that allows users to develop black and white photos as though they were in a darkroom. However, unlike the darkrooms of old, Fojo combines the use of its kit with a mobile app that makes the entire process easier than regular darkrooms, but the results just as beautiful. By creating this connection between the convenience of pictures on phones and the process of developing film, Fojo has brought the past into the future.

What makes Fojo such an amazing system is that it brings back the classic feel of hand developed, black and white photographs. While the colorful, high-res photographs of today are great, even when they are run through filters and retouched to perfection, there’s something special about holding a black and white photo. The details come out differently, offering an entirely different perspective. And it’s this difference that Fojo is offering to its users.

For those who have worked in darkrooms before, the question about time is always a big one when considering using Fojo for the first time. Those who are experienced with developing their own film know that usually the entire process takes around half an hour from start to finish. While the idea of having a darkroom photograph is great, not everyone has thirty minutes to do it. Thankfully, with Fojo, the entire process takes about five minutes, before the drying process, meaning users can get the experience without losing time.

How Fojo Works

One of the best things about Fojo is that it doesn’t take a photography expert to do the process. In fact, those who have never developed film before in their lives are having great success and fun using Fojo. There are step by step instructions, as well as video tutorials available for those who are a bit nervous about doing the process the first time.

Like all darkroom processes, the Fojo process needs to be done in a completely dark room. With the Fojo red light, the Roxanne Safelight, there will still be plenty of light available for those who are processing the photos. However, the room needs to be void of all other lights. It’s suggested that Fojo be used in a basement or bathroom, where controlling what light comes in is much easier.

The Fojo process is only three short steps, each one rather easy to follow if people take their time and don’t rush. Again, this is not a long process and will only take about five minutes from start to finish. The first step for Fojo is to load the photo that is going to be developed into the Fojo app. This app is available for most smartphones. Once the photo has been loaded into the app, it should be placed on the Enfojer. Photo paper is then added to the easel at this point.

Once the phone and paper are in place, the phone will begin the exposing process. Usually this part of the Fojo process takes about thirty seconds, though the app will let users know when it is done, so they don’t have to worry. Once the exposure is done, users can move the paper into the developer, finishing off the second step.

Finally, users can move the paper into the stop and fixer baths that should have been prepared before the process began. Once the photograph has been bathed, it can be hung up to dry. It’s at this point where users can spend time really looking at the amazing photograph they’ve been able to develop, with very little hassle and with gorgeous results.

Purchasing Fojo

Fojo is celebrating the shipping out of its first few orders, meaning there are several discounts available for the next set of purchases. Because Fojo is such a new product, it had several pre-orders, which have now been filled. Fojo is officially taking new orders, offering discounts and free shipping for all those who purchase soon.

While it’s recommended that those who are new to the darkroom developing process should purchase the Enjofer Kit, Fojo also offers the many items that make up the kit for those who need to buy replacements or only need a few of the items. However, at the moment, with the discounts being offered on all these products, buying the full kit makes the most sense.

All the amazing products offered by Fojo are listed below with their currently listed prices. However, because these prices represent the current specials, they are subject to change. The Enfojer Luxury Kit, Enjofer, and Roxanne Safelight all include a five year warranty. All the products below come with free worldwide shipping.

Enjofer Luxury Kit – $320

This kit includes the Enjofer enlarger, trays, tongs, the safelight, as well as 25 sheets of photo paper.

Enjofer – $174.90

The only available photographic enlarger that was designed specifically to develop photos from smartphones. Can also be used to develop film.

Roxanne Safelight – $51.90

An LED safelight made of a hard wood that provides the perfect amount of red light for users to see what they’re doing without ruining their photographs.

Fojographic Paper – $59.90

A pack of 100 sheets of resin-coated ADOX black and white paper. These sheets have been cropped to perfectly fit the Enfojer easel.

Fojo Tongs – $19.90

Four high-quality tongs that can be used to move the photographs between their baths. Made of sustainably grown wood and also water-resistant.

Fojo Trays – $28.90

A pack of four quality ABS plastic trays that can be used for the developing of 8×10 inch photographs.

Seagull Lens 75mmF3.5 – $53.90

An enlargement lens that allows the prints from the smartphone to be crisper.



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