Equipment Miracle Hot Plate Review: Cool Down or Heat Up Plate Temperatures?

Miracle Hot Plate Review: Cool Down or Heat Up Plate Temperatures?


Miracle Hot Plate is a plate holder that helps consumers eat their meals at the temperature they are meant to be served. Even though this product is advertised primarily as a heating device, it also offers these same benefits for plates meant to be chilled.

What Can the Miracle Hot Plate Do for You?

After taking the time to make a hot dinner, most people want to make sure they can still eat their meal while their food is still warm. Unfortunately, there's always a chance obstacles can keep this from happening from putting the food on a plate to actually diving in to enjoy while it's hot can interrupt that hope. Whether its a keeping a cup of coffee hot or a meal warm on a breezy night, the Miracle Hot Plate may serve that purpose.

The Miracle Hot Plate keeps plates up to 50 degrees warmer, which means that that lasagna, steak, or even a grilled cheese sandwich can be enjoyed to the last bite with the same heat as the first. It only takes about two minutes for the plate to be heated 50 degrees warmer, but it will not increase beyond that. Meant to be used for any meal of the day, the design makes it easy to heat up to four of the Miracle Hot Plates at once.

While not in use, the shape of the Miracle Hot Plates makes them easy to stack, taking up little room for storage.

Where to Buy the Miracle Hot Plate

As a way to bring more products to the public, the Miracle Hot Plate is prices fairly low, offering a set of two plates for $19.99. While a set of two Miracle Hot Plates would be enough for a nice date at home, consumers that want to double this package will only need to pay the shipping for the second set, which is $19.99.

Regardless of how many packages the customer chooses, their purchase is covered by a money-back guarantee if returned within the first 60 days after purchase.

FAQ: What Else Do You Need to Know

Even though there are many hot plates on the market, the design of the Miracle Hot Plate is highly unique with an amazing deal. To understand a little more about its advantages, let’s address some of the questions that consumers may have about it.

Q: Will the Miracle Hot Plate fit any plate?

A: Yes. The gel packs adjust to the shape of the bottom of the plate. There’s no slipping around or trying to find the right angle – the plate will rest wherever it is placed securely.

Q: How does the Miracle Hot Plate maintain heat?

A: All of the heat is contained within the fully-enclosed gel pack, which can be microwaved before a meal. These same gel packs also allow the user to keep food cold if frozen if the user places the plate in the freezer to cool first.

Q: Why does food temperature matter?

A: According to a study by the National Natural Science Foundation Surface Project, temperature has a major impact on the sensory value of a meal. More specifically, the heat or coldness of any food can change the way that it tastes. Anyone that has had a wilted salad or a cold steak after they’ve gone through the work of preparing a meal can see the difference that temperature makes. Crisp lettuce and chilled deviled eggs just taste better, and the same is true for any pork chop, hot sandwich, or even scrambled eggs.

Q: How long will it take to receive the Miracle Hot Plate set?

A: Using FedEx Smart Post, most consumers receive their purchase within about two to three weeks.

Q: Where can consumers learn more about the Miracle Hot Plate?

A: The customer service team can answer whatever questions that customers may have by phone 1-800-985-3390 or by email To check on a recently placed order, visit

If the customer finds they are not happy with their purchase, the company asks that you return the products via USPS, with your complete name, address, daytime telephone number and email address all inside the return package when returning the item. To get a return authorization number, please call their customer service department at 1-800-985-3390.

Miracle Hot Plate Summary

With the Miracle Hot Plate, anyone can have their meal in the way that it was meant to be enjoyed. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinnertime, consumers can prepare their meal and take their time eating it without the worry that it will become cold, lose its freshness and flavor. The heat transfer technology makes it possible to chill or heat a plate without much effort, which is helpful for consumers that put in a lot of effort to make their dish perfect.



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