Electronics Battle Flashlight Review – Are The Battle Tactical LED Flashlights Worth It?

Battle Flashlight Review – Are The Battle Tactical LED Flashlights Worth It?


People who are looking for a durable yet lightweight flashlight will want to consider the Battle Flashlight. This tool is compact and built to stand up to the most rugged conditions. The Battle Flashlight is designed to withstand water, harsh temperatures, and even being driven over by a truck.

Members of the military, police force, or hunters will each appreciate the strong light quality and durable casing available through the Battle Flashlight, please read below to learn more about the Battle Flashlight and how to purchase.

What Is The Battle Flashlight?

The Battle Flashlight offers people a durable option when it comes to flashlights. Made out of aluminum the Battle Flashlight is built to be able to withstand heat, water, and extreme amount of pressure.

Offering a bright light of 800 lumens users can change the beam quality as well as choose from five different light modes. These modes include high beam, medium beam, low beam, strobe, or S.O.S.

Military personnel or people who work for the police force will appreciate how this light offers reliable performance in a small, compact package.

How Does The Battle Flashlight Work?

This battery powered flashlight offers a high quality light source for people who regularly find themselves in difficult or challenging conditions. Many flashlights just cannot live up to the expectations of working in wet conditions or extreme heat.

The Battle Flashlight is a go to option for people who need a light source that they can trust. Many similar lights just do not live up to claims but this one appears to. The promotional video actually shows the Battle Flashlight being run over by not only a bus but also a forklift and still remaining lit throughout the impact.

Battle Flashlight Features

Water resistant, this flashlight can survive even if dropped in puddles unexpectedly. The Battle Flashlight is also built to withstand extreme heat as well as extreme shock. The 800 lumens strength offers a bright light that can carry over distance.

Adjusting between modes is easy offering users three different light intensities as well as a strobe mode and a S.O.S. system. The Battle Flashlight also offers a zoomable beam from 1X to 2000X. The flashlight body is made of strong aluminum casing which makes it durable yet still lightweight.

Battle Flashlight Pricing

Consumers can purchase this flashlight online through buybattleflashlights.com. Each Battle Flashlight is available for $19.95 by using the coupon code available through the company’s website.

There are also quantity discounts but the pricing seems a bit unclear.  Five flashlights can be purchased for $148.00 and ten flashlights can be purchased for $296.00.

Should You Use The Battle Flashlight?

Consumers looking to purchase a rugged flashlight might as well as the Battle Flashlight to their list of options. At just under $20.00 the price seems competitive however the quality of website makes it slightly questionable.

It is recommended that consumers do their research to ensure that this product is the best way to spend their money when purchasing a durable, tactical flashlight.



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