Equipment UltraViolet Lights & Products Safe T Lite Review: Clears Any Surface of Bacteria and Viruses

Safe T Lite Review: Clears Any Surface of Bacteria and Viruses


Portable and easy to hold in one hand, Safe T Lite is a UV-C cleaner. Thanks to the UV-C light that it uses, it can kill 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses that are usually found on surfaces. What’s also great about this device is that it folds up and becomes very small, so it’s easy to carry in a handbag and even in the pocket.

The Amazing Features of Safe T Lite

Safe T Lite is very compact, a little bit smaller than a smartphone, so it can be taken anywhere when going out. It fits perfectly in any car’s glove compartment and can just be put in the pocket after use. It works on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, which means it sanitizes everything, from bathroom fixtures to public benches and supermarket carts. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to much power in order to function, so one set of batteries can last it for about 20,000 hours. Besides, it has a bulb that’s designed to operate for many years, even if the device is being used every single day.

Safe T Lite should be kept away from the eyes, so especially to offer protection in this sense, it has the automatic Shut-Off function that immediately turns it off in case it’s not positioned in the right direction. There are no chemicals involved with the use of Safe T Lite. The instrument kills germs, bacteria and viruses with UV-C light only, so it can be used without any problem by people with very sensitive skin.

How to Use Safe T Lite?

Safe T Lite works with 6 AAA batteries. It just needs to be unfolded and turned on in order to start doing its job. It's ON button is on the side and easy to access. After tuned on, it needs to be aimed at the surface that has to be decontaminated, be it a door handle, the computer keyboard, a shelf at the supermarket or any other surface for that matter. The distance at which it should be kept from any of these surfaces is half an inch, whereas its time for action is at least 5 seconds. The light can be moved up and down, also side to side, but it needs to stay for 5 seconds minimum on every area. This is how much time Safe T Lite needs to completely kill off germs, viruses and bacteria.

After use, it should be turned off by pressing the same power button. Then, it should be folded back so that its light bulb doesn’t get exposed. Hospitals are known to use UV-C light instruments to clean surfaces. Safe T Lite is a similar device to the ones used in hospitals, only portable and easier to use.

What to Use Safe T Lite On?

People who take the public transport every day could very much use Safe T Lite to disinfect their seats, handles and door openers in the train or the bus. These vehicles are filled with germs, viruses and bacteria, since many people use them every day. Safe T Lite is also incredibly useful when having to use public bathrooms or to open a package that has been sent by mail or courier. Many people come in contact with these packages, not to mention public bathrooms are being used every single day by hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Safe T Lite shouldn’t be used on humans or pets. However, it can be very efficient at sanitizing pets’ collars, food bowls and leashes. When used properly, it doesn’t pose any danger whatsoever.



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