Equipment UltraViolet Lights & Products The Purple Sweep Review: Ultraviolet UV-C Lamp for Disinfecting Germs?

The Purple Sweep Review: Ultraviolet UV-C Lamp for Disinfecting Germs?


The Purple Sweep is a portable handheld UV device that exposes surface bacteria, viruses and other germs to an ultraviolet-c light to neutralize the stability of their DNA. Once disrupted, the microorganisms can no longer live, and the surface is now decontaminated and sterilized by removing 99.9% of germs.

What is The Purple Sweep?

Bacteria can live on any surface. Even though a counter or a shelf might look clean after carefully being wiped down, microscopic organisms that can't be seen can still be present and residing on surfaces and can spread bacteria and germs to anyone quickly. Antibacterial wipes and cleaners might offer one way to eradicate these bacteria particles but can become expensive with the need to constantly repurchase them, but The Purple Sweep uses a type of technology that can get the job done without ever touching the surface.

The Purple Sweep has a sleek and simple design, and is made and shipped from the USA. The Purple Sweep's design offers a small grip at the base of the light to hold onto as it is used to decontaminate. Though the sides may appear transparent, the Purple sweep UV-c light only actually emits its sterilizing and cleaning power through the front of the device, and will shut off automatically if accidentally used upside down which ensures that consumers don’t shine the UV light in their eyes when using.

It can sterilize any surface of viruses or bacteria in just 20 seconds of use, and is small and lightweight enough to bring anywhere a consumer may go. The Purple Sweep's Ultraviloet-c technology is the same as the UV lights currently used by airlines, hospitals worldwide to ensure the public's safety. With the official website of the Purple Sweep Ultraviloet-c, “Ultraviolet-c rays destroy the DNA and RNA of microorganisms, making them lose their ability to reproduce and achieve the effect of disinfection.”

Frequently Asked Questions About The Purple Sweep

Considering the many UV lights that are coming out on the market nowadays, consumers may want a little more detail on why this particular product is so special. Let’s break down some of the answers to the most-asked questions on The Purple Sweep.

Q. How does The Purple Sweep eliminate germs?

A. The Purple Sweep developed a type of technology that makes it possible to use ultra-violet light at a certain wavelength (UV-C). As it is exposed to any surface, it can kill and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs in just a 20 second sweep of the UV-c light. This technology has been used in public facilities for sanitation purposes, but the glowing handheld UV-c light makes it possible to use at home too.

Q. What do users need to do to clean a surface with The Purple Sweep?

A. After turning on the device, slowly hover the device across any surface for approximately 20 seconds to kill off bacteria.

Q. What is ultraviolet c?

A. As just one of the 3 types of invisible light rays (together with ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B) are given off by the sun. With ultraviolet C is considered the most dangerous type of ultraviolet light in terms of its potential to harm life on earth,due to its ability to kill living bacteria and germs by altering their DNA and RNA of microorganisms, making them lose their ability to reproduce.

Q. What if the user accidentally turns the light upwards at their face, rather than at the surface being cleaned?

A. As a safety feature, this light will automatically shut off if it is not facing down. Since the light would not be on, it would not shine in the user’s eyes.

Q. Can UV-c kill viruses and germs?

A. UV-c devices can produce strong enough UV-C light on surfaces, the air and even water systems to make them inhabitable environments for microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds and other known pathogens.

Q. What is the power source of The Purple Sweep?

A. The lamp for The Purple Sweep only requires two AAA batteries to function. When the batteries die, they must be replaced by the user. It is unclear if the company provides the initial batteries.

Purchasing The Purple Sweep

Though usually priced at $59.99, the official website is presently offering a sale to bring the price down to $34.99.

If the user is somehow unhappy with the results of this device, the company states that they have a 14-days Return & Exchange Policy from date the consumer receives the Purple Sweep via UPS.  The company also offers a “30-day no-quibble warranty.” The customer service team can be contacted and will be able to address any issue and work to find a solution.

Contacting The Purple Sweep Customer Service

The website has limited information on The Purple Sweep, which could make it difficult to make a decision on the purchase. The only way to reach the customer service team with questions and concerns is to send an email to, and the team is available 24/7 to respond.

The Purple Sweep Summary

The Purple Sweep is a handheld and portable UV sanitation device and offers quick surface decontamination from 99% of germs, molds, viruses and bacteria to promote cleanliness and a germ free space. The use of the Purple Sweep can provide UV sterilization, or ultraviolet and has been found to be extremely effective. The Purple Sweep UV sterilization device is lightweight and can be taken and used anywhere the consumer wants to prevent exposure to infectious diseases.



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