Electronics Virtual Reality VR ShineCon – Quality Virtual Reality Headsets & Glasses Technology?

VR ShineCon – Quality Virtual Reality Headsets & Glasses Technology?


The VR ShineCon is a headset that allows you to use your phone and applicable programs to help you dive into an immersive virtual reality experience. You can purchase this headset from multiple retailers, depending on your preference.

What is VR ShineCon?

Anyone that’s ever owned an electronic game system understands how exciting it can be to play a game with you in the hot seat. You turn on your system, load up your favorite game, and you’re suddenly in another world mentally. With your controller, you pick up different items in the game and equip yourself for some type of battle. Even as you victoriously conquer the enemy, there’s always another way that games like this can be improved upon. That’s why SainSonic is making your video game experience into an intense experience with VR ShineCon.

VR ShineCon turns your smartphone into the ultimate experience in gaming. You may be skeptical, considering your screen is only a few inches big, but with the right resin and film over your phone, the entire encounter is available in realistic 3D viewing. You essentially become part of the game, which a view that is eerily like watching an IMAX film.

Read on below to discover some of the amazing features of this headset.


There are many attributes that this system possesses to make it rise above and beyond the overpriced competition, starting with the headband. Featuring a T-strap, this lightweight piece helps to prevent you from experiencing any type of pressure on your head so you can remain in-tune with the game. Since this device is designed for a full 360-view, you will want to extra security of a snug band around your head.

One issue that many consumers face has to do with the temperature of your phone. When you use the same application actively, your phone can become warm, which is problematic when it’s within inches of your face. Luckily, the Ventilation Thermal Design eliminates this concern.

Many consumers appreciate how private the experience is. While your body is exposed, you don’t have to share your screen with any other viewers as you play.

How Does VR ShineCon Work?

Typically, if you have your phone screen too close to your face, you end up exposing yourself to too much light, but the VR ShineCon solves this issue. By using a resin lens, you won’t end up with visual fatigue or dizziness after you remove the device. There’s also a blue coating film to protect you from the potential damage your eyes can sustain from looking at your phone for too long.

You can also change the pupil distance and focal distance of the screen, if the focus is not accurate for your eyesight. Essentially, you can change nearly anything about the view you have, if you’re trying to improve the 3D experience.

This device is meant to fit many different smartphone models that are presently available. In fact, there are over 300 different virtual reality programs within the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store that you can use to engage your mind.

Using VR ShineCon

To use the VR ShineCon, you need to properly set up your smartphone to view virtual reality programs. First, you will download VR Games App or 3D Split Screen videos to prepare your phone to be used with the headset. Once the program is probably installed, you will need to test out the display to make sure it moves correctly on your screen.

To put your phone in the headset, you will need to open the cover plate. Place your phone inside and securely shut the plate. Since your virtual reality should already be queued, you are ready to play.

Even if you can download the application, you need to make sure that your smartphone is compatible with the VR ShineCon device. You can use this headset if your phone meets one of the following qualifications:

  • It has a screen size of 4.7″ to 6.0″, a width of 82mm or less, and a length of 154mm or less.
  • It is an iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S Plus, or iPhone 6S.
  • It’s an HTC One M9+, M9, M8s, M8, M8 EYE, ME, E9+, or E9.
  • It’s a Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge+, S5, S4, Note 5, Note 4, or Note 3.

Pricing for VR ShineCon

The total price you pay for the VR ShineCon will largely depend on where you purchase the product from. Most sellers offer it for $19.99, but Amazon.com gives you access to other retailers that may be able to sell it to you for $11.58 and up.

Regardless of where you purchase, you will receive certain accessories to go along with your purchase. You will receive the Virtual Reality Glasses, but you will also receive:

  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
  • Cleaning Cloth

Contacting the Creators/Sellers of VR ShineCon

At the moment, the only way to request more information about this product from SainSonic is to visit a third-party retailer’s website from which it is sold. Amazon appears to be the primary seller, but multiple tech-focused companies also distribute this product.

If you have questions about your recent purchase, then you should contact the corresponding company for shipping information.

VR ShineCon Review Summary

The VR ShineCon helps you dive into your video games with an experience that is incomparable to the experience you have with your PlayStation or Xbox. Instead of just being a player for a character, you are the character, and each moment feels like one in your own life. If you want the virtual reality experience without needing to spend hundreds of dollars to connect to your game system, then the VR ShineCon is worth a shot.

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