Equipment Headlamps & Lighting Luminis – Creative Interior & Exterior Lighting Products?

Luminis – Creative Interior & Exterior Lighting Products?


Luminis is working to brighten the world. However, that is not enough, Luminis strives to bring the most innovative luminaires to the forefront of the entire lighting industry. Luminis is constantly evolving so that there is a choice of lighting for everyone, If you need lighting, you need Luminis.

Who is Luminis?

Luminis is a family business, so you know that they are dedicated to not only making the best lighting product, but making the happiest customers as well. Luminis takes complete pride in every product they make, they want their lights to continue shining for years to come. Luminis operates on a unique concept in today’s world, they value their employees, their customers, and their suppliers.

The respect that Luminis offers to to its customers, assures each and every customer that they will always receive the utmost service when dealing with their company. Customer service is often overlooked in today’s world, however Luminis still holds on to the concept that you make a high quality product and offer it at the best price possible, and treat your customers like family. It’s a simple concept, but a great one.


Interior Lighting

Luminis offers a wide range of interior lighting products that will appeal to most any lifestyle. The luminaries provide year after year of reliable performance, with very little maintenance requirements, even in extreme environments.

Whether you need to suspend lighting from a warehouse ceiling, or you want a beautiful wall sconce for your living room, Luminis has you covered, and you cannot find a better selection of quality lighting anywhere.

Styles range from traditional and contemporary, to sophisticated and modern. All of Luminis products are painted using a powder coating, so you never have to worry about chipping paint or fading, your light will remain beautiful for years to come.

Exterior Lighting

Have you noticed unique outdoor lighting? If you have, chances are it was Luminis. Modern and stylish outdoor lighting, combined with the weather resistant powder coat paint, means very little maintenance, and very high quality lighting for every lighting situation.

Luminis is proud to offer the most innovative lighting in the world. Luminis proudly provides lighting for the Florida Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Tallahassee, FL. Because the memorial is to symbolize the courageous men and women that have lost their lives in the line of duty, only the best lighting was appropriate for this memorial. Luminis shines to illuminate all of the beauty this memorial has to offer.

Luminis continues to receive awards and to be recognized year after year, for their contribution to the worlds lighting needs. Some of the most influential and prestigious companies around the world have provided Luminis with outstanding achievement awards in the lighting industry. If you are looking for the best lighting, Luminis is a must have for all of your lighting needs.

Interior lighting choices include, Aramis, Kronos, Prisma, Torx, Syrios Square, Syrios Round, and Lumistik,. Exterior lighting choices include: Maya, Syrios Square, Syrios Round, Lumistik, Eclipse Maxi, Eclipse Mini, Quanta, Argon, Scirocco, Nautilux, and Slice. You can view samples of all of the Luminus lighting products on their website at:

Luminis Lighting Projects

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of athletic footwear, sports equipment, and apparel, Nike, Inc. has enlisted Luminis to provide lighting at their headquarters, where only the best lighting will do. Port Canaveral, FL has chosen Luminis to provide the lighting for their Turtle-Friendly Cruise Line. In the very popular downtown Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, Mceuen Park offers luxurious green spaces overlooking Coeur D'Alene Lake.

The view was transformed in recent years, and the asphalt replaced with a modern picturesque plaza overlooking the waterfront. With the transformation, they had to use only the best lighting, which is why they selected Luminis. Monster Beverage Corporation has a very busy and active business as the producers of energy drinks and alternative beverages.

In 2012 they redesigned their office space to include a look of flair, so naturally they purchased new lighting from Luminus. Darien YMCA is a large recreational sports and fitness center. In 2012 they renovated their facility and included Luminis lighting to keep up with their demands of a new modern and environmentally facility. The lighting that lights Community Maritime Park in Pensacola, FL is provided by Luminis.

The Stadium, located in downtown Pensacola is a year around facility hosting sporting events, festivals and other such events,and is lit up with Luminis Lighting, as only the best would do. The Appaloosa Branch Library in Scottsdale, AZ wanted to create a design that reflected their concern and interest in the environment. Luminis was able to assist by providing environmentally friendly lighting, and offering it at a price that allowed the library to stay on budget.

Regardless of whether you are looking to light up an indoor mall with exquisite and unique lighting, or you want to light up a wall in your living room to highlight a picture, look no further than Luminis, for all of your lighting needs.

Be sure to visit the Luminis website, and see the awards they have earned, and then take a tour at all of the fabulous selection they have to offer, even the pickiest customer will find lighting that will make them happy every time they turn on their Luminis. The website is:

Luminis Overview

You will be amazed at the selection to choose from, and the beautiful styles to light up any environment you are looking for. Don’t just light up a room, Luminis a room in style. When you walk into a room, one of the first things you will notice in in fact the lighting. The lighting in a room can either showcase the area, be harsh and brash, or be too low, to the point you cannot really see your surroundings clearly.

The proper lighting is imperative to making not only your guests and customers comfortable, but putting you in an overall better mood. You decorate, and get furniture that compliments your room, and you hang artwork that reflects your good taste, don’t let it all be in vain by not having adequate and beautiful lighting, check out Luminis today.



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