Equipment Smart Appliances Kinsa Smart Thermometer – Can It Keep You Healthy?

Kinsa Smart Thermometer – Can It Keep You Healthy?


Kinsa Smart Thermometer Review

Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a smart thermometer marketed towards parents who want to protect their kids when sick. Here’s our Kinsa Smart Thermometer review.

What is the Kinsa Smart Thermometer?

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a “smart thermometer”. Like all “smart” devices these days, the thermometer does its normal job while also connecting to your smartphone using an app.

You can take your kid’s temperature then check the app for information about what that temperature could mean.

As Kinsa explains, “within about 10 seconds, you can measure the temperature of even the squirmiest kid”.

After entering your temperature, you can add symptoms to pair with that temperature. For example, you might record that your kid had a temperature of 100 while also experiencing symptoms like “body aches”, “headaches”, or “nausea”.

You can also setup profiles for multiple members of your family, including kids and adults.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer also lets you setup groups to “see what’s going around the neighborhood”. In a promotional video, parents were seen checking a “Hillview Elementary School” group, where parents of other kids in the group can see other members’ symptoms. You can also post new messages to the group – like warning other parents that your kid just got strep throat after coming back from the doctor.

As Kinsa explains, the thermometer is “simple, accurate, and fast”. It’s also FDA-cleared.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer Products

There are two core products in the Kinsa lineup, including Kinsa Smart Ear and Kinsa Smart Stick:

Kinsa Smart Stick

The Smart Stick is the company’s standard stick thermometer designed to be used orally, underarm, or in your rectum. The device is battery-free and “virtually unbreakable”, according to the manufacturer.

It also delivers simple, accurate readings in seconds. You can track all health history through the free Kinsa app, available for iOS and Android.

The Smart Stick claims to have 25,000X the processing power of a regular digital thermometer. After getting a temperature with the thermometer, you turn to the app for support. That temperature is automatically recorded in the app.

If the temperature was 99.8 degrees, for example, then the app will tell you that you may have a “low fever”. It will also ask if you’re experiencing symptoms like chills, fatigue, or coughing.

During a reading, the thermometer also tells you when it needs to be adjusted. If the thermometer isn’t in an ideal position, then the device will tell you, letting it settle back in place for a more accurate reading.

One of the cool Kinsa features is that while you take your child’s temperature readings, you can hand your phone to your kid and let them play an included bubble popping game. That game delivers bright colors and fun, basic gameplay to distract your kid while you take a temperature reading.

Kinsa Smart Ear

The Kinsa Smart Ear delivers 1-second, accurate temperature readings through the ear, making it “gentle and quick enough to use on a sleeping or squirmy baby”.

You can use it as a standalone device or pair it with the Kinsa app for iOS and Android, where it syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth.

After sticking the thermometer in your child’s ear for one second, the bright and friendly screen tells you at a glance whether the fever is cause for concern or not – so you can easily check temperature in the middle of the night to put your mind at ease.

Kinsa Smart Thermometer Pricing

Kinsa is priced at the following rates:

  • Kinsa Smart Stick: $19.99
  • Kinsa Smart Ear: $59.99

About Kinsa

Kinsa was founded with two goals in mind: reassure and comfort the user and provide context and guidance about what to do next.

The company created the first FDA-cleared, app-enabled thermometer “because, from our work in the health systems within the U.S. and across impoverished nations throughout the world, we’ve learned that an elevated temperature is often the first sign of sickness.”

The company’s employees come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including top research labs, medical schools, non-profits, and tech companies.

Kinsa is based in New York at the following address:

85 Broad St, 18th Floor
New York, New York

They also maintain an office in San Francisco. You can contact the company by emailing Or, view more contact information here.

Should You Use the Kinsa Smart Thermometer to Track your Child’s Temperature?

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer is the world’s first FDA-cleared smart thermometer. It’s available at a reasonable price of $20 and helps you measure, manage, and understand your child’s symptoms.

Today, most parents have thermometers. You take a temperature reading, then use your phone to Google what that temperature means. Kinsa Smart Thermometer takes out that step, letting you track temperatures and their meanings directly from an app.

If you’re looking for an easy way to track temperatures in your house, then the Kinsa Smart Thermometer is a valuable medical device that can help you spot symptoms early on.



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