Tactical Flashlights Tactical Helmets MTEK FLUX Helmet Ballistic, Carbon-V & Carbon-S System Review

MTEK FLUX Helmet Ballistic, Carbon-V & Carbon-S System Review


FLUX Helmet System Review

The FLUX Helmet System is an innovative new tactical helmet system made in the USA. The name stands for Future, Lightweight, Undercut, and eXpandable. Find out everything you need to know about FLUX today in our review.

What is the FLUX Helmet System?

The FLUX Helmet System promises to be “the latest in tactical head protection”. It’s a helmet that can be outfitted to suit a variety of needs. The helmet is primarily designed for military and tactical purposes.


Using “advanced geometry”, the FLUX follows the natural shape of your head while offering uncompromised protection. It also comes outfitted with “accessory rails”, that let you easily attach objects onto the helmet.

The helmet is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States by a veteran-owned company named MTEK USA. It’s priced at $630 to $850, depending on which model you order (the carbon model is $630 while the ballistic model is $850).

FLUX Helmet System Features

FLUX comes with all of the following features and technologies built-in:

-Advanced Geometry: The helmet promises to follow the natural shape of your head in order to give you a comfortable fit and better protection.

-Edge Profile: The Edge Profile of the FLUX helmet shell is designed to be compatible with your communications hardware and eyeglasses, including goggles, eyewear, respirators, and headsets. The back of the helmet also promises to allow you free movement even when in the prone position.

-Ergonomics: While traditional helmets flare out at the base of the shell, the FLUX has an undercut that helps it fit to the human head more easily while cradling your head for increased protection. The makers of FLUX claim this is particularly helpful when wearing large NODs or other mounted accessories.

-High-Quality Protection: There are two versions of the FLUX , including a version made from carbon and a version made from polyethylene fibers (which is more expensive). The makers of FLUX claim that “state of the art materials and processing technology are used to manufacture each and every FLUX helmet.”

-Swap Helmet Side Covers: With FLUX, you can have multiple helmet styles with one shell cover. If you buy the FLUX side rail attachment mountains, you can swap out these attachments while using the same shell, letting you easily switch between helmet designs.

-100% Boltless Shell: The FLUX uses a boltless design. This is important because the manufacturer claims that drilled holes and inserts weaken the underlying ballistic material. Instead of using bolts, FLUX uses polymer fasteners as a replacement for all bolts, screws, and other steel mounting hardware. High strength adhesive permanently bonds the polymer retaining structures to the outer shell so that you get best performance across a wide environmental range.

-Lightweight: FLUX takes weight reduction seriously. The company claims to have used “advanced materials and innovative manufacturing technology” to lower weight across the entire helmet. The helmet weighs 2.2 pounds (1kg).

-Accessory Rails: Easily add attachments to your helmet using the FLUX accessory rails, which use the same Magpul M-LOK slots found on your favorite black rifle. The attachment slots come with multiple tie-down points. There’s also an O2 clip port compatible with most existing center release buckles as well as a 3 point mounting system to give you a rigid, adaptable platform to mount a variety of accessories and devices.

-Fluxliner: The FLUX Helmet System has a feature called the Fluxliner which gives the helmet its unique custom-fit. The Fluxliner consists of rate-sensitive foam and two sets of multi-thickness comfort pads. The retention system (the chin straps) are part of the Fluxliner system and include four-straps for maximum stability.

FLUX Pricing

FLUX is available online through MTEKUSA.com, where it’s available at the following rates:

-FLUX Ballistic: $849

-FLUX Carbon-V: $629

-FLUX Carbon-S: $629

-FLUX Peltor Adaptors: $27.99 (for mounted accessories)

-Fast G4: $379.99 (attaches to the FLUX helmets to protect your jawline and mandibular area)

-604 Critical Protection Inserts: $205 (for additional padded protection in your concealed or non-concealed vest)

-M12 Tactical Coozy: $24.99 (The M12 Tacticoozy features an ejector strap to instantly discard your empties and let you speed reload your favorite beverage.

The helmets are available in a medium and large size. You can also purchase colors like Coyote, OD, Black, Multicam, and Multicam Black.


FLUX is made by a company called MTEK. MTEK describes itself as “a highly committed group of individuals doing the best we can.” They’re a small company backed by real military experience. They’re a veteran-owned company

MTEK was founded 10 years ago. They have an active social media presence. You can follow them on Instagram here, where they have over 4,400 followers.

The company designs and manufactures its helmets in the United States. You can get in touch with the company by using the email form here, emailing info@mtekusa.com, or by calling 765-341-0933.

Currently, the FLUX lineup and its accessories are the core product sold by MTEK USA.



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