Infinite Power Solutions Clever Scope Review – Unique Flashlight From Bell & Howell?

Clever Scope Review – Unique Flashlight From Bell & Howell?


Bell & Howell Clever Scope Review

The Clever Scope is a unique flashlight made by Bell & Howell. The flashlight is flexible and designed to wrap and bend around different objects. Here’s our Clever Scope review.


What Is Clever Scope?

Clever Scope is a flashlight created by Bell & Howell. Like other Bell & Howell products, Clever Scope is available under the As Seen On TV brand.

The most immediately-distinctive part about the flashlight is that it’s flexible. The flashlight features a long, flexible neck that can bend into any shape. You’ll also notice there are bright lights at each end of the flashlight. Each end of the flashlight also features a magnetic tip.

In a promotional video for the Clever Scope, customers are seen using the flashlight to find and retrieve items from various hard-to-reach spots. They use the flashlight to find their missing items and then use the magnetic tip to retrieve those items – like keys, rings, and other metallic objects.

The flashlight promises to last for over 100,000 hours without burning out. One weird thing about the Clever Scope is that it basically forces you to buy three flashlights: you can either pay $27 for one flashlight or pay $27 for three flashlights. This is advertised as a buy one, get two free offer. But basically, the company is just forcing you to buy three flashlights.

Is Clever Scope worth the money? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does Clever Scope Work?

There are three key features that make the Clever Scope unique from any other flashlight on the market.

First, we have the bendable cord that forms the core of the flashlight. That bendable cord can be tightly wrapped around your arms or any surface to hold the flashlight in place.

so if you find yourself working on cars or around the home, then you may be able to wrap the flashlight around nearby poles to help illuminate your area.

Second, there are the two actual flashlights on either end of the card. Each flashlight comes with six bright LED lights. The lights shine with white light and are surprisingly bright.

The third major feature on the Clever Scope is the magnets, which can be found around the flashlight on either end of the device. Those magnets help you pick up metal objects – say, if you drop your keys or drop your ring down the garbage disposal.

Obviously, flexible flashlights are not a unique invention. You can find them at any hardware store. However, having flashlights with magnets at either end is unique. The real question is: do you really drop metal objects frequently enough that you need a magnet to pick them up? Keep in mind that magnets will only stick to metal objects that contain iron, nickel, or cobalt. They’re not going to stick to everything in your home.

The only other notable thing about the Clever Scope is that each LED light in the flashlight promises to last for over 100,000 hours.

Clever Scope Pricing

Clever Scope comes with an awkward pricing scheme. You can buy just one flashlight, although you can pay $0 extra to add two more flashlights onto your order. So basically, this is a three flashlight offer. Why would you pay $27 for one flashlight when you can pay $27 for three flashlights?

Whether you order one flashlight or three, you pay the same exact price: $19.99 + $6.95 shipping ($26.94 total).

All purchases come with a 30 day refund policy, although you’ll never get a refund on your shipping and handling charges.

Clever Scope is not available in any stores. It’s exclusively available online through websites like

About Bell & Howell

Bell & Howell is an old company that has recently been associated with a number of As Seen On TV products. Basically, this company was once a worldwide leader in motion picture equipment. It was founded in 1907. But today, the company licenses its brand out to various consumer electronics makers – including products like the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Solar Charger, and MicroBrite flashlights.

The company’s logo features a Swiss flag, although the Clever Scope flashlight is not actually manufactured in Switzerland (the company never explains where it’s manufactured, which typically means it was made in China or a similar manufacturing hub).

You can get in touch with Clever Scope’s customer service department by calling 1-844-620-3707 any time between 8am and 8pm EST.

Should You Buy the Clever Scope Flashlight?

You can find plenty of bendable flashlights at any hardware store for a lower price than $27. Like many As Seen On TV products, the Clever Scope flashlight comes with mostly poor to average reviews. Customers will typically complain about the shoddy quality of the flashlight and the weak durability. Other Bell & Howell customers have also complained that the flashlights don’t work as advertised. Then, when you go to return the flashlights, you’ll realize that the cost of returning them (in shipping) is more than you would receive as your refund – so you’re stuck.

How many magnetic items do you really drop on the floor? If you frequently drop your keys in hard-to-reach places or drop your wedding ring into garbage disposals, then the Clever Scope may be your new best friend. Most people, however, will find that there’s nothing too special about this funky-looking flashlight that warrants spending $27 of your hard-earned money.



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