Infinite Power Solutions Solaray PRO ZX-1 Review – Professional Flashlight Kit Worth It?

Solaray PRO ZX-1 Review – Professional Flashlight Kit Worth It?


SOLARAY PRO ZX-1 Flashlight Review

Solaray’s parent company, Natural Brands – LLC, is a top rated and a national award winning company, surpassing all others in terms of its professional grade products. It has been manufacturing high quality products since 2001.

Producing flashlights of professional quality paired with expert customer service, the company has maintained its name as one of the leading companies that produce excellent products. This combination of quality and service is something that is rarely found in the marketplace nowadays.

About The Solaray PRO ZX-1 Flashlight

Compared to other flashlight manufacturers, Solaray does not wholesale their products to mass merchandisers. Instead, they sell them directly to end consumers giving them a great advantage in dealing straightly with the actual product users and consumers. In effect of this significant customer feedback which the company has valuably taken into serious consideration, a lot of advancements and improvements in their line of high quality flashlights have been made; such as the Solaray PRO ZX-1.

Solaray PRO ZX-1 Features:

LED Flashlight Kit includes:

  • 1 x Ultra Bright 1200 Lumens XML-T6 LED Flashlight
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 2 x Rechargeable Batteries

Flashlight Features:

Ultra-Bright Illumination

This light is composed of 1,200 lumens of ultra-bright Cree super-silicon carbide, XM-L LED chip, and single-die. This brightness makes it strong enough to light up a vast area or a whole room with a wide space. It is also good for zooming in objects which are distant.


It includes premium SOLARAY18650 3.7 v 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries which are imbedded with a protected circuit board or PCB. However, consumers can also opt to make use of size AAA batteries to power up the light.

5 Modes

This functional light can be used in five different modes. Each function mode you will ever need is at your service in a click away. It has low, medium, and high beam selection, a bright tactical intruder strobe and an SOS emergency signal mode. Its versatility is also incomparable because its zoom lens provides both “throw” which lets you see objects even at a far distance as well as “flood” which make lights up a wider coverage of the view that you’d like to see.


Anyone can be much assured of its durability because it is made of water resistant aircraft-grade aluminum body, high quality lens, and superior tail switch that are engineered for years of use without being damaged easily. Batteries are also rechargeable up to a whopping 500 times!


This can be your faithful friend who is always at your side whenever you need it. It can be of help in many ways just like during power failures, for security while walking at night, for camping, hiking, fishing, or any other activities done with any dark environment.


It has a compact design and a well-balanced weight-to-size ratio which makes it ideal for every user. It is very portable and has a light weight; you can easily bring it. Also, it is small enough to fit anywhere and big enough for addressing lighting needs.

Technical Details:

Item Weight                                        5 ounces

Part Number                                       Pro ZX-1

Product Dimensions                            6.2 x 1.1 x 1.5 inches

Color                                                   Black

Origin                                                  China

Finish                                                   Hardened Anodized

Power Source                                      battery-powered

Material                                              Aluminum

Voltage                                                3.7 volts

Type of Bulb                                        LED

Item Package Quantity                       1

Luminous Flux                                     1200.00

Handle Material                                 Acrylic

Number of Handles                             1

Special Features                                  Portable

Batteries Included?                             Yes

Battery Cell Type                                 Lithium Ion

Included Components                         Batteries

Batteries Required?                            Yes

Description Pile                                   2×18650 3.7 V Batteries (included) or 3xAAA Batteries (not included)

Solaray PRO ZX-1 Pros:

  • This light is composed of solid aluminum alloy which is absolutely of high quality.
  • It is packed with a hard anodized finish which makes it waterproof. Its capacity to resist water makes it stand out among other flashlights available in the market. Also, it is anti-abrasive and shock-proof.
  • It has Zoom Function which makes it perfect for camping, hunting, patrolling, and tactical cases.
  • It can be mounted on various kinds of hand pistols, shotguns and rifles with appropriate mounting equipment.
  • It has a super bright LED flashlight with premium construction and great light spread.
  • It is an LED emergency flashlight which aids in cases of emergency, emergency handling, targeted search, and a wide array of other exciting outdoor activities which involve lighting needs.
  • It is great and amenable for both domestic functionalities and outdoor activities.
  • It can be used for defense because it is bright enough to blind and disorient someone.

Solaray PRO ZX-1Cons:

  • The only mishap of this product is that the size AAA batteries which could be an alternative source to power up the light are not included in the package. However, this is just a minor issue. Anyone who will buy the Solaray Pro ZX 1 can surely afford to buy size AAA batteries.

Solaray PRO ZX-1Verdict

Solaray Pro ZX-1 has been considered as one of the leading flashlights available in the market in the present days. It has been the favorite of many consumers because of its outstanding quality specifically in terms of its performance, conformance and unique features. This product performs well and conforms to the features specified. Nothing more, nothing less.

Solaray has indeed given justice to its famous tagline, “We’ll never leave you in the dark.” Needless to say, its powerful ultra mega brightness illuminates in any dark room as the sun does it to the universe.  Thus, in terms of serving its major purpose which is to provide enough light, the Solaray Pro ZX-1 nails it to the core.

Solaray Pro ZX-1 is made and manufactured to put into reality the company’s main goal of providing and giving comfort, security, convenience and long lasting service to its end users. This product is appropriate and suitable to all lighting needs making it comfortable for you to do the things that you want to do in any environment that lacks proper lighting.

With this flashlight, nightly outdoor activities become more interesting and exciting since you have with you a very reliable friend to provide your lighting needs. Furthermore, during emergency situations, Solaray Pro ZX-1 will stay with you because it lasts as long as you need it.



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