Equipment Chairs & Seats Loungy Chair Review – Military-Grade Air Lounger?

Loungy Chair Review – Military-Grade Air Lounger?


Loungy Chair – Portable & Inflatable Lounger?

Summer is all about spending time outside. Whether it’s hanging out at the beach with friends or barbequing by a pool, once the weather turns warmer, people want to be outside enjoying the weather. And, with all the amazing activities and events that take place during the summer, there are hundreds of things to do in the warm summer weather.

With the many hours spent outside, it makes sense that people spend a lot of their focus and money on creating comfortable spaces for the outdoors. From patios and verandas to outdoor kitchens and seating, there are several different options for those who want to relax and rest outside.

And, for those who want seating on the go, there are also several options. From folding chairs to hammocks, people can pick the choice that works best for them.

Unfortunately, the problem with so many of the portable outdoor seating options is that they’re bulky, heavy, and aren’t very versatile.

A folding chair can be hauled across the beach and set up with a bit of grunting, but if that beach is covered in stones or is even slightly uneven, that chair won’t sit there. And even the portable hammocks that have become so popular in recent years only work if there’s somewhere to anchor them.

Until now, there haven’t been many options available for comfortable seating that can be taken anywhere and be set up on any terrain.

It was this lack that led to the creation of Loungy Chair. Unlike other outdoor chair options, the Loungy Chair is light, making it easy to carry around. And, the Loungy Chair can be set up anywhere, on any type of terrain, making it ideal for all summer activities.

About Loungy Chair

Loungy Chair was created in the same manner that some of the world’s greatest inventions were created: Out of necessity. The headquarters for Loungy Chair are located in Santa Barbara, a beautiful town that is known for its rocky beaches.

While these beaches are ideal for lounging, tanning, and hanging out, the terrain makes it complicated to set up the average portable chair. In order to create a comfortable, easy to inflate, portable chair option, Loungy Chair was made.

As mentioned already, Loungy Chair is an inflatable, outdoor lounge chair that can be used on a wide range of terrains, without the fear of popping it. Because Loungy Chair is made out of parachute-grade, ripstop nylon, it is extremely durable.

And, even though it’s inflatable, Loungy Chair doesn’t take a pump or long minutes of blowing to fill it. Due to the simplicity of Loungy Chair, it has quickly become a favorite for those who want a superior, more comfortable lounge chair experience.

Loungy Chair is divided into two different tubes, or sleeves. In order to inflate these sleeves, one should be opened while the other is kept closed. Then, Loungy Chair can be moved through the air so that the air collects in the sleeve.

Once Loungy Chair has been moved through the air two or three times, it should be filled and can be quickly closed to keep the air inside. Then, the same process can be repeated with the other sleeve. Once both sleeves are filled, they can be buckled closed to keep it secure. And, just like that, within a few seconds, users can have a comfortable, inflatable lounge chair that can be taken and set anywhere.

Loungy Chair comes in an easy to carry case and, once deflated, takes up very little space. In addition to being very small in size, Loungy Chair is also very light. With the case, Loungy Chair weighs less than three pounds.

For those who have ever struggled lugging chairs across the beach or to a picnic site, the lightness of Loungy Chair is one of the biggest draws. Not only does the Loungy Chair carrying case fit easily into other bags or packs, but it can be carried on its own.

And, since Loungy Chair can be set on even the most uneven terrain, where it goes is completely up to the creative minds of its owners. Many users of Loungy Chair have taken it camping and on rock climbing expeditions, using it to rest or even sleep in after a long day.

Benefits of Loungy Chair

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of Loungy Chair is that it is so light and convenient to carry around.

Summer is already hot enough and people don’t want to be sweating from carrying around their heavy chairs before the events of the day have even started.

With Loungy Chair, users can carry it anywhere without a second thought, using its easy carry bag to take it from mountain tops to beaches with no hassle.

Even though the Loungy Chair weighs less than three pounds, because it is made of the best materials available, it is extremely durable. Most people are shocked when they feel the material used to make Loungy Chair.

Since Loungy Chair is made from parachute grade, ripstop nylon, it can take the roughness of most terrains, from the rocky beaches of Santa Barbara to the sharp grass of a barbeque in the park. And the strength of Loungy Chair material isn’t just felt in where it can be used, but also how many people can use it.

Loungy Chair is pretty large when fully inflated, making it perfect for more than one person to sit on. And, because Loungy Chair is so durable, it can take over 400 pounds, making it a perfect chair for sharing.

In addition to being made out of the same material used by the military to make their parachutes, Loungy Chair is also water resistant. After all, if a chair is going to be used at a beach or a pool, users don’t want to be worried about what will happen if they get water on it.

Loungy Chair is coated in a polyurethane which allows the chair to be both resistant to water and still extremely light, flexible, and durable. Because of this, even if it’s splashed or blown into the water, Loungy Chair will stay safe.

As described above, Loungy Chair is very simple to inflate and deflate. When people are ready to head out and spend time with their friends and family, they don’t want to spend their time setting up chairs, tables, and pavilions, they want to have fun.

With Loungy Chair, there’s no worry about how long it will take to set up. Within a few seconds of arriving, users can pull their Loungy Chair from its easy carry bag, move it through the air, seal it, and be ready to go. And, in the same way it’s easy to inflate, it’s also extremely easy to deflate. Once the sleeves are opened, Loungy Chair can be rolled up so the air is completely pushed from the device, allowing users to put it back in its pouch.

Purchasing Loungy Chair

Loungy Chair is made in the United States, meaning that once it is purchased, it is able to get to users sooner. Once users have purchased their Loungy Chair, there will be a two to five day processing period followed by a two to five day delivery time, if using USPS priority mail. And, for those who spend more than $200 on Loungy Chair, they will get completely free shipping.

The list of the Loungy Chair options and prices can be found below.

  • Loungy Chair Black – $89
  • Loungy Chair Blue – $89
  • Loungy Chair Green – $89
  • Loungy Chair Pink – $89
  • Loungy Chair Red – $89



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