Equipment Smart Appliances BuddyGuard Review – Flare Smart Home Security & A.I. Safety System?

BuddyGuard Review – Flare Smart Home Security & A.I. Safety System?


Why The Need For BuddyGuard?

In this day and age, technology and innovation have worked their way into the lives of every individual. Emerging with the rise of smartphones and technology, individuals have been equipped with endless tools to make everyday living easier and more efficient. As technology advances, people have control of their lives at the tip of their fingertips. This “smart” technology has brought professional and personal priorities together seamlessly.

Once a vision of the future, technology has spread to all aspects of modern living. As technology has taken over the workforce, the next takeover will take place in every home. Feeling protected while at home, or away, puts the mind at ease. The ever changing integrated technological systems has allowed “smart” technology to make its way into every home.

The benefits from transforming a home using “smart” technology are endless. The technology will improve every aspect of how the house will operate, while increasing the accessibility and safety. “Smart” houses also bring down costs by making the systems run more efficiently, saving energy, and eliminating maintenance costs.

BuddyGuard’s Flare is an intelligent home security system that is interconnected through a single device. This new approach to home security takes on an innovative role by using cutting edge software, and adaptable artificial intelligence (AI) that is of the highest quality. BuddyGuard’s Flare offers protection, deters crime, provides optimal remote access monitoring, guarantees low cost, and most importantly, delivers a peace of mind.

About BuddyGuard

The founders behind BuddyGuard are a team of three men who together have a combined background in Computer Sciences, Mechatronics, and Marketing have created a product that is unparalleled in today’s current market. They envisioned making homes safer by creating intelligent security products that are not only easy to use, but are affordable for any budget.

As mentioned previously, BuddyGuard’s Flare brings the best functionalities of home security together in a single device. What makes the product unique is that it is self-managing and does not rely on the hassle of remembering alarm codes or constant monitoring. Flare takes care of everything using its advanced software allowing homeowners to sit back and go on with their lives.

BuddyGuard recommends purchasing two Flare’s, depending on the size and layout of the home. If it is an apartment, two are adequate, however, a bigger home with multiple entrances would benefit from the 3-Flare and 5-Flare package deals that are available. For optimal use, BuddyGuard advises one Flare to be place at the front entrance, and another at a back entrance, or balcony, fire exit, or window.

The installation of the Flare device is a smoothe and easy as all the aspects of the technology. The Flare can be installed in under 10 minutes. Once it is attached into the wall, the next step requires the user to download the BuddyGuard App onto their mobile device (iOS or Android), once the App is installed, the home is secured. No expertise of technical assistance is required. All that is needed to use Flare is a stable Wi-Fi connection, and a mobile device. BuddyGuard eliminates the use of cables bulky hardware.

BuddyGuard offers a variety of services to manage the use of the Flare. BuddyReact is a service that includes a monthly subscription to a local security company. The said security company is responsible for making house calls and conducting alarm follow ups in case of an event of emergency. The availability of this service varies as per security company. Currently, BuddyReact is only optional in Germany.

BuddySIM is another service offered with the Flare device. The BuddySIM works as a 3G backup add on which can be activated and deactivated each month. The backup allows the device to connect to every major network, in case Wi-Fi is not available. BuddySIM is not a requirement, but used out of necessity to ensure that the Flare device remains connected to the BuddyGuard Cloud server.

Because BuddyGuard advises the purchase of more than one Flare device, through the Cloud and Bluetooth, different devices can communicate, sync, and share data and settings with one another. Different Flare devices can also be placed in different locations, and sync the same settings to apply to both locations.

In order to guarantee optimal privacy and safety, Flare record and saves all audio, video, and image material to the Cloud. The data can be used as reference, or evidence in case of a home invasion. All the users in the first tier of the security hierarchy will be notified, and if the user has the BuddyReact service, the police will be dispatched immediately.

Features of BuddyGuard’s Flare

What makes Flare unique to all other home security systems is that all the features are packed into a small device, making it faster and “smarter” than other artificial intelligence devices. Designed to be minimal and chic, Flare is more than meets the eye. The technology that is inside of the Flare is just as important as what the device offers to the outside world.

Flare is comprised of a high-definition 1080p camera, 150 degrees’ wide-angle lens, and infrared LED night vision. The sensors include a motion detector, temperature sensor, and an accelerometer. The high quality audio includes a high-sensitivity microphone, integrated speaker, and a 90 db siren. Possessing one of the fastest processers on the market, Flare possesses a dual-core processor with 1.2 GHZ, and an ARM Cortex A9.

As mentioned before, the connection for the Flare requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, and 3G back-up. Flare also offers PrivacyGuard which includes a mechanical covering of the lens, automatic (de-)activation, and conform EU data protection. For power the Flare uses a 100-240 V power supply and lithium-ion batteries. The entire device measures 165 mm (6.50”) in diameter, 40mm (1.58”) in depth, and weighs 350 g (0.77 lb).

The features of Flare that truly stand out are the evolved aspects of the systems artificial intelligence (AI). Flare has the ability to process face recognition, identifying people by analyzing their features, and memorizing these features for future references. Speech recognition can also be used to access Flare to give directions, and have the device learn who is speaking.

Flare also uses geolocation and measures proximity of arrival or departure by a signal transmitted from the user’s mobile device. In order to retain privacy in the home, once authenticated by the user, the PrivacyGuard function allows the camera lens of Flare to be covered to prevent recording at that time. The Flare is also pet friendly and will not be triggered by pets, as the device is programmed to recognize animals and not mistake them for intruders. Flare also has a scheduling feature that allows the user to schedule when they will be going out of town, or program facial recognition when guests are staying over.

BuddyGuard Purchasing Options

The list below goes over the different subscription options available for those who want to use BuddyGuard products. Because there is really no price that can be put on privacy, many people find the low monthly costs of these services to be extremely worthwhile. And, with identity theft becoming more rampant every day, these small fees often pay for themselves.

The current price for the BuddyGuard Flare can also be found below.

  • BuddySIM: $5 per month
  • BuddyReact: $17 per month
  • BuddyCloud: $3 per month
  • BuddyGuard/FLARE: $435.19



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