Snap Vision Review – Convenient Wearable Magnifying Glass?

If you remember the snap bracelets that were wildly popular during the late 80’s and early 90’s, you’ll understand the premise behind Snap Vision, a new type of wearable designed to work as a convenient. everyday magnifying glass.

If vision problems make it difficult for you to focus on and read fine print such as maps, menus and timetables, the Snap Vision promises to provide a flexible alternative to reading glasses or pocket magnifying glasses.


Designed with a low profile look and available in a variety of stylish finishes, the Snap Vision snaps conveniently around the wrist to provide on-demand magnification in an instant.

In this review we’ll take a close look at the design and construction of the Snap Vision, and help you device whether the Snap Vision is the right choice for you.

What is Snap Vision?

The premise of the Snap Vision is simple. Consisting of a magnifying strip contained within a snap band, the Snap Vision provides quick and easy on the spot magnification. The Snap Vision is based on the original Snap Band design, and uses a bistable structure to snap on and off the user’s wrist.

The construction and design of bistable structure snap bands is actually quite simple- the band consists of two layered, flexible stainless steel bands with different curvature axes that cause the band to roll up when relaxed.

In daily use the Snap Vision is wrapped around the wrist of the user, and is held tight by the bistable structure with no risk of falling off the arm of the user.

Unlike magnifying glasses or reading glasses, the Snap Vision is virtually indestructible. Where fragile glasses frames will warp bend and break from exposure to accidental drops or pressure, the Snap Vision is strong and flexible enough to be run over by a car and keep magnifying as accurately as the first day of purchase.

Adventurous Snap Vision stress testers have even demonstrated striking the Snap Vision with a hammer multiple times without damaging the Snap Vision even slightly.

Snap Vision Design & Construction

The Snap Vision magnifying bracelet fits all sizes- simply snap the Snap Vision onto your arm and the bracelet will automatically adjust itself to the appropriate width, making wearing the Snap Vision comfortable and lightweight.

The magnifying lens of the Snap Vision is able to magnify fine print and small object by 3X, and slides smoothly into a protective pocket when not in use.

The inner lining of the Snap Vision magnifying bracelet is made from velveteen, a soft cotton fabric with a texture as soft as real velvet, which sits very comfortably on the wrist without irritating or chafing the wearer’s skin.

The Snap Vision is available in two different colours, Classic Black or Sleek Silver

When the Snap Vision magnifying bracelet is in use, the rigid design of the band acts as a convenient handle for the magnifying lens, and is excellent as acting as a ruler for tracking the specific line of text the user is reading. The lens is also scratch proof and cannot be shattered or dented.

The Snap Vision doesn't just snap onto wrists, however- the Snap Vision can be snapped around a wide variety of objects, including purses, smartphones and more, allowing the Snap Vision to remain close at hand at all times for short notice magnification.

Snap Vision Product Guarantee

Snap Vision offers a thirty day money back guarantee on their Snap Vision magnifying bracelets, so if you’re not happy with your new bracelet or dissatisfied in any way with the product Snap Vision will provide a full refund, no questions asked, less the shipping and handling fee. Returning a Snap Vision magnifying bracelet is as simple as calling Snap Vision’s dedicated customer service line and requesting a return authorization number, and completing and mailing through the product return package via USPS.

Snap Vision also provides top notch customer service, offering a dedicated customer service hotline and email service. Snap Vision describes their mission statement as being committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service and welcomes any enquiries ordering any of their products or questions about the products themselves.

Snap Vision also offer order tracking and delivery status via a dedicated customer service website.

Snap Vision’s online payment system is reliable and safe, with all transactions handled by a secure third party, so Snap Vision don’t store any of the customer financial information themselves.

One important fact to note is that when an order is submitted via the Snap Vision website the customer is automatically opting in to an advertising agreement that allows Snap Vision to pass the contact information of the customer to a wide range of other advertising companies.

The agreement allows other organizations to use the information provided to Snap Vision to contact customers with offers via email, periodic post mail advertising campaigns, and telemarketing calls.

Fortunately Snap Vision allow customers to opt out of this advertising agreement by sending a quick email to an easy to find email address, so if you don’t like spam you can end the advertising agreement before it begins.

Snap Vision Pricing & Availability

Snap Vision is priced at $10 USD for two Snap Vision magnifying bracelets, with $6.99 postage and handling for each individual bracelet- making the total purchase price for two Snap Vision bracelets $23.98 USD.

Considering the average price for a pair of reading glasses that are susceptible to breakage or scratching is much higher than this, the Snap Vision offers double the reliability for far less than half the price. The Snap Vision magnifying bracelet is available for order from the Snap Vision website.

The Verdict

The Snap Vision magnifying bracelets has a few key  benefits that make it stand out from the plethora of magnifying aids currently available.

Snap Vision bracelets are hard to misplace or lose as they are designed to be kept on the body of the user, and are difficult to break due to their flexible construction. Although the magnifying power of the Snap Vision isn’t the most powerful solution on the market if provides handy on the spot magnification for a low price.


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