Electronics UltraFire WF502B Review – Powerful LED Tactical Flashlight?

UltraFire WF502B Review – Powerful LED Tactical Flashlight?


UltraFire WF502B CREE 56 XM Review

Ultrafire is a well-known company that contributes a lot to the flashlight industry worldwide. They are known for their production of the cheapest yet highest quality flashlights and electronic tools that can be used in camping and other outdoor activities.


Who Makes The UltraFire WF502B?

The company is Hong-Kong based where they deal with local and global transactions. However, they keep their manufacturing site on Shezen, China where they create their affordable and magnificent electric tools.

UltraFire WF502B Features:

Tightly packed and strong design

The UltraFire WF502 is well built with its compact and solid design that truly brings out the masculine essence of it. This searchlight comes with Aluminium Alloy Casing that is really emphasizing every detail of the flashlight’s design features. This searchlight is not just designed to look tough but also to protect the internal parts from any damage and accident.

Water Resistant

If you’re afraid of dropping your very own flashlight on a hard rock or in the water in the middle of your activity, you’ve got nothing to worry about with this new UltraFire WF502B. It is well constructed with its Aluminium Alloy Casing that resists water and chemicals from damaging the flashlight. It can be used in outdoor activities even if it’s raining. It can endure being in the water for a specific time and can withstand high falls on hard surfaces. From its solid and compact design, it allows the flashlight to be more preventive of potential accidents that might happen.

Brightest Compact Flashlight

Have you experienced not having a clear sight of your subject since your searchlight produces not enough light to keep your target at your sight? Fortunately, the UltraFire WF502 is there to give you the brightest light for your outdoor trips. It is built with Cree XM-L T6 LED, a very durable and bright bulb that will surely satisfy you.

It contains 1000 lumens that allow light to travel faster than normal flashlights. It is actually very bright and fast for a handy and light flashlight like UltraFire WF502B. Positive comments have been received by this product. Some people even think that this flashlight can be brighter than a car’s headlights. It is actually surprising for everyone that a small flashlight can produce this much light. This flashlight is rather powerful as compared to others.

UltraFire WF502B Pros:

Longer bulb life span

Most flashlights are not being used anymore or being disposed because their bulb is damaged or just happened to not function anymore. It is really advantageous that this flashlight is using a bright bulb with CREE XM-L LED. Plus, this light bulb is not easily damaged unlike others. This LED can actually last the flashlight usage for up to 100,000 hours.

Durable and Solid

This flashlight has a solid and packed design that will totally catch everyone’s eyes. It is firm and sturdy on the external as well as in the internal. It is not easily damaged by water or impact since it was built to have a high resistance for unwanted external risks. This flashlight can endure and withstand high falls and water invasion. Its durability can be reliable and trusted.

Handy and Lightweight

It must be very disturbing to have a heavy searchlight with you when you plan to enjoy your outdoor activity. However, with UltraFire W502B, it will totally give you a comfortable grip to your flashlight to the point that you can seemingly feel its weightlessness. Despite its compact and masculine design, it might look very heavy, but this doesn’t contribute to make the product heavier that you expect it to be. It is actually very handy to carry around since it only weighs 113 g—it is actually very light for a flashlight like UltraFire W502B.

Excellence at Low Cost

If you’re someone who’s looking for affordable but high quality flashlight, UltraFire W502B is what you need. It contains the high quality features that other expensive ones offer..This searchlight is actually cheaper than the others without leaving behind the quality. It is really beneficial that with a low cost and affordable price, you can actually buy a bright and firm flashlight that will allow you to carry a handy light stick on your trips.  It just proves that being expensive does not represent its worth.

UltraFire WF502B Cons:

Poor heat skinning

Some complaints were received about heating after 30 minutes of usage on high mode. It can be a little uncomfortable when too much heating occurs, but it can always be turned off for a minute or so to give the searchlight a rest.

Verdict On UltraFire WF502B:

UltraFire WF502B CREE 56 XM is a high power led flashlight that uses CREE XML T6 LED chip. This spectacular product might be a small flashlight, but it surely works just like the expensive ones, and that makes this flashlight extra special.It has a direct access to the power switch button. It can be bright just like the others and can produce extremely wide beaming for lighting. The product is hardwearing and sturdy. Its quality and durability can be trusted and can be proved by previous users. It is truly one the best offers so far in the flashlight industry.

Cheaper products sometimes don’t mean cheaper functionality. This flashlight is basically built to be durable yet affordable for the public. If you’re someone who is in tight budget but would really like to own a high quality flashlight, we totally recommend UltraFire WF502B for you. It is highly recommended to have an affordable and reasonably priced flashlight like this. We truly suggest not to be blinded with over-priced products whose exact features can be offered by a cheaper one.



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