Electronics Tough Max Torch Tactical Flashlight Review – Compact LED Taclight?

Tough Max Torch Tactical Flashlight Review – Compact LED Taclight?


Are you the adventurous, outdoorsy type in need of extreme durability and an ultra-bright beam? Perhaps you are just in need of a high-quality torch to light up the dark crevasses of your home to find lost items or to see what may be lurking in the darkness.

In any case, there is no comparison between a high-quality torch and a mediocre one.

In times of stress, a bright beam leading the way can be the difference of feeling anxious in the darkness or feeling secure in the brightness.

The market is somewhat over saturated in the supply of torches. It can be difficult to know what product to use. There are so many cheap and flimsy lights on the market that it is hard to discover what products are recommendable.

What is paramount in choosing a flashlight is quality?

Torches fall into the category of items that cannot be substituted by mediocre products. Like knives or good shoes, quality cannot be replaced by low priced items. One expects to rely on these products in situations of uncertainty.

One way to limit your uncertainty is to look for dependable, durable products. The Tough Max Torch is just that. This built to last torch was designed for maximum results in the most extreme situations.

The Tough Max Torch claims to perform time and time again in the most challenging conditions. Whether the light is underwater, dropped from a height or even rolled over by a vehicle, the torch is designed to deal with just about anything.

What Is Tough Max Torch?

Words like; strength, weather resilient, super- bright and control could be used when describing the Tough Max Torch by JML. These buzzwords are what one would hope to expect from a high-quality torch, and the company claims not to disappoint.

The Tough Max Torch is named tough for a reason; the company alleges that the light can be dropped, crushed, and even driven over by a ten-tonne truck! Even though the torch is extremely durable, it does not give rise to being heavy.

The torch is crafted with an aluminum design which affords users the option of transporting the torch with them everywhere they go.

It can easily fit into one’s purse or pocket. As a bonus JML is offering a fabric storage pouch with a belt loop and wrist wrap.

Most importantly, the light emitting from the torch is an impressive 6000 lux of brightness. This is the primary advantage of choosing a super-bright Light Emitting Diode torch which can be measured as 14 times stronger than that of certain torches.

This extreme light can be controlled by the torch’s zooming focus which lets you adapt the beam to whatever setting you prefer, whether it is a specific spotlight or room-flooding light.

What’s more is that the torch’s functionality boasts five beam modes.

There are mode functions for Low, Medium and High brightness to cater for whatever situation you may need them in. On top of this, the torch has the option of a strobe mode, creating flashing strobe lights for ultimate visibility.

The torch could be used in extreme safety situations as it has a mode which uses an ‘S.O.S’ Morse code flashing signal. If you ever fall victim to a situation where you have to be rescued, then this torch could save your life.

Tough Max Torch Benefits

  • Over 6,000 lux 14x brighter than ordinary torches
  • Spotlight to floodlight adjustability
  • 5 beam modes
  • Fits in pockets and purses
  • Ultimate durability and strength
  • Suitable for all weather conditions

Tough Max Torch Conclusion

It is easy to spot the differences when comparing ordinary torches to the Tough Max Torch. The Extreme durability that the torch boasts is very impressive. It seems almost invincible when compared to the everyday common torches available on the market.

Whether you are a recreational camper or an extreme explorer in the wilderness, this multi-functioning torch offers you security with its blazing light and safety S.O.S mode.

This built to last torch is also perfect for lighting up a room during a power outage. Whatever the situation the 5 active modes will cater for any need you may have.



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