Equipment TV Fox Antenna Review – Indoor Antenna To Watch Free Live HD...

TV Fox Antenna Review – Indoor Antenna To Watch Free Live HD Television?


Live TV is an indoor TV antenna sold under the brand of TVFox. For a limited time, shoppers can get an ‘Ultimate Connectivity Package’, which means that they can get three antennas at 50% for $82.

What Packages Are Offered By Live TV?

  • 1 TVFox Antenna ($35.74/Unit) – $35.74
  • 2 TVFox Antennas ($33.00/Unit) – $65.99
  • 3 TVFox Antennas ($27.50/Unit) – $82.491
  • 4 TVFox Antennas ($24.75/Unit) – $98.98
  • 5 TVFox Antennas ($23.65/Unit) – $118.23

Benefits Of Live TV

Indoor TV antennas can be one of the most useful things you put in in your house. Why? It saves you cash – and really a bit of cash at that.

Imagine being able to save $100 per month each month without needing to forfeit your everyday entertainment. An indoor antenna provides you the chance to make the easiest cut to your monthly bills.

Cord Cutters

Cord cutters benefit the most from a TV antenna. If you are a cord cutter you already know why an antenna is very good for your home: you can finally watch local news along with your favorite shows without needing to return to the cable company.

An antenna is simple to install, and it won't interfere with your other streaming services.

You don't have to give up any of your favorite entertainment outlets.

Whether you're already a cord cutter or considering cutting the cord, you can gain from an antenna. And if you are on the fence, then the prospect of being able to watch the news and your favorite sitcom or reality TV shows will induce one to choose the dip and finally cancel cable once and for all.

Budget Conscious Families

Raising a family is tough enough as is. The last thing you need is to boost your fiscal burden every month. That extra $100 a month can go to a food bill, extra-curricular actions, or your savings accounts.

Budget conscious families may benefit significantly from a very long range TV antenna.

People Who Live Near Broadcast Towers

If you live near broadcast towers, then you can observe free HDTV and enjoy all of your favorite programming.

If you are within 50 miles of a tower, an antenna can get a variety of different stations – some of which you might have never seen. Most homes are within this range, so most homes are able to benefit from free TV.

What happens if you are far away from broadcast towers? You can nevertheless get TV using a long-range antenna.

Live TV Summary

Nearly everybody may gain from installing a TV antenna. Whether you are on a fixed income or have more cash than you can spend, an antenna can help you save money each month that you are able to spend on more useful things. If you are living off grid, on a budget, living near broadcast towers or a cord cutter, a television antenna could be a great fit for you.



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