Electronics Stealth Flashlights Review – Dan Bilzerian’s Tactical LED Flashlight?

Stealth Flashlights Review – Dan Bilzerian’s Tactical LED Flashlight?


What Are Stealth Flashlights?

Stealth flashlights are said by many to be the best flashlights you can find anywhere. And right now, because of the exclusive Black Friday offer, you can pick them up for 75% off. There is also Free priority shipping when purchasing two or more flashlights.

How Do Stealth Flashlights Work?

The flashlights are said to be some of the best tactical flashlights you can buy anywhere. They are 100% waterproof so you can use them in rain and other extreme condition situations. The flashlights are made tough, they are stronger than other tactical flashlights are much more durable than that of other similar flashlights that are similar. They are built stronger, being double the thickness of other similar flashlights. They are purely built for durability and to be the best tactical flashlight.

Not only that, but they are heavy duty and built to break windows as well. This is important for people who have cars as it can save your life being able to break windows in an emergency situation. Along with that, they are designed to be used as a tactical self-defense weapon. The flashlight has a strobe setting that can be used to blind attackers and potential threats.

The flashlights are built to survive the most extreme weather conditions. They not only can be used to survive through extreme heats, but can also be used during the coldest conditions. Gun owners will love the Stealth Flashlight as it can also be mounted on a gun with ease. And with one charge, the flashlight will provide you with over two and a half hours of sustainable light.

The flashlights also contain a lot of different tools on them. There is a bottle opener that can be used to open any type of bottled beverage as well as a pick that can be used to break through windows. If you’re in a serious situation, like going off a bridge, then having a way to break the window can save your life. Sometimes the windows get stuck and can’t be opened with the standard window operating mechanism.

The flashlight has the power of 1,500 Lumens so it’s very strong compared to other flashlights. The bulb used is a Cree XM-L-2 LED Bulb. There are three different settings for the level of brightness that can be used. The strobe effect is said to be one of the most powerful and can be used to blind threatening attackers.

There is even a setting that can be used to send an SOS In the bright 1,500 Lumen setting. It’s very easy to use the higher-level settings, all you have to do is hold the on/off button for one second to turn on the brighter setting. The battery used, is a Lithium Ion so it has a long term potential for use. Along with that there are four different colors you can get the trim in. The four colors are black, silver, red and pink.

Stealth Flashlights Conclusion

The flashlight is great for just about any situation. You can use it for roadside assistance at night, for example. Another of the other potential uses, could be great for law-enforcement, security and even people in the military. People who hunt, fish, hike and camp will also love the Stealth Tactical Flashlight.



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