Infinite Power Solutions Kubeby Thomas & Darden Review – High Quality Sound Speaker?

Kubeby Thomas & Darden Review – High Quality Sound Speaker?


Kube By Thomas & Darden Review

Kube is a Bluetooth speaker that emits high-quality sound, while also providing an area to store your belongings or chill your drinks. This speaker is the first and (presently) only of its kind.


What Is Kube?

Whether you’re at a party or on a trip with friends, music is absolutely necessary to get the right atmosphere going. Everyone has their favorite songs that they want to play for a group, but the speakers on your cell phone probably aren’t powerful enough to achieve the right volume. You don’t want to have to lose out on the opportunity to entertain, so you should consider ordering Kube to prevent this situation in the future.

Kube is a speaker system that goes above and beyond the normal performance you can expect from typical Bluetooth speakers. According to the website, you can have concert-quality sound, rather than the hollow sound that you may experience with other portable devices. To get a little more technical, this device can emit up to 100dB of sound. The sound is emitted from around the entire system, which means you get the same level of performance at any angle around the device.

The makers of Kube don’t go into too much detail about the technology behind the product, except that it requires a Bluetooth connection. The structure of this innovative device makes it possible to use it in a variety of functions, including a few ways that you may not have imagined a speaker could be used.

Using Kube

The reason this product U Once connected, you can be up to 50 feet away from Kube and still be able to play your music. No cords are necessary, unless you are recharging the device while it is not in use.

You can bring the device outside for your party as well. Kube features a waterproof design, which means that you can listen in the rain or shine. Regardless of where you leave the Kube to play, you can get about 20 hours of music from the device before it needs a break to charge the high-powered battery.

To make Kube easily portable, the device has an attached handle that you can just pick up the entire device with. Since it’s about the size of a suitcase, it should fit comfortably in your car until you reach your destination.

Kube’s Non-Audio Functions

You are probably already impressed by the abilities described about the Kube, but this device has yet another quality that other Bluetooth speakers do not – the ability to keep your drinks cold. Kube features a large compartment to store your drinks while you party, making it the best choice for a tailgate party or a backyard barbecue.

The reason that this is still safe is because the device is waterproof. However, you don’t have to store your drinks in this compartment. You can use this space to store your keys, your phone, your wallet, or any other items that you don’t want to carry around separately. Think of Kube as the easiest way to transport your belongings, while also being in charge of bringing the music. Kube is the only speaker of its kind, with more versatility than any other model currently offered.

Pricing for Kube

Right now, Kube is still in the preordering stages, so you are not able to actually purchase the item today. Instead, you reserve your device by entering your billing information and agreeing to an instant payment of $299.

The product is due to be released to the public in Fall 2016. If you have preordered yours by this time, you will have to pay the remaining balance for the product to be shipped to you. The total price is $2,999. This price has risen during the production process, so you may want to reserve yours now before the price gets any higher.

Contacting the Makers of Kube

Since this product is still in the preordering stages, speaking with a customer service agent can help satisfy any lingering questions you have before reserving your own device. While hours of operation are not posted, you can either call the customer service department at 855-YOU-KUBE, or you can email the company at INFO@KUBESOUND.COM.


You will not find a speaker that can do everything that Kube does at any other company in the entertainment and electronics industries. Even though this product won’t be available to the general product for a few more months, reserving your Kube will help you to lock in the current price. If you postpone your purchase, you may be subject to a higher price, or you may even miss the opportunity to get your device before everyone else claims them.

With so many uses and the ability to play your music on full blast without having to stay attached to Kube, this product already exceeds all of the abilities of other Bluetooth devices.



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