Infinite Power Solutions MyBitWave Review – Trustworthy Mobile Security Optimiser?

MyBitWave Review – Trustworthy Mobile Security Optimiser?


MyBitWave Review

MyBitWave is a mobile security optimization app that promises to protect you from 100% of viruses while removing bugs and increasing your performance. Here’s our review.

What is MyBitWave?

MyBitWave is a new mobile optimization app designed for Android users. The app promises to test your mobile device’s security and protect you from future viruses while also speeding up your system.

By installing MyBitWave on your system, the makers of the software promise you can “protect your mobile home banking, private data and pictures.”

Other benefits of the software include bug removal, 100% virus protection, and performance optimization. All of these benefits can be enjoyed after a fast 2 minute scan.

The app is priced at $4. However, as you’ll learn in the pricing section below, there’s a big catch attached to that price tag, and you may end up paying significantly more for MyBitWave (you’re actually charged $279 automatically after your 3 day trial expires).

MyBitWave is available on Android smartphones and tablets.

MyBitWave Features

MyBitWave offers three core features:

-2 Minute Phone Scan: This scan takes only a few minutes and finds all errors on your system. These errors are corrected immediately after your scan.

-Protect your Home Banking and Other Personal Data: MyBitWave claims that it uses” unique technology” to ensure your phone is always optimized and protected from virus attacks.

-Anti Theft: MyBitWave lets you remotely access your Android device, which means you can erase all data from the device when it gets stolen. You can also set the phone to “howl” if you can’t find it.

As you may already know, Android already has those same anti-theft features built into it through Google Location Manager. Nevertheless, MyBitWave charges a premium price for this anti-theft feature.

MyBitWave Pricing

MyBitWave has received some negative attention for its pricing policy, which advertises one price upfront only to charge users another price a few days later. Here’s the truth about how that pricing policy works:

-You pay $4 today and receive a 3 day trial of MyBitWave for Android

-After your 3 day trial period is over, the makers of MyBitWave will automatically charge your credit card $279 for the full 12 month subscription

This awkward pricing policy isn’t explained clearly upfront. Instead, the manufacturer hides it in the fine print of the terms and conditions. Because you accepted the terms and conditions when you paid for your trial, you’re legally obligated to pay the full $279 price.

Who Makes MyBitWave?

MyBitWave is made by a company named B&M Tech Ltd. That company is based in the United Kingdom at the following address:

Red Hill House
41 Hope Street
Chester, Cheshire CH4 8BUB

You can contact the company by emailing or by calling 646 741 9944.

B&M Tech Ltd. Doesn’t post a lot of information about itself online. However, according to this LinkedIn page for the company, B&M Tech Ltd also does business under the name, which operates in the marketing and advertising niche.

Should You Use MyBitWave to Clean and Fix your Android Device?

MyBitWave is a ludicrously overpriced Android optimization software that does not appear to have any real effect on your system’s performance. It promises to protect your system from 100% of viruses, but it never explains how. It also promises to optimize your system’s performance – but is also doesn’t say how.

For all of these reasons, there’s little incentive to pay $278 USD for MyBitWave – which is more than most people pay for their Android smartphones or tablets. That’s too high of a price for too little of a product – not to mention the $4 “trial” scam the company uses to trick users into signing up.



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