Electronics Computers Turbo Your PC Review – Quality Computer Performance Enhancer or Scam?

Turbo Your PC Review – Quality Computer Performance Enhancer or Scam?


Turbo Your PC Review

Turbo Your PC is optimization software priced at $8.95 per month that promises a fast, safe and secure power suite to enhance your computer's overall operating performance. Find out if a TurboYourPC subscription (and free DiscCleaner Pro) is worth it today in our review.


What is Turbo Your PC?

TurboYourPC is a subscription-based PC optimization software. Subscriptions start at $8.95 per month, although the initial download is free. The free download lets you scan your PC without paying anything, although you’ll need to pay to start fixing any problems.

Some of the promises made by Turbo Your PC include:

-Boost your computer’s speed

-Protect your privacy

-Scan your registry

-User-friendly interface

The software is targeted towards beginner computer users. Many of these users understand the value of a fast PC – but may not understand how to actually speed up their PC.

The software is available on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. All purchases also come with a free AntiVirus Pro subscription, so this is basically an antivirus software and optimization software package rolled into one.

How Does Turbo Your PC Work?

The creators of Turbo Your PC describe their software like this:

“TurboYourPC uses a high performance algorithm to scan potentially harmful files and applications stored within your computers [sic] registry and hardrive.”

Awful grammar and spelling aside, Turbo Your PC promises to restore your PC’s performance with the touch of a button. It works in a few different ways, including:

-Deletes unnecessary files on your hard drive

-Scans potentially harmful files and applications stored on your computer’s registry and hard drive

-Remove unnecessary browser files for faster internet browsing

-Scans your PC for settings that can be changed, added, and improved to speed up your PC

-According to some reviews online, Turbo Your PC also defragments your hard drive

The creators of the software don’t go into much further detail about how their software works. Basically, it scans your hard drive, identifies duplicate files, malware files, and other unnecessary files, and then deletes these files to speed up your PC.

In that sense, it’s just like CCleaner – except you pay $9 per month for it instead of it being free.

Ultimately, these processes promise to give you “A new PC without the price tag”.

Turbo Your PC Pricing

You’ll need to download Turbo Your PC from TurboYourPC.com in the form of a free .exe file.

After running that .exe file, the software will install itself and begin to perform a free scan. This initial scan is totally free, but it’s a bit misleading.

During the scan, the software will likely encounter thousands of problems. These problems are divided into different categories, so you can see the different parts of your PC that need the most work.

However, even the healthiest computers will likely have thousands of identified problems. The software appears to over-exaggerate your problems and potential optimization areas.

The more problems you see, the more likely you are going to buy the software – which is why the software seems to over-exaggerate.

If you decide to clean your PC after the free scan, you’ll be asked to pay the subscription fee of $8.95 USD per month. Subscriptions are handled through PayPal.

That subscription lets you install Turbo Your PC on one PC. If you get a new PC, or want to transfer your license somewhere else, then you’ll need to contact the company, and they’ll transfer your license for you.

There’s nothing stopping you from cancelling your subscription immediately after you pay for it, so if you just want to scan your PC a few times during that first month, you can do that for a total cost of $8.95 USD.

However, the ongoing subscription will give you software updates delivered over time. Turbo Your PC doesn’t appear to deliver too many major updates over the years. The software performs the same basic processes today as it always has over the years – it’s just been upgraded for new OSes and to keep up with Windows updates.

Who Makes Turbo Your PC?

Turbo Your PC is made by a company named Turbo Tools Limited. That company has been offering Turbo Your PC since around 2013. There isn’t much information about this company available online. This page claims that the business is based in Denmead, Hampshire, UK.

In addition to offering Turbo Your PC, the company sells software called Turbo Your Mac (which speeds up your Mac). They also make the antivirus software that comes bundled with Turbo Your PC.

The company appears to be a subsidiary of Endurance International PLC. There’s very little information about this company available online.

What Do Customers Have to Say About Turbo Your PC?

Turbo Your PC has an affiliate program, so when you look for Turbo Your PC reviews online, you’ll find plenty of people promoting the software and then displaying their own affiliate links. It’s difficult to find unbiased reviews of Turbo Your PC online.

However, most honest reviews seem to indicate that Turbo Your PC works as promised. This isn’t some scam or hidden trick: if you’re willing to pay $9 per month for PC optimization software and PC cleaning software, then Turbo Your PC will work as promised.

Popular PC hardware and software review site TomsHardware.com recently saw a thread about Turbo Your PC pop up online. Users were debating where or not the software was a scam. One user claims that Turbo Your PC is misleading because:

-The site claims to be secured by both Symantec and McAfee. In reality, these two services are competitors and no website is secured by both. The company does this exclusively to convince you that it’s more secure.

-They claim to have been featured on major media outlets, although that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Clicking anywhere on the page causes you to automatically download the Turbo Your PC .exe file.

The free scan reveals a suspiciously high number of optimization problems, even if you have a healthy, brand new computer

Many people will be perfectly happy to use free software like CCleaner, which does virtually the same job as Turbo Your PC and is priced at a competitive $0 per month.

Alternatively, Windows already has built-in cleaning tools available. One of the best tools is called Disk Cleanup, which targets all of the same files that Turbo Your PC targets. It wipes out hundreds of megabytes of unnecessary browser data and old files.

Furthermore, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 all have automatic disk defragmentation built in. If you’re running any of these operating systems, then your disk is already as defragmented as it possibly could be.

For all of these reasons, Turbo Your PC is best described as a low-quality, overpriced PC software program targeted towards beginner PC users who don’t know how to access free utilities – like Disk Cleanup and CCleaner – on their own.



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