Electronics Atomic Charge Wallet Review – Light-Weight, RFID Secure & Water Proof?

Atomic Charge Wallet Review – Light-Weight, RFID Secure & Water Proof?


The Atomic Charge Wallet promises to be the best wallet you’ll ever own. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Atomic Charge Wallet?

The Atomic Charge Wallet is a unique new wallet that doesn’t just hold your cards and cash: it charges your phone at the same time. The wallet is priced at around $40. It comes in a slim aluminum case.

The premise for Atomic Charge Wallet is simple: you always have your phone and your wallet with you. The Atomic Charge Wallet combines the two while providing something we could all use: more battery life.

The Atomic Charge Wallet also has features like “the latest RFID blocking technology” (although it appears this “technology” is just the barrier created by the aluminum case). The wallet was introduced through a recent series of infomercials seen on TV and online. Like other As Seen On TV products, the wallet is available through a 2-for-1 offer.0

How Atomic Charge Wallet Works

The Atomic Charge Wallet has a USB port along the side that lets you charge electronics – like your phone. You plug your phone’s cable into the wallet, then plug the other end into your phone to charge it.

Typically, battery pack manufacturers are upfront about the charging capabilities of their batteries. There’s a big difference between a 5,000 mAh battery pack and a 20,000 mAh battery pack, for example.

The smaller pack won’t charge a modern smartphone to 100%, while the larger pack can charge a modern smartphone to 100% multiple times. With the Atomic Charge Wallet, the manufacturer doesn’t tell us the size of the battery pack, which suggests that it’s on the smaller end.

Another key feature of the wallet is its durability. In a promotional video for the wallet, people are seen throwing the wallet into deep puddles of water, or smashing it onto the pavement, or even running it over with a bike. The wallet never breaks.

All of your cards, cash, photos, licenses, business cards, and more can be stored inside the wallet’s accordion design. The charger is behind the accordion, so it’s all contained within one easy-to-carry device.

On its own, the Atomic Charge Wallet is surprisingly lightweight. In fact, the promotional videos for the Atomic Charge Wallet show the wallet floating away when tied to a single helium balloon.

To be clear, the Atomic Charge Wallet doesn’t claim to be waterproof – just “water resistant”. So don’t expect it to survive a dip in the pool.

One final feature of the Atomic Charge Wallet is its RFID blocking technology. The company claims to use “the latest RFID blocking technology”. They don’t go into detail about how that technology works. However, a simple aluminum case should be enough to prevent card readers from scanning your cards.

Atomic Charge Wallet claims to be slim enough to fit inside your pocket. However, it’s certainly not the slimmest wallet on the market. If you wear tight pants or shorts, then the Atomic Charge Wallet is unlikely to fit comfortably inside.

Atomic Charge Wallet Pricing

The makers of Atomic Charge Wallet don’t let you buy just one wallet a time. You need to buy two wallets – and pay extra for the second wallet. We’ve seen this with other As Seen On TV offers, but it’s still annoying. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 2 Wallets: $39.97 ($29.98+$9.99 Shipping)

The wallets are available in black, white, or silver. You cannot mix and match colors. Both of your wallets will be in the same color.

Who Makes Atomic Charge Wallet?

The Atomic Charge Wallet is made by well-known As Seen On TV company Telebrands. That company has been responsible for some of the best-known ASOTV products over the years, including Spin Mop, Atomic Lantern, and Dial Vision, among many others.

Telebrands is based in Fairfield, New Jersey. You can contact the company’s customer service at 1-855-668-1655.

Atomic Charge Wallet Summary

The Atomic Charge Wallet is a wallet that promises to charge your phone while protecting your valuables. It’s a thick, aluminum-cased wallet priced at $40. The wallet may be useful if you’re the type of person who worries about RFID scanning technology.

However, the wallet is too thick for many people to carry inside their pockets – especially with the charger attached to it.

The most annoying thing about the Atomic Charge Wallet, however, is that the company forces you to buy two wallets with every purchase – and the second wallet isn’t free. Who needs two wallets?

There’s also the problem that, like other ASOTV products, the Atomic Charge Wallet has a poor refund policy: you’ll never get a refund on your shipping costs, even though shipping costs (at $10) make up a significant part of the order.

One final issue is that the manufacturer doesn’t disclose the size of the battery attached to the Atomic Charge Wallet. Typically, manufacturers want to advertise the size of that battery. Otherwise, you have no idea if it can charge your phone to 100%.

Ultimately, if you’re spending $40 on a wallet and phone charger combo, you can probably do better than the Atomic Charge Wallet.



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