Electronics Tactical Flashlights Bell & Howell’s MicroBrite Review – Super Mini Flashlight?

Bell & Howell’s MicroBrite Review – Super Mini Flashlight?


Bell + Howell's MicroBrite Review

MicroBrite is a unique device that lets you turn any 9 volt battery into a powerful flashlight. You clip the device onto the battery and then enjoy instant light. Here’s our MicroBrite review.

What is MicroBrite Flashlight?

MicroBrite is a flashlight created by Bell & Howell, which is known for making a variety of other flashlights.

MicroBrite, however, is different from any other flashlight available today. The flashlight itself doesn’t actually work on its own. Instead, you need to clip it onto a 9 volt battery in order to work. After clipping it onto the 9 volt battery, it will instantly light up using six LEDs at the front. There’s a switch up top to turn the device on and off.

You can also switch between different modes, including a 2 LED reading mode or a 6 LED flashlight mode.

In either mode, the MicroBrite promises to provide “brilliant white light whenever you need it.” It also claims to easily fit into your pocket, purse, glove compartment, drawers, and anywhere else. It’s about the size of the top knuckle of your thumb, so it can easily fit pretty much anywhere.

MicroBrite Features

Here are some of the features available on your MicroBrite flashlight:

-Snaps onto any standard 9 volt battery

-Switch between two modes for bright power or more discreet reading

-Bright wide beam

-LEDs that last up to 100,000 hours

-Small size that makes it portable and easy to carry around in your pocket, purse, or vehicle

You can compare this to our tactical flashlights review guide as well to see which style and type you prefer for your specific needs and uses.

MicroBrite Pricing

MicroBrite is not available in stores. It’s exclusively available online through BuyMicroBrite.com. The flashlight probably isn’t as cheap as you think: not only is it priced at $10 for one unit, but you’re charged an additional $6 shipping. I can virtually guarantee that it doesn’t cost $6 to ship such a small unit anywhere in the United States – so that’s a bit of a red flag.

Nevertheless, here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 MicroBrite (Buy One, Get One Free): $15.95 ($10 + $5.95 Shipping)

There’s no opportunity to just buy one single flashlight. You need to buy two flashlights at a time.

About Bell & Howell

Bell & Howell is an online consumer electronics manufacturer that uses the name of a former US-based electronics company. Bell & Howell was a big company in the early 20th century, when they provided movie theaters with motion picture technology. Today, the company’s brand is licensed out to companies like the team behind MicroBrite. Yes, it’s weird.

The Bell & Howell behind MicroBrite appears to be based in the United States. They’re known for making a small number of other flashlights as well as unique devices like ultrasonic insect repellers.

You can contact the company by calling 1-800-325-2972.

Should You Use the MicroBrite as your Next Flashlight?

There are plenty of small, compact flashlights available online for under $10. These flashlights don’t require you to hook up a separate 9 volt battery: they work using either a lithium ion battery or a AA/AAA battery. Many people would agree that having the batteries inside your flashlight is more convenient than hooking up a separate 9 volt battery every time you want to use your flashlight.

Nevertheless, some people are looking for a flashlight as small as MicroBrite. Maybe you need a bright flashlight in your purse. Or maybe you want to have it for emergencies in your car. In any case, MicroBrite is available to purchase online at a price of $16 for two MicroBrite flashlights.



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