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Smart Siren Review: Personal Security Alarm with LED Light, Loud Alerts?


Smart Siren is an alarm that can be used in the event of an emergency, which can be kept close by for easy access. The device has a keychain, and it is typically delivered within no more than 21 days.

What is Smart Siren?

There are times when everyone needs help. In an individual’s younger years, bouncing right back is much easier. However, when people get older, it isn’t quite as easy to recover from a spill, which is why products like Life Alert have become so popular. Smart Siren plays on this need, allowing consumers to get the emergency help they need, fast.

Smart Siren hooks onto any belt, purse, or anything else with the easy-to-use keychain. When the user presses the button, the LED light will illuminate, and a loud alarm will go off. Whether the issue is an accident, an allergic reaction, or another type of emergency, the creators state that the Smart Siren is “recommended by police.” However, it is unclear if the alert is due to the loud noise or if it contacts the authorities.

The Cost of the Smart Siren

For customers that want to order the Smart Siren alarm, the cost is fairly low – just $25 for one or $39.90 for two. There’s no extra fees or subscriptions like other alarms that may charge, though customers can add up to a two-year warranty for less than $10.

Smart Siren Summary

While Smart Siren would be a helpful investment for anyone, the lack of information about it online can make it difficult to decide if this is the product for them. This alarm is loud and ear-catching, though it’s not clear if the police or medical service will be alerted in the event of an emergency.

The price is affordable for most budgets, and the lack of need for a paid subscription for service gives Smart Siren an advantage to those looking for a low-cost personal alarm.

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