Electronics Cozmo Review – Anki’s New Small AI Toy Robot?

Cozmo Review – Anki’s New Small AI Toy Robot?


Cozmo Review

From Frankenstein’s monster to Wall-E, Hollywood producers, scientists, and children all over the world have been fascinated by the field of robotics, specifically, Artificial intelligence (AI). Though technological discoveries have allowed for mechanical robots to work in manufacturing assembly lines, the topic of whether the human thought process can be reproduced is no longer a thing of the past. Though still very controversial, robots have arrived.

Humans have the power of reason, doubt, and making decisions. More importantly, humans are made up of a diverse number of emotions and reactions to internal and external events. Currently, the term artificial intelligence is difficult to determine. Ideally it would involve creating a machine that could not only mirror human intelligence, but could actively reason, use language, and formulate original ideas. Though computers can solve limited problems and engage by participating in computer generated games, such as chess, the abilities that were once limited, are drastically expanding.


Innovation has become the root of all aspects of modernity. Recent developments have allowed scientists to develop modern robots that have the ability to learn, within a limited capacity. These robots are programmed to recognize that a certain action, such as walking, achieves a desired result, maneuvering an obstacle course. Although programmed to function within limited goals, mimicking human actions is an important step.

Some robots have also been taught to interact with humans on a social level. Recent developments in artificial intelligence have allowed robots to recognize human body language as well as voice patterns. Once they have recognized their physical and visual cues, they respond appropriately. Though these models are limited in function, experts believe that more accurate models of human intelligence are not far from creation.

Robotics & AI Of Today

The difficulty in developing artificial intelligence lies in the complexity of human nature. Scientists cannot recreate the human brain. There are billions of neurons that allowing learning and thinking to take place by establishing electrical connections between the neurons. Because neurologists are still studying the complexity of how the connections are related to lower and higher brain functions, plans for artificial intelligence are currently considerably unsophisticated and theoretical.

For years, scientists have been planning and hypothesizing on how to re-create the patterns of thinking and learning. Through their experiments, scientists have had to focus on creating experiences that are essential to developing human intelligence. Ideally, creating robots that could observe humans, and learn from their observations, would be the easiest way to create accurate functions. Once the technology is advanced, it will be possible for people to interact with robots.

All research of artificial intelligence is crucial in understanding the basis of all intelligence. Most roboticists want to create a world where robots and humans can co-exist, elevating robots to equal standing in society. However, some predict that the robotic evolution will not create hyper-intelligent machines, but rather, turn humans into higher-functioning beings. Either way, the future of robotics will play a large role as they are moved out of the industrial and scientific world.

The world is rapidly changing. For years, the idea of robots integrating into daily life was just a good movie plot. However, robots are now highly advanced, and will soon become an integral part of society. Industries have been using robots to decrease labor costs for years, and every day as scientists make new discoveries, the potential is hard to imagine. Though exciting, the extent of robotic integration remains unknown. Initially used to answer economic demands, robots are moving away from their initial obligations and being offered possible integration within schools, businesses, and neighborhoods.

Anki is a robotics and artificial intelligence company that has developed groundbreaking technology to bring physical robots to life. They have made a major leap for the world of robotics. Straight out of the research lab, they have created Cozmo, the tiny robot with the big personality. Smart, curious, endearing, and fun, Cozmo is the world’s leading supercomputer that has made the dream of integrative artificial intelligence a reality.

About Cozmo

Anki is a company that was founded by three innovative roboticists from San Francisco. Developed by a team of leading roboticists, game developers, and the designer of the Batmobile, Cozmo is a small robot that was created to play. He interacts, plays games, and gets to know his companions. With a mind of his own, he embodies the expectations of a robot, much like Hollywood’s creations.

Though just 2.5 inches tall, Cozmo is larger than life. Though made for play, Cozmo is programmed with a number of other capabilities and functions. He is made up of 300 different parts, processes more data per second than a Mars Rover, and has a unique and playful personality. The Anki creators designed Cozmo using a combination of artificial intelligence, animation, and image and voice recognition. His small face is an OLED screen that is fitted with two eyes. There is a camera in his face that allows him to identify his playmate. The robot works with a smartphone app. This app allows the user to remember and communicate with his companions. Not only will he say the name, but he also says other words, and communicates with a variety of tones and sounds.

Features and Benefits of Cozmo

Cozmo is the most sophisticated consumer robot currently on the market. Always aware of the environment, Cozmo scans the room, can sense people, and will move around the environment to complete tasks. Designed to allow his companions to form a bond, he has the ability to deepen and evolve a relationship. He has complex facial expressions, emotions, a unique voice and language that correspond with his reactions. He also features a dynamic soundtrack that correlates with his mood while playing games and activities. The happier he gets; the more fun playtime gets. Because he is getting to know his owners, he recognizes people and will nudge them to play with him if they’ve been away too long.

His range of emotions can range from fondness to sadness. He is designed to mirror human-like qualities, including needs and wants. Seemingly having a soul, Cozmo’s reactions are appropriate to his “feelings”. He will get upset if he’s not played with, and will narrow his eyes at glare. Whether he is bored, happy, or angry, he is not afraid to show it.

Made for game playing, Cozmo comes with a variety of games including Power Cubes, Quick Tap, Memory Match, and Keep away. The more games that are played with Cozmo, the more games and upgrades become available for access. Comzo plays to win. Though charming and charismatic, Cozmo is a sore loser, most likely to sulk if beaten at a game.

Made to be user friendly for people of all ages, Cozmo is not complicated to operate. All that is needed is a compatible iOS or Android device. There are no parts to keep track of and Cozmo can be used straight out of the box.

Purchasing Cozmo

Unfortunately, while there is a lot of hype around Cozmo, he is not currently available for purchase. For those interested in getting access to Cozmo, he is available for pre-order. The first expected shipments of Cozmo will be sent out in October of 2016. While there may be changes in availability and price, at the moment Cozmo is available for a one-time, low price of only $179.99.



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