Electronics Ever Light Review – Battery-Powered Electronic Flameless Lighter?

Ever Light Review – Battery-Powered Electronic Flameless Lighter?


Using a lighter can be a hassle at times because it requires constant fidgeting to get a flame out of it, it isn’t wind proof, therefore a slight burn can occur, it cannot be used in different positions and what not.

For these reasons, many people stick to the matchbox, but that too is slowly depleting in production, so what is the faith of those in need of light? This is where Ever Light comes into play.

Ever Light ensures that consumers have it easy when it comes to lighting a candle, fireplace and anything that can be lit (for useful purposes, not for leisure or harm of course). With the Ever Light, consumers can safely start a fire, without a flame!

This may seem confusing at first, but over the course of this review, consumers will have a better understanding of this respective product in terms of its purpose, its benefits, its uses and its affordability.

What Is Ever Light?

Ever Light is an all new electronic lighter that runs on battery and not on butane (a flammable hydrogen gas needed to make a flame). It is designed to ensure that consumers have a safer, easier and convenient experience creating flames in any given position.

This product also serves a multipurpose, as all it takes to extend its usefulness is an integrated pivoting head. To better understand the efficiency of this respective product, let’s take a closer look at the benefits.

Ever Light Benefits

The following is a list of benefits only the Ever Light can achieve:

  • It runs on battery and uses no flame
  • Can be used upside down, sideways and in any given position without self harm
  • Contains a pivoting head to extend its usefulness
  • It is windproof, therefore consumers will not experience even the littlest burn
  • Contains a built in safety switch

The Ever Light is definitely a noteworthy product, as it is one of the fewest products to have advanced compared to its traditional versions. From a matchbox to a lighter and now to Ever Light is definitely a drastic change.

The best benefit of this product would be the fact that it runs on batteries. Consumers no longer need to replace an entire lighter, all one needs to do is purchase a pack of batteries and they are set. Another notable benefit is its safety aspect, as there is no way of getting burnt whatsoever.

Ever Light Uses

The list of benefits is quite remarkable as it is, but what makes this product far more efficient than a traditional lighter is the fact that it can be used to light many things. Because of the integrated pivoting head, the following is a list in which Ever Light can start a fire:

  • Fireplaces
  • Barbeque machines
  • Campfires
  • Lanterns
  • Candles

This is just a sample list of places and things the Ever Light can be used to light, which ultimately makes this product a worthwhile investment. But to further back up its worthiness, let’s take a look at its affordability.

Purchasing Ever Light

The current going price of an Ever Light is approximately $19.95 with free shipping, however, there currently exists a deal in which, a separate fee of $9.95 will provide consumers with a total of two Ever Lights. In other words, for approximately $29 consumers will receive two Ever Lights.

The standard price of a traditional lighter is approximately $3 to $7. Consumers need to keep in mind that a traditional lighter requires replacement over time, as the gas (butane) eventually runs out. With a battery run lighter, consumers will only need to spend about $14 on a pack of 24 batteries.

Ever Light Summary

Overall, the Ever Light wins when it comes to its effectiveness, its purposes, and its value for the money invested. In addition, consumers have access to an easier to use, safe and convenient product that does not bring frustration, does not enhance redness or soreness of one’s finger and gets the job done right.

While the prices may seem unreasonable at first, within a couple months the Ever Light and a traditional lighter will break even in terms of prices, better yet, the Ever Light will seem like a better deal.

Ever Light took every concern a consumer might have about a lighter and turned it into a fun and peaceful product to use without a flame in sight! For more information on how to take advantage of such desirable benefits, visit the brands website today.



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