Equipment Battery Chargers AMPY MOVE – Kinetic Energy Powered Charger From Daily Workouts?

AMPY MOVE – Kinetic Energy Powered Charger From Daily Workouts?


AMPY MOVE is a device that gathers its energy from motion as the user works out, helping to ensure that consumers will not need to rely on an electronic source to give their smartphone power. The device is affordable, and comes with adapters to charge either a smartphone or a smartwatch.


Everyone has had times when their phone starts to run low on battery, and there is absolutely nowhere to plug in a charger. Some people have battery packs, but they have to work from electricity too, and are essentially useless without it. If someone enjoys physical fitness, they may still have an option for power – the AMPY MOVE.

AMPY MOVE offers the ability to charge a user’s smartphone with only one requirement in return – physical exercise. Consumers are required to participate in some type of physical activity to create power in the unit. With just an hour of physical activity, consumers should be able to generate enough power to connect with devices that ether have a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 input port. That also includes:

  • micro-USB
  • Apple Lightning
  • Other proprietary charging adapters

The battery within the device is an 1800 mAh battery, which means that consumers can go for hours with the same charge, which could mean a significant difference in an emergency or afternoon out. However, this device is not just for people to keep with their emergency preparedness gear; it is supposed to motivate consumers to use their bodies more and power up their devices. When someone exercises at the gym or on a track at the park, they help build up the battery that their phone needs later in the day, which is much more helpful and healthy for the body.


The whole concept behind the AMPY MOVE is that motion causes the device to add energy with physical movements. To put it in perspective, working out for an hour equates to about:

  • 1 hour of smartphone battery, while in use
  • 5 hours of smartphone battery, while on standby
  • 24 hours of smartwatch battery life

This device uses a type of inductor technology. Essentially, as the device moves up and down, these inductors create the motion into usable energy. It offers a curved shape, which contours to the natural shape of the body to comfortably track the movements.


The best part about AMPY MOVE is that the only thing that the user has to really do to get the results is wear the device. It can be worn on any part of the body, and the charger picks up the up-and-down motion the best.

There is an accessory kit to help consumers secure it on their arms, legs, or waist. The exercises that the website says will work the best are walking, running, cycling, and similar activities that involve that type of motion. To prevent the charger from adding power while the user is inactive, the sensors do not pick up the sensation of driving in a car.

To check if the AMPY MOVE is actually working, hold down the button on the right side, and shake the device up and down. If it is working, then a blue LED light will flash. If the user does not want to shake the device, they can also check by plugging in their phone to charge.

Pricing For AMPY MOVE

There are a few different components that consumers will benefit from while using AMPY MOVE. First, the main device is available for $49.99.

The company recommends the use of the accessory kit to keep the charger in place for the best results. The accessory kit includes a go-clip and a sports band, depending on where the user wants to place the charger.

Right now, there is no return policy listed on the website, but consumers can still file a claim with the use of the customer service team.

Contacting The Creators Of AMPY MOVE

Even though the website explains a lot of the helpful information about the AMPY MOVE device, consumers may still have with inquiries, or they may need to submit a help ticket. All of these tasks can be done by sending a message through the form at:

AMPY MOVE Conclusion

AMPY MOVE is meant for any consumer that wants to power up their phone and get healthier at the same time. It does not require any plug in to a wall, though the set still offers an adapter to give consumers the option of this function anyway. With the different ways that it can support consumers and their electronics, it is easy to see why the AMPY MOVE is a great purchase.



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