Equipment Open 7 – Does Telebrands’ Seven In One Can Opener Work?

Open 7 – Does Telebrands’ Seven In One Can Opener Work?


Open 7 is a can opener that was designed to help open cans, bottles, and other food containers. The product was registered in July 2016. Read this review to find out about Open7 today.

What is Open 7?

Open 7 is a multi-function can opener. It was designed to be used as a hand operated, manual can opener. The Open 7 is also safer than a standard can opener. It has a handle that flips out and then is operated with a crank. The lid is completely removed off the can once the Open 7 is used. You can then drop it directly into the garbage can after that. Open 7 is an as seen on TV product that can now be purchased via online with a very good deal that is currently running. As of now, you can purchase Open 7 can openers for the low price of 2 for price of one at $19.99. That includes shipping and handling and you can count on receiving your can opener in 3-6 weeks.


How Does Open 7 Work?

They claim it is different than any other can opener in history. Once you use the Open 7, the can lid cannot hurt anyone. It removes the can lid without creating sharp edges. But the can edge itself could still be sharp.

The Open 7 is pretty straight forward to use. A bottle opener is on the can opener. There are also hooks for pull tabs on cans. Different parts of the opener allow you to pop jars open and slice open bags as well. The construction seems pretty solid, and it’s likely the can opener will operate exactly as they say it will. The can opener is very sleek in design and it looks a lot nicer than other can openers. It’s likely the Open 7 is a lot more effective than many other kitchen tools with multi uses. There are not a lot of reviews on the can opener as of now, but it will likely get 3.5 to 4 stars out of 5.

They claim that opening cans will now be very simple. There will not be any more struggle like there has been in the past with other can openers. he ergonomic grip of the can opener makes it easy for left and righties to use it. And it doesn’t need any charging or batteries. Also, you don’t have to have the Open 7 plugged in while you use it. It is completely hand operated. Apparently, the Open 7 is genuinely safer to use than other can openers and works way better.

It looks like the Open 7 cleans up easy to and is designed to not rust. They claim that many other can openers rust and are dangerous to use once they rust over. So that may be another benefit of using the Open 7 is you’ll never have to worry about rusty, dirty can openers again.

What Does Open 7 Cost?

You can pick up the Open 7 right now for only $19.99 with free shipping. And as of now, if you order quickly, you’ll get a second Open 7 for Free for no charge whatsoever. According to the people at Open 7, you’ll likely not be able to get a second can opener for free for very long.

One thing to be aware of when ordering the Open 7 is that it could take as long as 3-6 weeks to get the open 7. They are a new company, so it’s likely they don’t have a huge stock of the can openers. There is a customer service number you can call if you have any issues with your order or make a mistake. Processing for your order could take along as 24 hours to complete. Your charge will also likely take 24 hours to complete.

What Do Open 7 Customers Say?

There are no reviews for the Open 7 as of now. It is a very new company, so it is likely it could time to see reviews. You’ll have to try the Open 7 for yourself as of now in order to find out how good it actually works.

It’s likely when customers do start reviewing the Open 7, they’ve appreciate the sleek design. It looks like it stores very easy and is solidly built. They’ll also most likely appreciate all the functions the can opener offers vs regular can opener. And since you get two, it seems like it’s a lot more valuable than other can openers.

Plus, if you include the value of the several different multi tools, the Open 7 is definitely worth its money. Oftentimes, you see regular can openers for the same price without the multi-function capabilities and for only one.


  • Multi-functional tool that has a lot of uses
  • Sleek looking and solid built
  • Buy one get one free deal


  • No reviews as of now on the quality of the product
  • 3-6 weeks’ delivery time which is a bit excessive
  • No guarantee on the functionality of the product

Should I Buy Open 7?

Likely the product will work as intended. And since you can buy two for the price of one, you’ll likely get your money’s worth. Final verdict on the Open 7 can opener and multi-use kitchen tool, yes. Buy it, get two for the price of one and you’ll most likely find they operate better than other cheaply made can openers.



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