Electronics Flash Torch Mini – Wicked Lasers Smallest Burning Flashlight?

Flash Torch Mini – Wicked Lasers Smallest Burning Flashlight?


The Flash Torch Mini is the latest variation in tactical flashlights. It’ highly effective and 40% smaller than the original torch light. Read this review to find out about the Flash Torch Mini.

What is the Flash Torch Mini?

The first claim they make is that the Flash Torch Mini is the world’s smallest burning Flashlight and has the ability to shine an ultra-powerful 2300 lumens of extremely intense, bright white light. The flashlight is ideal for anyone looking to find their way home in the dark, blind an attacker or change a tire. They claim you can use it to light a fire and even fry an egg. They claim, why illuminate when you can incinerate?

The flashlight is made from extremely high quality components and materials. It is machined by military grade, machined aluminum. The Flash Torch Mini is incredibly tough. They claim that the flashlight can stand up to the harshest conditions and is ideal for any type of environment. Apparently the little torch can stand up to the harshest climates and situations. The heat resistant lens and reflector are ideal for focusing the flashlights powerful beam. The light is intense enough to be used as a flood light or search light. And the powerful halogen lamp, has a lengthy lifetime of at 1,000 hours. Basically, you know the light is dependable and will be operational when you need it.

How Does the Flash Torch Mini Work?

The flashlight use the most powerful, highly concentrated lithium battery to sustain it. The Lithium technology in the flashlight is easily one of the most advanced system in any flashlights to date. They also report, the Flash Torch Mini, weighs less and has a longer running time. There are more than 3 modes of power to choose from. You can choose the brightness of the torch, so it’s ideal for your needs.

It can also be recharged, without having to remove the battery. The new lock out mode that’s been installed is ideal for stopping accidental use of the Flash Torch Mini when you don’t want it. Each Flashlight comes with a charger and cord.

What Makes the Flash Torch Mini Different?

They guarantee you will get the flashlight delivered to you, regardless of what country you live in. They have a money back, full refund guarantee. The Flash Torch Mini is also guaranteed to be free from any defects, for a full year or your money back. The year is from the date of the purchase, not from when you receive it. They also offer a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee policy.

The Flash Torch Mini is possibly one of the most powerful flashlights on the market. After some research, there are videos where they use the flashlight to fry an egg and start a fire. Apparently it’s the real deal, and that is from the reviews written about the torch as well. The mini is just 8.5 inches and 13.5 ounces. It holds a powerful 4,100 lumens. Apparently, it’s not the only flashlight that can start a fire. But that’s still pretty incredible. The bulb is a halogen, so it’s not necessarily as powerful as other LED lights. LEDs definitely provide much less heat though, so there is a purpose to halogen light. The heat dispersed from the bulb serves a purpose. It’s designed specifically to help you start fires without wasting the energy of the bulb. It should be noted, that this is definitely not a toy. It is a very powerful flashlight with some serious potential for injuring someone.

How Much Does the Flash Torch Mini Cost?

The kicker with this flashlight is, how much it costs. The flashlight is a whopping $200. So if you buy one, you’ll likely use it to start fires and fry eggs. What’s the purpose of buying one if you don’t? Wicked Lasers makes the flashlight, and they understand what you’ll use it for. And that is why there is a locking mechanism on the flashlight. It prevents the flashlight form falling into use by children and other unwanted users.

So you don’t have to worry about accidently bumping the flashlight and having it turn on in your pocket. Once again, we have to stress, this is not a toy. It can be used to seriously injure someone. They do report it is 100% legal, which is kind of funny and proves the point of how bright it is. There are different modes of power too, so you can use it without burning down the house or the forest. The difference of output between something like this and say a Maglite, is unreal. The Flash Torch Mini, definitely puts traditional flashlights to shame.

What Are Customers Saying About FlashTorch Mini?

Customers are amazed by the flashlight. It is definitely the real deal, like no other. In fact, it’s likely that it’s one of the most powerful flashlights on the market. But it definitely is not the most powerful. The main complaint people had about it was the batter life. At full power, the flashlight only goes about 30 minutes. So be aware to conserve power when you can.


  • Strong enough to start a fire or fry an egg
  • Considered to be indestructible
  • Locking switch so youngsters can’t use it


  • $200 price tag may be a bit much for some people
  • Battery is not the longest running
  • Can injure someone if people are not careful

FlashTorch Mini Review Summary

Yes, if you are looking to own a flashlight that can literally start a fire, then this is a quality item for you. It’s got great reviews as long as you can deal with the hefty price tag.



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