Equipment Battery Chargers Kwik Charger Review – Fastest Way To Charge Mobile Devices?

Kwik Charger Review – Fastest Way To Charge Mobile Devices?


Kwik Charger Review

Kwik Charger is a charging system that promises to charge your iPhone twice as fast as a conventional charger. Does it work? Is it safe?

Read our review to find out more about the Kwik Charger.


What Is The Kwik Charger?

The Kwik Charger is a charger that works in conjunction with your Lightning Cable to charge your iPhone at twice its normal speed. It promises to be a safe, sleek, and convenient solution to your smartphone charging problems.

Basically, you plug your phone into the Lightning cable like you would when you’re normally charging it. Then, instead of plugging the USB port into the charger, you unplug the USB port from your normal charger and plug it into the Kwik Charger.

The Kwik Charger is available online for about $20. Let’s find out if it actually works.

How Does The Kwik Charger Work?

The Kwik Charger essentially works by requesting a larger amount of power from the power outlet. Most iPhones request a lower amount from the charger than they’re actually capable of requesting.

The Kwik Charger also promises to charge modern iPhones – like the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, and 6S Plus – much more quickly. Here’s how the Kwik Charger explains it:

“The newer models of iPhones come with a built-in but unadvertised capability to request a higher charge from the charger. iPhones 5S and older can only request the standard 1A, 5 Watts from the charger.”

The Kwik Charger, on the other hand, charges the iPhone at 12 watts and 2.1 amps.

As proof that their charger works, the makers of the Kwik Charger have posted this video online:

You may be thinking: won’t charging the battery more quickly damage the battery? The makers of the Kwik Charger claim that’s not the case. The Kwik Charger doesn’t heat up your battery excessively or cause undue wear and tear.

Instead, Apple designs their iPhones to safely handle more charging power than their chargers can actually provide. That’s why you can use your iPhone in a foreign country – where they have different electrical sockets and voltage levels.

Ultimately, the Kwik Charger claims that it can charge your phone two times faster without any damage to your battery or battery life. Their explanation gets much more technical. There’s a page on the Kwik Charger website where it explains how the Kwik Charger can charge the battery without excessively heating it up. You can view that technical explanation here.

Kwik Charger Pricing

Kwik Charger is available at different rates depending on how many units you want to buy. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-1 Kwik Charger: $19 USD

That price can drop down to as little as $15 USD if you buy 10 units. You also get discounts when buying 3 or 5 units at a time. All purchases come with free shipping. Depending on your current location, you’ll see your local currency on the official Kwik Charger website.

The Kwik Charger is listed on Amazon, although it’s listed as currently unavailable. Today, the only place to buy Kwik Charger online is at

Who Makes Kwik Charger?

Kwik Charger is made by a New York-based team who put “thousands of hours of research, development and certification” into the system. The product was launched in 2014. However, the company itself appears to be based in Hong Kong, or at least it sells its products from Hong Kong.

Kwik Charger lists it contact address as TASCHH is a private advertising network that promises to give its clients number one rankings in the app store. TASCHH has offices in Taipei, Hong Kong, and New York. You can learn more about the company here:

Should You Use the Kwik Charger to Quickly Charge your iPhone?

There are a number of iPhone chargers that deliver 2.4 amps to your iPhone, helping you charge it more quickly than the conventional Apple charger. They’re available for between $12 and $20 online. When you order one Kwik Charger, you’re paying about $20. That makes it slightly more expensive than its competitors. It also doesn’t appear to have any unique features – like FCC compliance or UL certification.

Ultimately, you’re going to pay $12 to $20 for a fast-charging iPhone charger. The Kwik Charger is in line with what you expect to pay, although it’s certainly at the higher end of the pricing range.



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