Electronics Camping & Outdoor Devices Loctote Flak Sack Review – Real Theft-Proof Drawstring Backpack Bag?

Loctote Flak Sack Review – Real Theft-Proof Drawstring Backpack Bag?


Flak Sack Review

People spend their entire lives protecting the things that are important to them. From insuring their cars, homes, health, and even lives, to putting in security systems to protect their families. It almost seems that all of life is spent collecting belongings and forming relationships, only to have to spend everything to protect them.


While there is a lot that can be done to protect belongings, one belonging has been considered one of the most vulnerable items for decades. No matter what people do, until recently it felt that there was no way to fully protect purses, wallets, and bags. These precious things often contain items that people feel are irreplaceable. Phones, wallets, pocketbooks, and identification are usually thought safe in these things. Still, people find themselves being robbed of these belongings all the time.

In the past, there have been attempts at making wallets, purses, and bags safer. The chains attached to wallets were popular in the ‘90s, but not many people really want to walk around with such gawky accessories on their belt. Purses are built with snaps and zippers that make it harder for pickpockets to get in, but a sharp knife or quick yank can still cause them to be lost.

Until recently, having bags and their contents stolen or ruined were considered just another part of life. However, with the Flak Sack, users no longer have to be constantly guarding their belongings or keeping an eye out for threats. And, Flak Sack isn’t just able to protect its users from the more traditional threats against belongings, like damage and theft, but also against the more modern threats in the world.

About Flak Sack

Created by Loctote Industrial Bag, Co, the Flak Sack is the toughest, most versatile drawstring backpack available on the market today. The goal of the Flak Sack was to create a bag that everyone could use, no matter their lifestyle, to keep all their essentials with them, but without the worry and stress that comes from trying to protect them.

Not only is the Flak Sack slash proof, keeping it safe from knives that cut straps and bottoms, but it also comes with a lock that can be used to connect bags to objects so it can’t be moved or taken. Because the Flak Sack has multiple pockets, it is able to contain the majority of the important things users need to take with them on a daily basis, from their tablets and phones to their keys, wallets, and IDs. With the waterproof Flak Sack, even the natural threats in the world won’t be able to destroy the contents of the bag.

The world is an ever changing place. With the threats of the past still causing issues in today’s world, advances in technology have added a completely new dimension to the threats against privacy and identification. The Flak Sack contains an internal pocket that is both water resistant and lined with a patented FIPS 201 material. This material blocks RFID radio transmissions, which is the technology that is used to steal passport, credit and debit card, key car, and cell phone information. With this added layer of protection, the Flak Sack can protect its users from the threats of the past and the future.

Benefits of Flak Sack

Flak Sack is a tote option for those who are tired of worrying about the threats against their belongings. From pickpockets and slashers to identity thieves and water, the Flak Sack is able to protect the belongings of its users, which is one of its biggest benefits. Even now, in its early fundraising stages, the Flak Sack is growing in popularity due to the number of issues it solves. All the focus Flak Sack has put on protection and convenience have given it a wide range of benefits for users to enjoy.

Everyone has experienced a time when they wanted to run and do something quickly, but had to pack up their bag and belongings because they knew leaving it alone would cause it to be stolen. The Flak Sack has a lock and leave it feature. With this feature, users can clip the stainless steel O-ring of the bag to a heavy duty brass lock, which has a combination code that can be set by owners. Connected with military grade tubular nylon webbing that is filled with a stainless steel cable, even the strap of this lock system can be cut, allowing users to leave their belongings anywhere they can lock them, with no fear it will be stolen.

In addition to its cut proof locking system, Flak Sack’s entire body is cut and slash proof. Using two layers of the most advanced and durable cut resistant fabric available, Flak Sack can take a knife, razor, or any sharp blade to the entire body and not show a single sign that it was cut. In fact, Flak Sacks are five time more cut resistant than Kevlar, the material used by law enforcement for bulletproof vests.

As mentioned briefly above, one of the most advanced features of the Flak Sack is that it contains an internal pocket that blocks the frequencies used to electrically pick pocket people. Identity theft is growing rampantly and thieves are getting more and more resourceful in their methods. Now, they don’t even have to make contact with user’s cards, IDs, passports, or phones to steal the information from them. In an effort to protect users from these new threats, Flak Sack contains a patented FIPS 201 certified RFID blocking material that can shield these vulnerable and important belongings from being stolen.

Finally, Flak Sack is water proof. While not nearly as exciting as its many other amazing benefits and features, the fact that Flak Sack has a water resistant inner pocket that can protect tablets, phones, important papers, and wallets, is probably its most understated feature. When people run through the rain, drop their coffee, or accidentally drop their bag, they can rest assured that their most important belongings will be safe.

Purchasing Flak Sack

Flak Sack is currently doing a fundraiser on Indiegogo, the only place it is available for pre-order. By aiding in the financing of the Flak Sack, contributors will be able to get their Flak Sacks when the first order of the bags are released, which is estimated to be sometime in September. However, because Flak Sack is so new, there are only a few options available for pre-purchasing it. While Flak Sack continues to grow and change, hopefully more color, size, and shape options will become available.

The list of the current purchasing options for the Flak Sack are below. Because the fundraiser for Flak Sack has already been fully funded, it can’t be known when it will be taken down and the opportunity to be one of the first to receive Flak Sack will be revoked.

  • Steel Grey Flak Sack – $179
  • Orange Flak Sack – $179
  • 2 Steel Grey Flak Sack – $349
  • 2 Orange Flak Sack – $349
  • 1 Steel Grey and 1 Orange Flak Sack – $349
  • All Steel Grey Trio – $509
  • All Orange Trio – $509
  • 2 Steel Grey and 1 Orange Flak Sack – $509
  • 2 Orange and 1 Steel Grey Flak Sack – $509

The prices above do not include shipping costs.



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