Equipment Better Breathing Devices Triton Gills Review – Artificial Scuba Breathing Technology?

Triton Gills Review – Artificial Scuba Breathing Technology?


Triton Gills Review

Triton Gills claim to be the world’s first artificial gills that let you breathe and swim underwater. Here’s our Triton Gills review.


What Are Triton Gills?

Triton Gills are a breathing apparatus that works in a similar way to the gills of a fish: water passes through the gills, oxygen is separated from the water, and you can safely breathe and swim underwater.

This futuristic technology hasn’t yet hit the market. The manufacturer calls it “the future of underwater breathing”.

The device recently appeared on IndieGoGo at an introductory price of $299.00. The first backers should receive their devices in December 2016.

But does it actually work as advertised? Can you really swim like a fish and breathe like one too? Let’s take a look at how Triton Gills work.

How Do Triton Gills Work?

Triton Gills work using artificial gills technology. It’s a breathing apparatus that fits over your mouth like a snorkel. However, instead of a breathing tube reaching up into the air above the surface of the water, two snorkel-like devices extend out to the left and right sides of your face.

Using the device is as easy as placing it on your face, biting into the mouthpiece, and breathing normally.

Triton Gills let you enjoy 45 minutes of snorkeling time on a fully charged battery. The device uses a lithium ion battery and a modified dual micro-compressor to allow you to breathe underwater.

You won’t be able to swim to the depths of the ocean: Triton Gills only works to a maximum of fifteen feet underwater. If you go beyond fifteen feet, the manufacturer claims the device will send you pulses, so you feel vibrations. It will also become harder to breathe. The vibrations will continue until you turn it off.

You can use your Triton Gills in salt water or fresh water, although the manufacturer recommends washing them after being in the ocean.

Triton Gills Features

-The maker of Triton Gills claims to use “cutting edge technology” to produce the artificial gills, including something called Microporous Hollow Fiber. This just means that the holes of the threads are smaller than water molecules.

-The thread holes keep water out while letting oxygen in. Then, the micro compressor within the gills extracts and stores the oxygen, letting you breathe naturally underwater.

-The manufacturer describes the device as a “very powerful modified micro compressor” that compresses oxygen and stores it in a storage tank. The tank is powered by a lithium ion battery.

-LED module on the front to indicate battery status

Triton Gills Pricing

Triton Gills are priced at $299.00 from IndieGoGo.

You can choose from four different colors, including Blue, Orange, Green, and Black.

After launch, the manufacturer claims the price will increase to a normal retail price of $399 USD. That $299 USD price also claims to be the lowest possible price the manufacturer can offer without compromising material quality.

Initial IndieGoGo packages were launched at discounts like 2 for $499 and 5 for $1100, although all of these packages have since been claimed.

Who Makes Triton Gills?

Triton Gills is being launched by a team of three. Two are from Sweden and the other is from South Korea.

The project is led by founder and designer Jeabyun Yeon, a graduate from the Samsung Art and Design Institute. There’s also co-founder and CEO Saeed Khademi, a Swedish entrepreneur who joined forces with Jeabyun in early 2014 to launch Triton. The two initially met on a design and technology website.

John Khademi is also on the team. Described as a “marketing genius from Sweden”, John joined the team in 2015 and put the product on the market with product focus development and a “strategic mind appearance”, according to the IndieGoGo story.

Prior to launching on IndieGoGo, the project was entirely self-funded.

The idea for Triton Gills was formed in May 2013. By the end of December 2016, the Triton Gills hope to be launched worldwide.



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