Swannies Review – Do Swanwick Sleep’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Over the past decade or so, the health habits of people in the Western world has come under extreme scrutiny. Most of this focus has been on the eating habits of these people, specifically those in the United States.

With obesity levels on the rise and more than have the country suffering from being overweight or obese, it’s not at all a surprise that the biggest focus has been on the food and drinks making up the American diet.

However, even though the diet of Americans should be reconsidered, there are other habits that have been contributing to the declining health of the country. Unfortunately, these habits are often overlooked.


One of the biggest problems with young adults today is that they are getting less and less sleep than ever before.

Staying up late to work or catch up on work is only made worse when adults of today have to wake up early to get their days started.

While the times that people sleep is a serious issue, once again there are other contributing factors that need to be considered. In fact, there is one crucial element that so many people often overlook.

Over the past decade, the number of electronics used by people throughout the world as increased exponentially.

Now days, not only do most people have TVs and computers, they also have their phones, tables, and even smartwatches. While these devices have connected society and made many things much easier, they also cause serious problems.

There is a specific light that is released by electronic devices called blue light. This artificial light has been proven to cause disruptions in the sleep patterns of those who spend extended periods of times in front of their computers, TVs, or phones. The light confuses the body, changing the circadian rhythm of people so their bodies don’t know when to sleep. The result of this confusion is very detrimental to health.

Because blue light is inevitable due to the reliance society has on its electronics, creative solutions to this problem are needed.

One of the most effective solutions designed so far are Swanwick Sleep's Swannies Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

These glasses block blue light from entering the eyes, aiding the body in keeping its natural rhythm, allowing the body to get the rest it needs and encouraging better health.

About Swannies

Created by Swanwick Sleep, a company located in Los Angeles California, Swannies were created out of a burning necessity. As more and more studies came out proving that the blue, artificial light released by electronic devices was changing the way the body rested, the Swanwick brothers realized they had to do something to help.

In an effort to prevent the many health problems associated with blue light exposure, Swannies were designed to help block out this light, protecting the eyes from these sleep altering lights.

Users can wear Swannies an hour or so before going to bed, allowing their bodies to begin the unwinding process needed for healthy sleep.

Or, for those who spend longer amounts of time in front of electronics, Swannies can be worn throughout the day, protecting the body from these rays as much as possible.

Many people hear about Swannies and have a moment of doubt about their effectiveness. However, these glasses have been proven time and time again. Not only are they a favorite with customers across the world, but they are also being used by actors and celebrities who care about their health and wellness.

In addition to being so well-loved, Swannies is also registered with the FDA, making them some of the only blue light blocking glasses to have this distinction.

Once customers have begun using Swannies, they have discovered that not only do they sleep better, but they also have fewer headaches, their eyesight is stronger, and they suffer from less fatigue throughout the day.

The Importance of Blocking Blue Light

To fully understand why Swannies are such an important accessory, a fuller understanding of how blue light works and its effects on the body is needed.

The body is a very delicate thing, relying on balance and harmony to work properly. If one small thing gets out of balance, the entire system that is the body can start to crumble, causing health issues and conditions that no one wants to deal with.

Of all the systems working in the body, one of the most sensitive is the circadian rhythm.

Also known as the 24 hour cycle of the body, the circadian rhythm is what regulates the pace in the body that tells it when to go to sleep and when to wake up.

The circadian rhythm is controlled by a group of cells that are located in the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that also controls appetite and the temperature of the body.

While the circadian rhythm in the body is extremely important, it is also extremely sensitive. Because this function is controlled by light, it is very easy for it to be confused.

Hundreds of years ago, when there was no electricity or artificial lights, the circadian rhythm in humans worked relatively well. A hormone would be released when the sun went down that would make people tired and this hormone would dissipate by the time the sun rose, waking people up in the morning.

However, now that there are artificial lights, it’s harder and harder for people to keep up with this rhythm of going to bed when sunlight goes away and walking up when the sun comes back.

And while artificial lights are bad, none are as bad as blue lights.

Medical research has found that blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm more than any other form of light. It makes the body think that it isn’t time to sleep, which delays the release of serotonin, the hormone that encourages relaxation and sleep, giving people restless nights.

And, these same studies have found that poor sleeping habits often result in weight gain and other health conditions, making this a problem that continues to get worse and worse.

Benefits of Swannies

Because Swannies are able to block the blue light that wreaks havoc on the sleep system of the body, using these glasses comes with a wide range of benefits.

These benefits are so amazing that even using Swannies for an hour before bed could make a huge difference in the sleep patterns and general health of users.

The first big benefit that comes with using Swannies ties back to the habits mentioned in the introduction. So much blame for obesity is put on the food people eat. However, experts have found that not sleeping properly also leads to obesity, as well as poor overall health. Swannies help get people to bed earlier and by blocking blue light, these glasses are able to support improved sleep functions throughout the night.

The results are people who feel more energized in the morning, making them less likely to make poor eating decisions throughout the day, which in turn helps them burn fat more effectively.

In addition to helping users get better sleep and burn more fat, Swannies are also able to help with many of the side effects of using electronic devices.

For example, extended use of computers, televisions, and phones has been tied to headaches, strained eyes, and increased fatigue. By protecting the eyes from blue light, Swannies are able to prevent sore, tired, and strained eyes.

The glasses are also able to minimize how often and how intensely users get headaches. And, finally, Swannies are able to help people sleep better, the ultimate benefit.

Purchasing Swannies

Because Swannies truly help with an issue that is prevalent to society today, the glasses could be sold for hundreds of dollars. There’s a market for these glasses, as is proven by the stars and celebrities that swear by their Swannies.

However, because the Swanwick brothers want as many people as possible to have access to these blue light blocking glasses, they are offering them at a steeply discounted price.

For a limited time, Swannies can be purchased on the Swanwick website (www.SwanwickSleep.com) for only $89.

While this price does not include shipping and handling, it’s a lot less than the usual $134 price tag that is typically on Swannies.

In addition to being available for purchase on the Swanwick website, Swannies are also available on Amazon.

The price on Amazon is the same, though on amazon users will be given another style option.

While the black Swannies are still $89 on Amazon, for those who want the tortoise shell styled glasses, they can find them on Amazon for $134. Again, this price does not include shipping costs.


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