Electronics ProTAC HL 88040 Review – Innovative Professional Stream Light Gear?

ProTAC HL 88040 Review – Innovative Professional Stream Light Gear?


The 88040 ProTAC HL is a product of Streamlight Inc., a company that designs and manufactures high quality portable flashlights that are unique and innovative.

Who Is Streamlight Inc?

Streamlight Inc. is a Pennsylvania based company that provides their products to customers all around the world. The team behind the company is composed of experts in the field of hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and other outdoor sports. They have a wide array of lighting products that are targeted specifically to people who are fond of outdoor activities. The company started in the year 1973 and is still going strong until today and one of their most impressive is the Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL.

Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL Features:

Generates 6 volts of power- Voltage is often used as a measurement of power of electricity. With a total of 6 volts generated, the flashlight is able to produce a really strong beam of light. As compared to other flashlights, the beam generated by the 88040 ProTAC is almost blinding.

Includes 2 CR123A batteries- CR123A batteries are often used for heavy duty flashlights. The CR123A type was used for the 88040 ProTAC HL because it needs a lot of power to shoot a very bright beam. Although these types are more expensive than the AA type batteries and are not as common, they last longer and do not wear out as fast.

Produces 600 Lumens- A Lumen is the unit of measurement used to measure the capacity of the visible light that is shown from a torch. 600 Lumens is quite a big amount considering that the 88040 ProTAC is such a small flashlight.

Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminum- The aluminum material that is used to make this torchlight is the same material that is used to make an aircraft. Aircraft grade is also the same as military grade which means that the metal used is very sturdy. Even if you drop the torchlight, it's not going to get damaged very easily. It is definitely something that you can bring with you when you go camping or hunting.

Uses High Quality White LED Bulb- The LED bulb that is used by this flashlight is a bright white colored type. The white colored bulbs are often used for the heavy duty torches since they have the ability to shine the brightest. The bulbs that are used for this product are very durable and do not burn out easily even if you use the flashlight for a long period of time.

Waterproof material- The whole flashlight has a waterproof finish that allows water to slide off of it. This is a great thing to carry around whenever it rains because you are assured that the water won't be able to get inside the torchlight.

Has a High Power mode- In this mode, the light will shine extremely bright. This is great if you are stuck in a pitch dark forest at night because the light will be able to shine on pretty much anything. If used continuously in this mode, it can last for a total of 1.5 hours.

Has a Low Power Mode- This is the mode that allows you to save battery life. You would usually use this mode if you are not in an extremely dark area. If you just need a light that can lead you around, then you can shift into this mode. Batteries can last for a total of 18 hours when used continuously in Low Power mode.

Has a Strobe Mode- The strobe mode is the mode that allows the light to blink continuously. This is often used when you are in an emergency situation and need help immediately.

Has a rear end push button- The switch button of the 88040 ProTAC HL is located at the rear end of the torch instead of in the middle. This allows the user to operate it with one hand easily.

Has a Lifetime Warranty with Streamlight Inc.- This warranty is issued to protect the customers from any defect of the product. If there are defects, Streamlight Inc. will handle all the repairs or will refund the product at their own terms. The warranty does not include replacement of batteries and switches. The warranty also does not cover repair on depreciation from use over time.

Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL Pros:

– Made of military grade material which ensures durability

– Uses CR123A batteries that have more power than the usual AA sized ones

– Has three different power modes (High, Low, and Strobe) that users can switch to and from

– Battery life lasts significantly as compared to regular flashlights

– The rear-end push button allows users to have convenience in using the flashlight

-Product includes a lifetime warranty with the manufacturing company

-Batteries are already included when you buy the product

Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL Cons:

-CR1234A batteries are harder to find that other common types like AA or AAA

-CR123A batteries are also more expensive than AA or AAA types

-Flashlight is rather pricey

Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL Final Verdict:

If you can look beyond the price, you'll be able to know why this product can command such a high rate. It is a flashlight that is made especially for outdoor enthusiasts. All the functions of this special product are created to ensure that hikers, campers, or hunters are able to survive while they are in the forest or in the wilderness.

This flashlight is also a multi-purpose one. It does not only serve as a possible source of light but as a distress signal as well. The Strobe Mode allows users to flash blinking lights that can easily grab the attention of people in the area. This little tool is very handy in the event of emergencies.



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