DYLN Living Alkaline Water Bottle Review – VitaBeads Health Benefits?

DYLN Living Stainless Steel Water Bottle

DYLN-Living-Water-BottleHumans have proven over and over again that they are extremely resilient.

Every day, new stories pop up about someone who has survived in the wilderness, in the ocean, or even trapped under rubble. And it’s this spirit of survival that has given humans such a drive and unique thought process, leading to some of the greatest inventions and advances in the world.

Even though humans are capable of surviving almost anything, there are a few things they can’t do without. The first, and most obvious, is air. Without air, people can only stay alive for a few minutes. The second thing is water. While people can live weeks without food, they can only live a few days without water. Not only does water play an important role in the health and wellness of people and animals, it’s also a vital component for all life on earth.

Despite the importance of water, not all water is created equal. With all the scares recently about toxins in water supplies, people are really beginning to look at what is in their water. After all, if people are drinking, cleaning, washing, and bathing in this substance, it needs to be safe.

In recent years, not only are people thinking about what’s in their water, they’re also thinking about the pH levels of their water.

While still a rather new phenomenon, drinking water with the right pH level has proven time and again to be more beneficial to the body. Because of this, people have started buying pH bottled water or even expensive machines that filter the water to the proper pH levels. All these methods are great, but they’re also expensive.

The DYLN Living Alkaline water bottle is a new way of drinking water with the right pH levels. Instead of needing all the expensive machines or having to go to the store and purchase more bottled water, DYLN allows users to make their own alkaline water right at home, using their own water supply.

What is DYLN?

The DYLN Living stainless steel water bottle was created to give people who want a better water experience access to an affordable and sustainable way to drink alkaline water, or water at the right pH level. Using a unique and advanced filtration system, DYLN is able to turn any filtered water into alkaline water within ten to 15 minutes. And, because DYLN isn’t just about convenient, it’s also about style, the actual water bottle is made of the highest quality materials, so users can be proud about carrying around their DYLN water bottle.

Until recently, it was thought that the only way to get the beneficial and rich antioxidant alkaline water was to purchase a complex, expensive filtration system or to buy it in bottles or jugs of water. Both options were expensive and one was detrimental to the environment. In an effort to find a better way, the DYLN Live bottle was created. Now users can create their own alkaline water, no matter where they are, using DYLN in the same way they would a regular water bottle. Only, instead of drinking regular water, they’re getting all the benefits of drinking alkaline water.

The Importance of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but very few people take the time to actually explain what it is and how it’s beneficial to the body. However, in order to completely understand the amazing benefits of DYLN, a fuller understanding of pH levels and the importance of alkaline water is needed.

To start, all things people eat fall onto the pH scale. There are two extremes to on this scale, the first being acidic and the second being alkaline. There’s a space in the middle that is completely neutral. While it’s beneficial to people’s health to consume both acidic and alkaline products, a huge percentage of the modern diet consists of acidic foods. These foods include things like cheese, beef, beer, coffee, wheat, and even eggs.

When the body is fed too many acidic products, it becomes acidic itself. And, when the body becomes too acidic, it tries to protect itself by adding natural buffers in the body. Over time, these buffers can cause serious health problems, like having weaker muscles and bones, as well as certain types of disease. While cutting out some of the acidic foods in the diet is a great way to bring the body back into neutral, another way of doing this is to consume more alkaline products. And alkaline water is one of the safest and most convenient ways to bring the body back into balance.

Because most tap water in the country is actually neutral, it doesn’t do anything for or against the acidity levels in the body. It’s because of this that more and more people are beginning to drink alkaline water. However, as mentioned above, some of the only ways to get alkaline water at the right pH level was to purchase expensive machinery or constantly be buying bottled water. The goal of DYLN was to put a stop to this process and offer people an easier, more sustainable way to drink alkaline water.

Benefits of DYLN

Two of the biggest benefits of DYLN have been mentioned repeatedly in the sections above. The first is that it is a less expensive way to have continuous access to alkaline water. And the second benefit is that it is sustainable. Water bottles were created as an alternative to constantly using and throwing away plastic bottles, which cause serious harm to the world. With DYLN, users get the convenience of a water bottle, with the added bonus of it producing alkaline water.

These two benefits are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DYLN. More of the benefits, as well as the features, of DYLN are listed below.

  •  Increases pH of Filtered Water
  •  Restores Balance to the Body
  •  Supports Enhanced Hydration
  •  Micro-Clusters Water so it Hydrates the Cells and Body Better
  •  Natural Antioxidant
  •  Protects Against Free Radicals
  •  Supports Tissue Rejuvenation
  •  Optimizes the Metabolism
  •  Improves the Body’s Natural Healing Capabilities

In addition to these amazing benefits, DYLN also has several features that make it the best alkaline water bottle on the market. These features include:

  •  Patented Ergonomic Design
  •  Food Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  •  VitaBead Diffuser (400 Refills)
  •  Increases pH up to 9+
  •  Reduces Oxidation Reduction Potential
  •  Includes Silicone Sleeve for Improved Grip
  •  Stainless Steel Bamboo Cap
  •  Convenient Carrying Handle
  •  PBA Free
  •  Liner Free
  •  Holds 750mL

Purchasing DYLN

There are two main purchasing options available for DYLN. The water bottle is available in matte or chrome. Each bottle finish option also allows users to pick their own sleeve color. In addition to these options, users can also decide if they want to purchase extra diffusers. Each diffuser can be used for up to 400 users of the water bottle.

The purchasing options for DYLN Living stainless steel water bottle are listed below.

  • Matte – $46

Available in Blue, Black, Green, Red, and Pink

  • Chrome – $52

Available in Blue, Black, Green, Red, and Pink

  • 1 Extra Diffuser – $10
  • 3 Extra Diffusers – $24
  • 9 Extra Diffusers – $68

Because DYLN is in such high demand, not all of the finish or color options listed above may be available at all times. It’s best to check with the DYLN website before making any plans.


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