Equipment Smart Water Bottles Water Purifier X Review: Portable Water Hydrogenator with Ionization Technology

Water Purifier X Review: Portable Water Hydrogenator with Ionization Technology


Water Purifier X is a portable decontamination bottle that keeps water pure and sanitized. The device is portable and uses ionization technology to make any water source safe to drink fr for both humans and pets.

What is the Water Purifier X?

Having constant access to clean drinking water is something that many people don’t think twice about. An article by Harvard Health states that remaining hydrated is practically synonymous with the health of the body, supplying necessary support for just about every process,organ and system in the body. Drinking water helps to prevent constipation, flush out bacteria that can build up in the bladder, and give cells the access they need to nutrients.

There are many consumers that try to fill up their fluid intake with drinks like soda, coffee, tea, milk, juice, and more, but none of these options offer the same pure support that pure water does. Water Purifier X was developed as a solution to make access to cleaner purified water more prevalent, improving the convenience of it so more people can have water when they need it.

Unlike a regular water bottle, the Water Purifier X features “the latest ionizing technology” as a way to purify the liquid inside of it. The compact size makes the bottle portable, ideal for packing with travel supplies, in the office, with gym equipment, and even for use at home. Pure water is a constant need of every living thing, and this “hydrogenizer” does its job so well that it can be used for the drinking water of pets as well.

With the right hydration, consumers can easily improve their physical performance since the muscles need water to keep from succumbing to cramps and feeling fatigued. While the website states that the technology is capable of disinfecting food as well, it is unclear on the website how this is done.

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What is Ionizing Technology?

Ionization, most simply, is a process that causes an atom or molecule to gain or lose an electron, which changes the positive or negative charge. This process often happens with other chemical changes, but what does it have to do with water?

Machines that ionize water were originally developed in Japan and other Asian countries, using these devices to raise the pH of the water with electrolysis. The resulting product is alkaline water.

When consumers drink ionized water, it doesn’t change anything in the body but being hydrated, even though there are many health claims on the market that it prevents disease, slows aging, and improves energy levels. While there are some claims that ionization is helpful in alkalizing water, the specific benefits of Water Purifier X are related to simply being more hydrated, avoiding the unproven claims that much of the health industry pushes.

What Does Hydrogenation Have to Do With Water?

One of the biggest features advertised by Water Purifier X is that it is a “hydrogeniser,” but what does that mean? Hydrogenation is a process that adds pairs of hydrogen atoms, but what does that have to do with water?

There are multiple studies on this process online, including studies published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (2016), Organic Letters (2004), and the Journal of Chemical Physics (2010). Essentially, this process introduces oxygen to the water as a way to eliminate impurities, leaving the user with clean drinking water.

Buying Your Own Water Purifier X

While there may be similar products on the market, Water Purifier X can only be purchased online for the retail price of $230. Ensuring that more people can get their own portable purifier, the creator currently has a special that cuts down the cost of a single Water Purifier X for $115.

Still, that’s not where the discounts end. For individuals that want to have a few more products on hand, they can order:

  • Two Water Purifier Xs for $199 ($99.50 each)
  • Three Water Purifier Xs for $245 ($81.67 each)

The Water Purifier X is available in either silver or rose gold, and customers can add up to a two-year warranty.

Contact and Return Information

If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with their purchase they can contact the company by email for a refund for 14 days from the day that you received your order, at

Water Purifier X Summary

Water Purifier X uses multiple ionizing technologies that have been well researched in scientific studies to create safe drinking water. The device comes with two color options, though it is unclear how the device is activated with the selling website doesn't include details. The product is easy to carry along and is relatively small, though consumers will likely need to refer to the included directions and/or manual to see how much water it holds and how long the purification process takes.

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