Electronics Tesla Coil Lighter Review – Flameless Rechargeable Electric Lighter?

Tesla Coil Lighter Review – Flameless Rechargeable Electric Lighter?


The standard pattern of the lighters that we use for quick and easy access to fire in our daily lives haven’t changed in over a century.

Finding their origins in modified ignition components from flintlock pistols, portable and convenient flame has become a normality and taken for granted compared to the difficulty with which our ancestors dealt with when creating fire sources.

The first gas ignition lighter was invented in 1823 by German chemist Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner. Named after it’s creator, the Dobereiner Lamp used hydrogen gas as a fuel to pass over a reactive metal plate that caused a large flame and brought convenient fire to the masses.


The form and design of lighters may have changed over the intervening centuries, with the advent ferrocerium compounds that provide a more reactionary spark than flint being introduced in 1903, but the basic mechanism has remained the same.

Early pocket lighters originally used Naphtha as a fuel, but during the mid 20th century butane became popular as a cheap and efficient fuel source, leading to the lighter design we use today.

The invention of butane lighters, however, has led to the distribution of these small plastic disposable lighters across the world. The most popular brand of portable disposable lighters, the bic lighter, sells more than one billion units per annum, causing untold environmental effects do to their innate ability to become lost or “borrowed” permanently between lighter users.

Smokers often find they accumulate several disposable lighters weekly, contributing to an unobserved but significant ongoing financial cost, as well as huge damage to the ecosystem in the form of refuse that goes directly to landfill.

Although recycling efforts attempt to minimize the effect of the disposable lighter industry on the health of the planet, the process of manufacturing these lighters requires petroleum products that cause a broad spectrum of ecological issues.

The health effects of butane on the human body are also poorly understood and potentially contribute to systemic illnesses such as emphysema, respiratory disease and even cancer.

Butane inhalation causes temporary euphoria from inhalation and drowsiness, causing societal issues in lower socioeconomic areas where it is used as an intoxicant.

Inhaling this complex artificial compound has a multitude of effects like asphyxia, narcosis, extreme fluctuations in blood pressure, temporary memory loss, cardiac arrhythmia and even death. There is evidence to suggest that constant use of butane products contributes to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia.

There have been refillable solutions that reduce the effect of disposable lighters on the environment for hundreds of years, namely in the form of the Zippo lighter, a refillable stainless steel analog that uses ferrocerium to ignite a wick soaked in butane.

These lighters have a cult following and are a collectors item, but often leak and are hard to ignite in windy or wet environments. The most environmentally friendly and health conscious lighter solutions are flameless ignition devices that use either a chemical reaction or current run through a metal coil to create extreme heat, but these are typically not very energy efficient, having a short functional lifetime and requiring excessive charging.

A new solution, however, is revolutionizing the world of portable ignition devices. The Tesla Lighter is a new breed of lighter that uses a plasma conduit generated by high capacity batteries between electrodes to ignite, with no need for dangerous chemical fuels or disposable plastic products.

In this article we’ll provide a comprehensive analysis of this groundbreaking new lighter technology and break down it’s features and benefits to help you decide whether the Tesla Lighter is the last lighter you’ll ever need.

What is the Tesla Lighter?

The Tesla Lighter is named after Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientific minds of the 20th century.

An eccentric and creative genius, Tesla produces many technological marvels in his lifetime, with many of his breakthrough developments in the creation of energy designed to facilitate the production of unlimited, free energy for every person on the planet.

There are many theories surrounding the mysterious circumstances of Tesla’s death, with the FBI in the United States seizing all of his notes and research after his demise, and Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, leading the investigation.

Theorists hypothesize that the vast amounts of technological breakthroughs created by Tesla in his long journey into uncovering the secrets of energy creation led to the suppression of his knowledge to better keep the general populace in unconscious servite and debt.

Recent modern scientific inquiry into the available research developed by Tesla, however, has yielded cheap and efficient methods to generate plasma arcs from far less energy than what was previously considered necessary.

Plasma arcs are traditionally used in plasma arc welding but require inert gases to shield the plasma current to allow it to coalesce.

Applications of the barest glimpse into the reality-bending research conducted by Tesla have allowed scientists to create an electrical arc between two electrodes without the need for inert gases, miniaturizing the technology into a small, pocket sized lighter that can be used to light cigarettes.

Tesla Lighter Features and Benefits

Producing no flame, using no fuel source, and working while completely wet, the Tesla lighter lives up to it’s namesake as the most innovative and inventive lighter ever created.

The Tesla lighter works in all types of weather conditions and temperatures, and is powered by a lithium ion battery that can start literally thousands of roaring fires before needing to be recharged.

The Tesla Lighter is incredibly lightweight, at just 3 ounces, and measures just 3 by 1.5 inches, and is 0.5 inches in diameter.

Simple to use, this incredible lighter ignites instantly at the touch of a button, creating two arcs of plasma, the fourth and most high energy state of matter observed by man. The Tesla Lighter literally puts the power of the sun, harnessed by a mad scientist, in your pocket.

Tesla Lighter Pricing & Availability

The Tesla Lighter is available to order from the Tesla Lighter website, and is available in progressively cheaper levels of pricing depending on the amount of lighters ordered at once. At $49.97 for one Tesla Lighter, the retail cost of this revolutionary product is minuscule when compared to both the ongoing financial and environmental costs of progressively purchasing hundreds of disposable bic lighters.

If you’re looking for the last and coolest lighter you’ll ever buy, get your Tesla Lighter today.




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