Equipment Hair Brushes & Straighteners Harry Josh Review – Professional Salon Grade Hair Styling Tools?

Harry Josh Review – Professional Salon Grade Hair Styling Tools?


Harry Josh Review

Whether you are getting ready for work in the morning or are preparing for a rad night out, you need reliable and high-quality hair styling products to get ready. The trouble is, many hair styling products on the market are not only made out of poor materials, but they also do not lead to the best results and chances are, you can find better.

One brand that is revolutionizing the way you care for your hair is Harry Josh. Unlike most hair style brands, Harry Josh started not from some corporate idea, but from the skills and experience of professional hairstylist Harry Josh himself.

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About Harry Josh

The Harry Josh brand was started by Harry Josh, who already knew he wanted to be in the world of fashion and hair styling from the age of 15. His passion has taken him around the world and to well-known publications such as Vogue, British Vogue, Numero, Bazzar, V Magazine, and GQ. With his interest being hair, he decided to bring his expertise to men and women around the world through his range of high-quality and reliable hair care products.

The brand itself provides you with a range of professional tools that are designed to make hair care as easy, simple, and stress-less as possible.

The Harry Josh Website

The Harry Josh website is extremely easy to navigate, making it simple to find exactly what you are looking for. The star of the Harry Josh website is, of course, the portion of the site where all the brand’s products are featured. The products are designed with a mind toward gorgeous hair, iconic hair styles, and the need for breakthrough tools with simple and easy functions.

All of the Harry Josh products have a distinct mint green and black style, which is actually quite relaxing, fun, and interesting. Here is a review of each product that the brand offers so that you can make the right decision.

Keep in mind that the order has nothing to do with the rating of the products – all Harry Josh products are created equally and provide you with the same astounding and wonderful results.

Pro Dryer 2000

The Pro Dryer 2000 is the original Harry josh product. It is perhaps one of the most lightweight and easy to use products on the market and its powerful technology is divine. The product minimizes frizz and reduces the overall amount of time that you need to spend drying your hair. There is ION functionality that works to promote intense softness and shine and with that, you’ll also notice a silk-smooth finish that is static-free.

For those who you who are concerned about energy use, then you’ll love the fact that the device also reduces energy consumption by 70 percent. A number of benefits of using this dyer include the ergonomic design, the patented curved handle, the extra-wide nozzle that enables you to cover more hair, and the cold shot button that allows you to add finishing touches. There are also 8 different heat speeds and ION settings.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Ceramic Styling Iron

Straightening hair is a time-consuming and stressful pain, especially when you need to get ready for work or for an evening out. Fortunately, the Harry Pro Tools Styling Iron makes things easier. The flat iron has an innovative design that makes straightening hair comfortable and more importantly, the iron works excellently on every hair type.

To straighten your hair, the iron uses unique digital technology that is customizable. You’ll be able to run the iron through your hair and achieve gorgeous and smooth results. Also, since you are probably in a hurry before you straighten your hair, the iron has an especially fast heat-up time system. Essentially, the iron will heat up very fast so that you can use it as soon as possible. The large ceramic heaters allow you to attain even distribution as you run the iron through your hair and the plates also admit negative ions to hydrate your stands. Next to the Pro Dryer, this is a favorite among women.

Harry Josh Pro Round Brush 24 MM

If you need a round brush, then look no further. The Harry Josh Pro Tools Round Brush 24 mm is the perfect styling tool that helps you achieve a high-gloss blowout. After you use the brush, you’ll have sleek and stylish hair and the 24 mm provides you with sufficient width to fully cover your hair adequately.

Harry Josh Wooden Paddle Brush

As every woman who styles her hair knows, a high-quality wooden paddle brush is a must. The Harry Josh Wooden Paddle Brush allows for maximum styling control and it enables you to attain a sleek and smooth finish. To help you attain results, the brush features nylon ball tips that stimulate the scalp. This is certainly a plus since you’ll receive relaxing stimulation that has a massage-like feel.

Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser

Another excellent product is the Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000 Diffuser. This product allows you to attain the perfect coiffe and it has a unique finger extension design for even heat distribution. You’ll be able to dry, heat, and define your curls and ultimately, you’ll have a fizz-free finish. Similar to all Harry Josh products, it works well on all hair types.

Harry Josh Ceramic Curling iron 1.25”

Finally, if you need an great curling iron, then this is it. It has advanced digital technology that helps you attain a professional curl. The nano-ceramic tiles and tourmaline barrel gives hair a smooth finish and moreover, the materials used in the product help maintain the moisture balance of your hair. Other qualities to this product are the ergonomic design, the professional length-cord, extra-large ceramic heaters, and clip on/off features that help you remove the handle and clip so that you can use the product as a curling wand.


Overall, if you are looking for wonderful styling products, then Harry Josh is the perfect brand for you. There are many options available, each of which is unique and designed in a manner to lead to some of the best results that you’ll encounter. Moreover, the brand is highly affordable and many of the products come with a warranty in case an issue arises.



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