Electronics Computers WinQ – Social Debate Technology For What’s Hot Now?

WinQ – Social Debate Technology For What’s Hot Now?


Mobile applications have seen a surge in popularity over the last few years, with people in increasing numbers downloading and using more apps on a daily basis than ever before. The observable trend in mobile applications only looks to increase as time goes on, with companies responding to the huge amount of consumer demand.

An unintended downside to the vast amount of applications means that it can be hard at the best of times when it comes to actually choosing an app to download. This confusion is compounded by the existence of illegitimate apps that may be used for nefarious purposes such as stealing credit card details and other personal data.

The above dangers and confusion in selecting an app can be mitigated through only downloading verified applications that have existed on the Android and Apple stores for a long time, as well as reviewing the feedback left by other users.

Fortunately, there are some applications out there that are not only useful, but have been vouched for by a countless number of users around the world for being both legitimate and suitable for everyone to use.

One application that has been making headlines due its numerous positive reviews is WinQ by Regrouped Media, a mobile phone application for Apple and Android devices that allows users to ask questions, weigh in, and stay up-to-date on daily pop culture trends.

What is WinQ?

As seen above, WinQ is part of a developing trend of mobile applications that relies on the data from other users to enhance the usability of the mobile phone app.

Users are able to explore trends in the industry from people who are using the application, thereby discovering what’s hot and see the latest trends in fashion, advice, sports and popular culture.

WinQ’s user base can also propose simple questions to their friends that have also downloaded WinQ on their phones using a simple voting system. This could be seen as a great feature for people who have a trouble in making up their minds.

WinQ’s voting system gives users the option to decide between two alternatives, such as a brand of car or favorite holiday destination. People can then see what option was the most popular.

WinQ can be used even on older Android and Apple devices as it has a low minimum requirement for both the hardware and software of one’s device; this is in addition to the application’s small file size of 30mb.

Users can easily download WinQ from the company’s website, which at the time of writing this article is offering the application to users free of charge. Once one has confirmed their mobile operating system, they will then be directed to their respective store to download the application.

Rerouped Media, which is the developer of the application, is already rolling out plans for monetization of the application. Soon companies will be able to use WinQ’s advertiser’s platform in order to pinpoint users to deliver highly targeted advertisements based on their demographics and historical usage of the application.

The rollout for the commercial app is set to be released sometime early in 2017 and has already attracted a significant portfolio of interested companies and stakeholders.

What are people saying about WinQ?

Even though WinQ is one of the newest apps on the market today, it is already gaining a significant amount of traction and popularity in the eyes of users. The vast majority of reviews about WinQ so far have been positive in nature, with many users seen to be singing the praises of the innovative technology of the application that of the company as a whole.

The most common compliment that the app received was due to how intuitive and easy the application was to download and use. People can be set up with the application within five minutes of installing it on their phones, and the app’s Facebook connectivity means that one does not need to register for a separate account.

WinQ was also praised as being the first of its kind to introduce a unique voting system to decide between two options, as well as the option to browse the vast amount of open graph data for developers.

Related companies that have shown an in interest in WinQ will be able to utilize the data captured to create totally new applications or APIs to leverage the huge amount of data that the company has made available. The data could be useful for market research companies, analysts, or anyone interested in exploring trends and comparisons such as advertisers.

Criticism of the WinQ mobile phone application

It should be noted however that WinQ was not completely exempt from criticism. There were some negative comments in the mix about the application, with some users expressing dissatisfaction with their downloads and regretting the fact they installed it.

In their reviews, some reviewers said that the application claims to run on version of Android and IOs released in the past three years, which includes older generations of IPhones and Samsung mobiles, which apparently is not the case for some people.

Privacy advocates were also concerned with the application’s use of open graph data because of the possibility of exploitation and abuse of user’s privacy and data protection rights.

It should be noted that the above criticism of WinQ is largely endemic to the mobile phone application market and should not be taken literally or at face value. After all, the success or failure of a given product is largely determined by the user’s expectations and point of view, which makes it hard to ascertain the validity of consumer reviews in general.

WinQ Review Summary

Due to the numerous positive reviews the application has received, there is enough evidence to suggest that WinQ is a recommendable application to anyone who is interested in exploring popular trends and experimenting with crowd-sourced feedback.

If one keeps their expectations in check about the application, then one may be pleasantly surprised with their experience of using it.



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