Equipment LET VisionAI – Alexa Equipped Bone Conduction Smart Glasses?

LET VisionAI – Alexa Equipped Bone Conduction Smart Glasses?


LET VisionAI Smart Glasses are the future of hands free technology. This Indiegogo campaign is in the process of collecting pre-orders and donations in the production of their advanced technology LET glasses. These ‘Alexa” glasses allow all of their technology to go everywhere with you, with bone conduction audio, voice assistance and gesture control, with custom and prescription lenses available.

The glasses are supported by bone conduction technology, while the LET VisionAl Glasses just simplify your smartphone operation while integrating your smart home devices and delivering a comfortable and easy experience.

The LET VisionAI Smart Glasses technology supports bone conduction audio, integration with Alexa, voice control phone and home compatibility, hands free messaging and calling, and health activity tracking.

Hands Free Living

These innovative glasses will free your hands from having to physically hold your smart devices. The Alexa glasses will immerse you in a smart world with the most simplified operating mode.

After connecting your compatible smart home device to the app, you will easily be able to control everything with a voice command. The built in mic makes this possible, and faster than you can imagine. You will no longer be limited to your location when controlling the settings in your home, the Alexa glasses will provide a more flexible means of interacting with other compatible smart devices.

In addition, you can easily ask for GPS directions, weather reports, and accurate time. With this technology you will be able to focus your attention on the road, while avoiding unnecessary distractions.

Due to its wireless nature, it is easily tailored to outdoor activities, and you will never have to worry about losing your headphones, while conveniently tracking steps, distance, and calories burned. Alexa will keep a record of your activity results.

What Is Voice Al?

This is the artificial intelligence technology that recognizes voices and translates them into text instructions based on neural networks and deep learning systems. The etxt instructions are translated through a cloud program and bigger data network, then presented in the form of voices. The frequent you communicate through your glasses, the familiar it becomes with your speech preferences and patterns.

The beautiful thing is it will quickly become able to understand your habits and behaviors, allowing it to meet you ahead of your requests. For example, if you check the weather every morning, Alexa will begin providing you with this information before you even ask for it.

The bone conduction earphones will minimize the potential for damage that traditionally, earphones can cause.

The sounds we hear are through sound waves that are transmitted through the air that eventually meet our eardrums. The vibration caused by the sound waves are what create sounds. Bone conduction technology developed by LET Labs is another way for us to hear sounds. Sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear through bone vibration of the skull, without reaching the eardrums first – much like a shortcut to the brain.

The valuable link between bone conduction technology and artificial intelligence is something that LET Labs has gained a patent for due to its multi functionality.

The list of impressive components to these glasses is a long one. From long lasting lithium batteries, infrequent charging, standby lengths of up to 10 days, magnetic connector cables, and ultra fast charge times are just a few, but important features.

Support The LET VisionAI Smart Glasses Campaign

In order to support this Indiegogo campaign, donations in the way of purchases range from $119.00 for one pair of glasses to $219.00 for two (2) pairs. Glasses come with three (3) frame shapes available (basic, modern, and vintage), along with transparent, polarized, or photochromic transition lenses.

With several varieties to choose from, and incredible advanced smart technology you can pre-order a pair (or two) for yourself and be one of the first to experience these.



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