Electronics Virtual Reality SainSonic 3D VR Glasses – Virtual Reality Headset Virtual Reality Box?

SainSonic 3D VR Glasses – Virtual Reality Headset Virtual Reality Box?


Whether you are looking for a great gift or want a way to treat yourself, you may want to consider a high-tech purchase. This year, there are dozens of new amazing products on the market that can really enhance your tech experience and make life easier and more exciting. One particular product that you may want to consider is a virtual reality headset. As you may already be aware, virtual reality headsets can be extremely expensive.

Fortunately, this review would like to introduce you to an affordable and high-quality option that provides you with a pretty real virtual reality. Called SainSonic 3D VR Glasses, this virtual reality is a prime option for those who want to take their 3D viewing to the next level.

What is SainSonic 3D VR Glasses?

Sainsonic 3D VR Glasses is a revolutionary technology that is at the forefront of this year’s tech inventions. The reality viewer provides you with immersive 3D viewing so that you can take your IMAX home theater with you anywhere and watch it at any time. Better yet, the set provides you with unparalleled comfort and quality. Very few other headsets on the market are able to compete with the wonder that is the SainSonic 3D VR Glasses. With this system, you can enjoy from an optimal viewing experience.

The Specs

There are a number of important qualities to take into account before buying a 3D viewing headset like this. The good news is that this review makes the purchase process easy for you by providing you with the product’s specs. By understanding the specs, you’ll be further along in your decision as to whether this product is the right one for you. Here are the main specs to the device:

Size of the Device

The size of the device is 200 x 100 x 104 mm. This is a traditional headset size and it promises you comfort. You won’t need to deal with heavy, bulky, and unnatural components that cloud your ability to enjoy the device to its fullest. As you’ll find, this size is a standard one across the board.


The weight is 380 grams, which is completely manageable. It is lightweight enough for you to enjoy wearing it and it certainly will not wear you down. You can also adjust the strap for additional comfort.

The Lenses

The device’s lenses are HD Optical Resin Lenses. As you’ll find, these types of lenses have an extremely high level of durability. They’ll last long and they are resistant against regular wear and tear so that you can keep your product looking good and clear for as long as you decide to use it.

The Patch

The patch on the device is the strap and it is made of premium leather. The leather quality provides you with an additional level of comfort and it makes it easier for you to adjust when necessary so that it remains firm on your face.

Viewing Distance

The viewing distance is 3m viewing on a 1050 inch screen. With this size, you truly can optimize your experience and enjoy from a high-quality system that provides you with nothing less than impressive results.

Remote Control

The remote control is not a necessary component for this device, but it does make your experience easier. If you are interested in purchasing the remote control, then you’ll need to purchase the Bluetooth Gamepad. The remote is very easy to use and it offers you the additional support that you need to fully optimize your experience.

With these outstanding qualities, you can fully enjoy your device to the fullest and for years to come.

The Features of the Device

Before you buy any device, it is important to understand the features of the device. In this case, here are the main features that you can expect to encounter:

Smart Phone into a 3D Machine

First, you’ll be able to turn your smart phone into a 3D machine. The smart phone capability enables you to view your phone’s games in 3D, you can watch split screen movies, and you’ll even be able to use the apps on your device. The product is compatible with both iOS and Android systems so that you receive the full support that you need, regardless of your device. You can also access your phone’s stores on the device so that you can make purchases while you are using it.


Second, the product is very affordable. Keep in mind that this is not your standard wide-screen virtual reality device. It is a 3D viewing system that enables you to view your phone’s applications, movies, and games in 3D. Therefore, while the capabilities are limited, they are commensurate with the price that you are paying for the product. Currently, the going rate on retailers like Amazon is around $20. The final price may vary depending upon the seller, because it does not seem that Amazon is directly selling the product at this point. Further, you may be able to find it thorugh other online retailers.

No Eye Damage

One of the main concerns that arise with a device like this is that it may potentially cause damage to your eyes. The good news is that this device features a blue coating film, which means that your eyes are completely safeguarded from the intense light during use. You can use it comfortably without having to worry about adverse side effects.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in the Sain Sonic 3D VR Glasses, then you can purchase the product through Amazon or another online retailer. As mentioned above, the going rate is around $20, but the price may vary depending upon the seller. Also, shipping and handling costs should be expected.

SainSonic 3D VR Glasses Review Summary

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality device that you can rely on for amazing results, then the Sain Sonic 3D VR glasses may be the right product for you. This high-tech product works as a great gift or a product that you can use for your own personal enjoyment. To order, do an online search or visit Amazon, which currently features the product.

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