Equipment ROK7 HD360 Lenses Review – Universal Camera Lens Kit for Smart Phones?

ROK7 HD360 Lenses Review – Universal Camera Lens Kit for Smart Phones?


The ROK7 HD360 Lenses are a kit of three different lenses that feature different effects that your camera phone cannot perform on its own. While the kit is usually low in price anyway, a current promotion on the website brings down the price to something that anyone can afford.

What Is ROK7 HD360 Lenses?

Nowadays, almost no one bothers to carry a camera, since nearly every type of cell phone possesses one of its own. With various apps and different built-in filters in nearly every phone, it’s easy to make it seem like the world is at the fingertips of any cellphone owner.

However, while there are many adjustments that consumers can make to their camera settings, nothing can change the pixels and focus. With the ROK7 HD360 Lenses, that is no longer an issue.

The ROK7 HD360 Lenses is proclaimed by the creators to be the “most powerful camera phone lens in the world,” which is probably due to a few reasons.

Firstly, this product won’t need to make any modifications to the physical appearance of any phone, and it doesn’t require an app. All the functions of the lens occur outside of the phone, allowing the lens to cover up the camera on the phone to refocus the picture it takes.

The concept is no different than if you were to place a slab of glass over the lens, since consumers can still see through it. The only difference is that the effect is outward.

With the purchase of the ROK7 HD360 Lens Kit, consumers will have access to three different lenses, which all show a different effect that most camera phones don’t have.

The Fisheye Lens is exactly the effect it sounds like – as if looking through the eyes of a fish underwater, which is a fun effect for a “POV” shot. The Macro Lens is meant for subjects that are close to the lens, since most camera phones tend to focus on items that are further away.

The Wide-Angle Lens is the perfect addition for anyone who likes to take pictures of landscapes and other large areas. The universal clip keeps any one of the lenses in place after it is screwed in.

The various lenses offered are lightweight and compact, making it easy to throw them in with luggage or even a purse to take along during vacations and other places with major photo ops. Make sure to bring all three lenses along to ensure that you get the appearance you want with any image.

Finding a digital camera that works for your needs is a hassle, because it’s one more thing to remember to carry along on a trip. There’s various batteries to either charge or pack extra of, and the only way to upload the images on social media is to connect with your computer later when you get home.

The biggest appeal of having a camera to take pictures is the ability to share them with other people, and it’s hard to do that when you have no way to connect. By amplifying the performance of your current phone, pictures can be up on Instagram in a matter of seconds, with all the features of the lenses.

Using ROK7 HD360 Lenses

The best part about the ROK7 HD360 Lenses is that they are universal. The lens can go over the edge of any camera on a smartphone or a regular cell phone, since the clip is expandable.

Once the lens is clipped onto the camera, the user can take pictures just like they normally would on their phone. The lenses chosen will determine the quality and the aspect ratio of the picture.

There’s no app necessary to utilize the ROK7 HD360 Lenses, since all the components are manually placed.

Purchasing ROK7 HD360 Lenses

The pricing for ROK7 HD360 Lenses is where the deals really happen. Normally, the cost of the impressive camera lens is $24.99 for the kit. However, at least for the day, consumers will not have to pay for anything but the cost of shipping.

Typically, the lenses are available in:

  • Silver
  • Red
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Yellow

However, there’s no indication if the consumer will have their own selection of color with the freebie that is presently available.

All products from ROK7 are covered under the 30-day return policy, allowing consumers to return the accessory, if they are not satisfied, for a full refund.

ROK7 HD360 Lenses Contacts

Since information about the ROK7 HD360 Lenses is fairly limited, there’s no doubt that consumers will have other questions that should be addressed. The customer service team can easily be reached with a phone call or an email.

To call the company, use 863-333-0667 to speak with a representative between 9:00am and 5:30pm EST on weekdays. However, for consumers with non-urgent inquiries, or that cannot call during normal business hours, the company offers for electronic correspondence.

ROK7 HD360 Lenses Conclusion

The ROK7 HD360 Lens Kit helps consumers to get a professional appearance from every selfie and every other picture taken with their phone.

Even though there are many types of cameras offered on the market today, there’s no need to waste money on something that you already have at your fingertips. If you are someone that always wants the best angle in every single shot, the ROK7 HD360 Lenses are the perfect addition to your smartphone.



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